Are There Genuine Organic Nicotine Juice?

We all understand that Nicotine is an organic compound, which is mainly the alkaloid of tobacco. And nicotine is the vital additive ingredient in tobacco that is used in cigarettes, cigar, and snuff.

This naturally occurring nicotine is available in all parts of the tobacco plant, but chiefly in their leaves. The tobacco plant is said to be grown organically only when it’s grown without the use of pesticides and any synthetic chemical fertilizers. Not only this, but the actual curing process is also that matters a lot for nicotine to be confirmed as organically grown. If the tobacco is then free of preservatives it will yield “Organic Nicotine”.

Organic JuiceBut the soil in which tobacco is grown even organically has some heavy metals like Lead and Cadmium. You may not use harmful fertilizers containing nitrates when growing tobacco organically. Instead, the use of Phosphoric Acid or Potash is a good option as a fertilizer to speed up the growth of the tobacco plant.

It’s not that easy to grow tobacco organically to get the concentrate Organic Nicotine. Crop rotations have to be done in between 5-6 yield of tobacco crops. Too much care is required to grow organic tobacco. Even the slightest touch of the wet leaves of tobacco can lead to tobacco sickness that is a kind of Nicotine Poisoning.

In fact, organic nicotine content obtained before and after curing is almost the same. But chewing tobacco as a plant is not able to give that distinct tobacco flavor, color and smell that otherwise does.

A certified Organic Nicotine means that:

  • Organic Nicotine is extracted in-house from USDA organic tobacco grown on the US soil.
  • The extraction process utilizes certified organic VG instead of petroleum-derived solvent.
  • There are no harmful residues in nicotine as it has gone through CO2 Extraction Process.

The Best Organic Nicotine Vape Juice companies are as follows:

Vape Organics

Vape Organics

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It is the first company to launch organic e-liquids that are approved with the USDA certification. Their vision was to create premium quality e-liquids but only by using the sustainably produced organic and vegan ingredients. But at that time there were no organic nicotine producers, so they took the decision to grow and formulate organic nicotine on their own.

Since then till now, they are extracting organic nicotine in-house from certified organic tobacco grown on U.S. soil. So their e-liquids contain only the organic liquid nicotine. This is exclusive in the whole world. This way Vape Organics has been successful in ensuring their vape liquids to be completely free from PG and all the other petroleum-derived solvents.

The number of people searching for Organic Nicotine Juice is increasing day-by-day. Vapers are becoming aware of the harmful effects of conventional nicotine, Propylene Glycol, and petroleum-derived solvents.

The flavors you can choose from all organic nicotine e-juices by Vape Organics are –

  • Apple Caramelo
  • Blackberry + Mint
  • Caffè Latte
  • Ginger Spice
  • Melon + Tea
  • Menthol + Ice
  • Strawberry Limeade
  • Solar-Powered
  • Trubacco
  • Mango Mystique

Certified Organic means:

During the creation of vape liquids, from growing the raw ingredients to the manufacturing process to the facility, all are under tight regulations and regular inspections by one of the primary USDA accredited organic certifying body: Quality Assurance International (QAI). Vape Organics has strictly followed the QAI’s standards of excellence in quality control, cleanliness and transparency.

The various types of certifications are applied for by the companies so that the vape customers trust their products for their quality. They build up confidence in the company that the products are safe and each and every aspect of the products is reliable.

Kind Juice

Kind Juice

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Kind Juice’s All Natural VG – production is from plants grown without the use of pesticides. They are extracted naturally so as to preserve the naturalness gifted by nature. Hydrolysis is the process wherein the plant oils are exposed to a combination of force of pressure, temperature and water. This results in breaking the ester bonds and causes glycerin to separate from fatty acids and thus it is absorbed by water. Later the resultant is isolated by the process of distillation hence, increases purity. This entire process is conducted for all the vape juices of Kind company, safeguarding the depth and volume occurs in all the flavors.

Cold Extracted Nicotine – The entire quantity of nicotine that is used in Kind Vape Juices is 100% domestically grown and harvested from the USA tobacco crops. Care is taken that the farmers grow these tobacco crops ethically without the use of pesticides, any growth speeding agents and herbicides. So what the vape consumer receives in his vape juice is the nicotine from very pure and natural tobacco. Further, the leaves are harvested and taken for nicotine extraction process.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) process – Subsequently the botanical matter is sent for SFE. There is no usage of chemical solvents like kerosene or hexane in the entire process. It uses the Cold or Closed Refinement technology to protect from oxygen, heat, and light. The outcome of this process is diacetyl free, superbly pure, clear nicotine. This emits clear vapors and smoother flavors. Owing to the absence of destabilizing impurities, the shelf life of the vape juices increases and you get a consistently full flavor profile.

Kind Juice has three main lines of organic vape juice – e Nectar, Tobacco and Sub-element:

For Making the Tobacco Ridge Vape Juice, Selecting the Best Tobacco Leaves – Whether they procure it from Turkey, Canada or Havana Cuba. The whole leaves make it sure that its flavor profiles are all intact. This is the reason why people admire (NET) Naturally Extracted Tobacco.

NET means that the tobacco flavorings are not used in the vape juices. Under the Tobacco Ridge line of vape, juice tobacco is well crafted in small batches without heating or using any chemicals. This way tobacco is able to ooze out its real character in the finest taste. Such natural processes take longer time but when you taste it, you will surely say that the long wait was worth.

The Tobacco Ridge vape juice is Aged 4 Months

  • 3 Times Straining is done.
  • 3 Times Filtration is done.
  • 3 Weeks of Steeping is done.

Won the Spinfuel Choice Award 2016

The Flavor Concentrates are All Natural – All the Flavoring Concentrates used in Kind vape juices are natural in origin and process. They are devoid of Kosher, Vegan, Wheat/Gluten, and Allergen. The natural flavors are extracted without using chemical solvents which are harsh. They use only natural ethyl alcohol that is derived from sugarcane and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. These flavorings are also devoid of any calories or sugar.

A few vape juices of Tobacco Ridgeline are –

Highway 66 – is for the classic American tobacco smoker. It has a bold classic tobacco flavor.

Sultan’s Empireis for the smokers who relish classic import tobacco. It contains Turkish Leaf Izmir and Turkish Oriental Tobacco Leaf.

Winter’s Harvestis for smokers who admire classic menthol tobacco. It contains the Early Crop American Burley Tobacco with Menthol.

Delicate Flavors are Complimented with the beauty of Naturally Extracted Tobacco. The Three Flavors consisting of this category are –

Liberty Bell – It is from Robust American Air-Cured Tobacco, Cocoa, Dark Coffee, and Black Cherry.

Patriot’s Brew – It’s the American Flue-Cured Tobacco, Whiskey, Maple, Bourbon Vanilla Beans, and Oak.

Sweet Carolina – It’s the Canadian Flue-Cured Tobacco, Orange Blossom Honey Comb.

Now For Some International Tobacco Tastes –

Viva La Libertad – It’s the Broadleaf Havana Tobacco from Cuban Seed.

Indonesian Clove It’s the Spicy and Exotic Indonesian Clove.

And you can click here for more.

The Gist:

There are mixed views about organic nicotine juice. There are detailed studies to give inference for both sides. Companies show transparency in growing the organic tobacco and extracting process of nicotine from them. But then research work points out that organic tobacco growth is not possible for the very nature of the plant.

It is entirely upto the vape consumer to decide whether they should vape on organic nicotine or not.

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