10 Best Cheap Premium Vape Juice

Along with the name of a vape juice you might have noticed that ‘Premium’ is usually attached to it. What makes a vape juice Premium? First and foremost let’s have the basic understanding of a ‘Premium Vape Juice’. All juices are essentially manufactured from the Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, water-soluble flavorings, and optional nicotine. Both the regular and the premium vape juices are also made from these ingredients. Then why is it that premium vape juices are priced more than the regular ones?

Following attributes are missing in the Regular Vape Juices, which makes them low-priced. But these attributes are the basis of Premium e-juices

  • ISO Certified Labs, clean rooms, etc places used for manufacturing Premium vape juices adds on to their operating costs. As the labs are a huge investment for preparing the premium juices.
  • Batch Testing done by the third party-labs adds even more to the costs of the vape juices. They use gas-chromatography-mass-spectrometry (GC-MS) tests on the juices.
  • Proprietary Ingredients are used in the Premium vape juices which makes them of unique flavors. These flavors are not sold to consumers directly for their DIY vape juices. These flavors are procured from the professional flavor chemists and are available only for B2B sales.

The above attributes are convincing to all for the premium vape juices to be slightly higher priced in comparison to the regular ones.

Still, it is commendable on the part of a few companies who manufacture or procure the PREMIUM VAPE JUICES but sell them at cheap prices. Here the case is of voluminous sales and the company offers super fine customer service and fast, flawless shipping which keeps the customer coming to the same company again and again. This way the company is managing to sell the quality premium vape juices at cheap prices.

Here in this section, we will list 10 best cheap premium vape juices, which are labeled the BEST because of one reason or the other. They are not only price competitive but also have ranked above the others in different aspects like – vapor production, uniqueness in flavor, tastier, smoothness, easy on refilling, usage per puff is optimum, good shelf life etc.

  • Mt Baker Vapor

MT Baker Vapor

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It is THE BEST Cheap Premium vape juice brand in the vaping industry. Those who are in vaping habit for a long time would have appreciated it sometime or the other. They have earned the first rank in this article due to their high-grade quality e-juices at very reasonable prices. They are good at combining options and offering you choices 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 mg/ml of nicotine. Also 50/50 PG/VG, 70%PG, 70%VG or Max VG. Such options are rare. This way various types of customers are impressed by them.

They cover almost all types of tasting flavors such as – tobacco, menthol, fruits, beverages, candies, cereals, desserts, nuts and spices. There are so many popular options of this company that it is not possible to name all of them here. Still naming the best 3 from the lot – Hawk Sauce, Apfelstrudel and Cinnamon Roll.

  • Vape Wild

Vape Wild

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Vape Wild is based in Texas. Doing really fine by letting you choose your preferred nicotine strength, VG content, and size. Their e-juices are available in 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg nic strength and also 50/50, 65/35 and 80/20 VG/PG ratios. Price has no dependency on different strengths and ratios. A varying number of sizes are offered as per the need of the customer. One can opt for the large bottle to buy at the wholesale price the premium vape juice. 10, 20, 60, 120, 240 and 480 ml Bottles.

Vape Wild fills up space in the vape industry when it comes to taste or even nic strengths, sizes and ratios. It is a very good decision when you want to chase the clouds but you don’t want to be chased by increased bills. Budget-wise, taste-wise, and Cloud-wise a WISE DECISION.

  • Black Note

Black Note

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It is good news for the true tobacco connoisseurs. The natural extraction process is used to make the real tobacco taste in the vape juices. The flavors are strong and distinct, pure and true, bold to sweet. Menthol plus peppermint extract is another line of the flavor of Black Note. The vape juices come in 50/50 VG/PG blend.

Menthol Blend, American blend, Pop the English blend, and many more are in the long list of Black note. Most of the vapers prefer Black Note’s Prelude for it is smooth as well as slightly sweet but its tobacco flavor is intact. Definitely, Sonata, the Cavendish blend, is an outrightly a masterpiece of Black Note.

  • Naked 100


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Not only great taste but great vapors and flavors are also offered by Naked 100 e-juices. Flavors such as – Lava Flow, Hawaiian POG, and Maui Sun provides a soothing tropical escape. Many assortments of candies and tobacco flavors for example – Sour Sweet, Berry Belts, and American Patriot are a few to name. There is a lot of focus on the fruity flavors in its standard line of e-juices. Easy and clean on the coils. Available in 70/30 VG/PG blend. Bottled in a standard 60ml pack. Nicotine Strength 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg/ml to choose from.

  • Humble Juice

Humble 120ML

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If you want the best cheap vape juice which is just not like a cheap one but is more towards a premium brand in looks, taste and feel, them Humble Juices are the best for you.

They are insanely reasonable and affordable by the customers who have a budget wise planning for vape items. The broad selection of flavors being a complex one. Its rivals are taste rivals that of the premium brands. Available in fruity, desserts, custards etc. flavors. For example Donkey Kahn, Smash Mouth, Blue Dazzle etc. are a few e-juices of Humble company.

All juices of the company come in 80/20 VG/PG ratio.

  • Sauce LA

The Saucela

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Sauce La offers to the customers award-winning e-juices that too at very economical prices. Their recipes are tested now and then so that it can be rectified at a much early stage. The best vape juice you can purchase on a budgeted price. The juices are prepared in ISO certified labs just as any premium juice companies would do. They come in beautiful attractive packaging. Many flavors to choose from. Best price available is $0.25/ml.

  • Cuttwood Vapors


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Cuttwood based in California, call themselves as ‘’The Sauce boss’ having a line of juices – Unicorn Milk, Mr. Fritter, Bird Brains, Sugar Drizzle, Mega Melons, Tobacco Trails, Magic Mint, Boss reserve, Outrage Orange and Livid Lime. Their Unicorn Milk has earned a lot of fame and appreciation from the customers. They add a lot of effort, time and money in testing and retesting their vape juices before placing them for sale.

They are the leaders in the crafting of superior quality products both taste wise and creativity wise. All come in 70% VG blends. Nicotine strength options provided are: 0, 3, 6, 12 mg/ml.

  • Vape Craft

Vape Craft

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This is one of the pioneers in the budget vape juice classification. This has come with a lot of savings for you on e-juices. Their line of items is of premium quality, cheap and high VG e-juices. The variety of e-liquids are innumerable and the large 120ml bottles are only for $15 in a retail purchase.

You will surely like many of their flavors. The most favorite among the customers is Strawberry Custard flavor. At this affordable and lucrative pricing structure, you can buy a bunch of flavors and enjoy.

  • Mr. Good Vape

Mr Good Vape

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They are some of the e-juices have been praised for the exclusive tastes and flavors. They are based on fruit and desserts like – apple pie, vanilla, and cinnamon Dabble Dooyah and the sugar cookie, butterscotch, and graham cracker Moon Sugar are really worth mentioning. You can purchase a 15ml bottle for $11.99.

  • VaporFi

VaporFi 75 TC Starter Kit

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They have some marvelous premium flavors which are well crafted and complex. Like – Monkey Business, Island Frost and Decadence. The juices are in 30ml for $19.99. The Grand Reserve collection is offered in 6 even higher-end blends.

The Bottomline:

It is a proven fact that Premium vape juice recipes may seem to be very basic and like the Regular ones. Nevertheless, using the pre-steeped flavor base and combining all the high-grade ingredients supporting specific conditions gives Premium e-juices an upper-hand over the Regular ones.

Can Cheap Premium Vape Juice even exist? Yes, surely. There are ways where a Premium vape juice company places their superior flavors at bargain offers much lower to sales in the following ways –

  • Clearance: When the Premium vape juices are very close to their Best-By-Date, the company places them under the clearance section. Two positive things happen. First, you as a customer get on hand the juice which is well-steeped. Second, as a customer who used to always go for Regular ones now has the opportunity to relish the Premium juices.
  • Discontinuation of Products: When a company adds new arrivals, they have a tendency to discontinue a few so that their manufacturing units focus on what is actually required to be sold. Some pieces of these discontinued products are still in stock, which can be bought at many deep discounts. Remain in connection with the brand’s social media to know fast about these products before they are carried away by others.
  • Shop for Bargain-Priced e-juice with positive reviews.

Searching Diamonds: After a lot of research you will certainly narrow down on a few premium type favors amongst the cheap brand list. Going through blogs, forums, and reviews you will be able to analyze the best cheap juices that will work as a premium type for you.

Finding Optimal methods to enjoy the Premium stuff like – use mouth-to-lung vape tanks. This will provide maximum flavor with a lower output of vapor. Lesser the vapor production lesser is the consumption of e-juice via an atomizer. A cloud-chucking sub-ohm tank will be utilizing your premium e-juice just like that.

Last but not the least price comparison of cheap and premium juices should be on per 1ml basis so that the prices are understood in the correct format.

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