The Best Bongs You Can Buy Online in 2019

Cannabis and tobacco smokers would be familiar with bongs. For the uninitiated, a bong is a filtration device used commonly for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or any other herbal substances. The gas flows from the lower port to the upper port and it is similar to a hookah, albeit portable.

What are Bongs usually made of?

Bongs are often either glass or plastic, and they use a bowler stem to produce smoke. Glass bongs are usually made from borosilicate glass which is heat resistant, therefore the bong can withstand heat without breaking.

Top Bongs of 2019 Online

DHC 8-Bit Heart Bong by Daily High Club


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You will love this massive long tube. It comes decorated with beautiful green hearts and a classic DHC logo. All collectors would love it. It is also available with a good returns policy where items can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Worldwide shipping is available. The bong is perfect for taking huge rips and the design is super clean too!

  • Height: 14″
  • Joint Size: 18/14 mm

Price: $ 69.99

Glowfly Glass Double Z Bong by Smokea

Glowfly Glass Double Z Bong

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Glowfly Glass is USA-made in Arizona. This blowing glass has been preferred since 2007. Glowfly is a great brand committed to providing quality glass goods to all customers who enjoy their cannabis. This bong has a double z design with a standard 9mm slide. It is available in three stylish colors. SMOKEA offers free shipping on all USA orders.

  • Simple, Affordable, Reliable
  • Unique Double Z Design
  • Made in the USA

Price: $ 30.00

TAG – 9mm Thick Beaker Bong 14” by Dankgeek

TAG 9mm Thick Beaker Bong

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Available with free shipping in the US, the super thick beaker bong is from Thick Ass Glass. It has a thickness of 9mm with 11mm thickness at the base! If durability is what you are looking for then look no further. This resilient beaker bong is also quite tall standing at 14″ inches. The downstem is removable and is 18mm to 14mm. The device features a triple ice pinch to stack ice for extra cooling.

  • 14” Inches Tall
  • 9mm Thick Glass
  • 11mm Base thickness

Price: $ 99.99

DHC Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong by Daily High Club

DHC Double Tree Perc Beaker Bong

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This is one of the biggest bongs out there! It is well designed such that you get smooth rips at every level. There is a removable 18/14 slitted downstem. Above that, you have the ice-pinch for more optional cooling. It is compatible with all 14mm add-ons!

Price: $ 79.99

Mini Bong with Perc by Badass Glass

Mini Bong with Perc by Diamond

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With California-based Diamond Glass, you can expect only the most premier glass smoking accessories. This is a good mini bong with perfect symmetry and a beautiful beaker. The widened tube in the middle helps give a nice smooth hit without the hassles of having a big bulky bong. Includes free shipping.

  • Height: 9 inches
  • Also Includes: Downstem and 14mm Bowl

Price: $72.00

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