Best Cheap Vape Starter Kits

For the beginners, intermediates and chain vapers it is evident that you need to collect for your vaping sessions –

  • A Vape pen/ Vaping mod
  • A Clearomizer i.e. the tank you’ll pour in your e-juice
  • A Drip tip
  • A Charger
  • A Battery
  • The e-Liquid

OR the best thing could be to directly purchase a starter kit which includes all of these. As a beginner, it will be confusing to narrow down on the best as per your needs. As an intermediate and chain vaper, you may find it cumbersome to get to the best ones as per your desires.

Essentially many a times a starter kit is much more inexpensive, simple and designed as per your utility requirements.

In this article, we have listed the best cheap vape starter kits for the customers who would like to enjoy vaping but would not pursue their passion for vaping be heavy on their pockets. The below-given options are under $30 when you save a hefty amount owing to discounts. The regular prices are also mentioned which are below $60.

Eleaf iStick Pico Starter Kit with Melo 3 Mini – 2ml

Eleaf World

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  • PICO stands for preferable, innovative, compact and outstanding.
  • It consists of an iStick Pico battery Mod and detachable 1 Melo 3 Mini atomizer (EC 0.3ohm).
  • It’s single 18650 battery is interchangeable.
  • It can provide a maximum of 75W output.
  • You have the facility of switching between a number of firing modes, which adds great flavor and overall a soothing vaping experience.
  • The design of it is such that you may do the filling from the top of the starter kit.
  • The effective adjustable airflows are designed in such a way that they are kind of concealed to enhance the beauty and style of the kit.
  • By using the 0.3-ohm head, the Melo 3 mini produced a fully satisfying vapor with lovely flavor in it at 75W.
  • Even if you attempt to chain-vape at 65W, the Melo only gets warmer not too hot, that you may get burnt with it.
  • Feel safe to vape on the kit as it has the protections built into the chip – 10-second cut-off, low resistance, short atomizer, battery reverses and finally shuts down on overheating.


  • Very powerful at 75W
  • Splendid Stealthiness
  • Looks small but power packed with mod and tank
  • Accurate control on temperature with many options.


  • 2ml capacity for e-liquid in the Melo 3 Mini is quite small. Will require frequent refills.

SMOK Stick M17 AIO Starter Kit- 2ml& 1300mAh

Smok Black

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  • The brilliant all-in-one-kit (AIO) from Smok, Stick M17 delivers the supreme vaping experience on blending the goodness of built-in 1300mAh powerful+durable battery and Stick M17 core.
  • Just one button for all the operations and settings. Makes it hassle-free.
  • It is a slimmer pen style having a long duration of functionalities and n numbers of protections (low voltage, short circuit, 10 seconds cut off) making it a durable kit. It’s a fashion statement in itself due to it’s a slimmer and classic body.
  • As truly explained by the company, ‘INNOVATION KEEPS CHANGING THE VAPING EXPERIENCE!’ Is has been successful in making the finest kit with 2ml capacity, nice swivel top cap, and leak-proof atomizer base.
  • Intelligent Battery Life indicator – 4 flashes on puffing, 15 flashes on lesser than 3.3V so that you may charge it.
  • The presence of pre-installed dual coils – 0.6 ohms for stable vapor and smooth airflow + 0.4 ohm for silky taste and dense whitish vapors.
  • The Delrin drip tip increases the airflow and you get powerful drag effects.
  • The top refilling system takes away all your worries as it aids in the leak-proof slot to eradicate the leakage problem.
  • Available in the vibrant colors – Black, Stainless, Gold, Blue, and 7-color.


  • Slim and sleek tubular design.
  • Too simple operations.
  • Hassle free filling and leak proof.


  • The vaping modes are limited. Not many options for a varying vape experience.

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Kit – 2.0ml & 1500mAh

Aspire Cig

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  • The kit will make the beginners and the intermediates happy the like. It’s mouth to lung delivery is mindblowing.
  • Its length is just shorter than the iPhone 5s, portable in size and trouble traveling kit.
  • Top filling design, cent percent leakage free and a non-adjustable airflow.
  • While swapping the coils you don’t have to remove the e-liquid. This is absolutely a creative and welcome design. You don’t need to waste your precious e-liquid.
  • The tank capacity of 2ml seems to be smaller for the chain vapers. As the kit is an excellent one in delivering marvelous taste and great vapors so it’s difficult to say no to the device in between a successful session.
  • The robust 1500mAh battery capacity can easily sail you through a day of chain vaping or two days of average vaping sessions.
  • The kit uses the U-Tech coil technology.
  • The wider Delrin Drip Tip is an important change in the kit.
  • The availability of the kit in unique vibrant colors is fabulous – Rose Gold, Matte Black, Pantone White, and Stainless Steel.


  • Its quality is of supreme nature, yet the price is low and affordable.
  • Many safety features.
  • Hassle free top filling.
  • Easy to swap in between coils.
  • A battery can last for two days in spite of long duration usage.


  • The rattling fire button is a little irritating.
  • The tank is quite small in size.

Vandy Vape Berserker MTL Starter Kit – 1100mAh & 2/3.5ml


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  • This is a result of collaboration between Alex Vapers Md and Vandy Vape. A real daily experience of Mouth to Lung Vaping through the assembly of the horizontal coils.
  • This kit is apt for nicotine salts e-liquids to be used by the daily vapers.
  • The opportunity of choosing the desired adjustable airflow is from 5 options.
  • Longer battery life with a higher power.


  • Lesser than $40 if you consider the regular pricing structure. Hence the cheap vape starter kit.
  • A nice 2ml capacity and also holds in 3.5ml bubble pyrex glass.
  • Has a separate tank and mod.
  • Looks are appreciative and have a well-built body.
  • Has two options for output: constant (works better with this) and direct.
  • Portable smaller in size.
  • A good battery size for a small device like this. Also includes pass-through ability.
  • Two modes: Constant voltage and Bypass
  • It prompts you on lower power.
  • Protects from Overload and Short Circuit.
  • Two coils are included. 1.5-ohm coil (performance is nice) and 1.8-ohm coil.
  • Two Drip Tips are included.
  • Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) is an easy adjustment.
  • Available in beautiful ten colors: Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Gold, Rainbow, White, Blue, Red, Green and Purple


  • 1.8-ohm coil performance needs improvement.
  • Coil Quality Control needs to be sorted out.
  • The direct output mode is meaningless for the coil options.
  • Higher charge rate would have been better.
  • A proper battery indicator is mandatory.

Wismec HiFlask Vape Pod System Starter Kit – 5.6ml/2100mAh


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  • Innovative JVUA (Juice Vertical & U Airflow) system facilitates in delivering virgin flavors and whitish, thicker clouds.
  • Get ready for some unexpected vaping enjoyment.
  • Real large 5.6 ml capacity of e-liquid contains in it to satisfy you to the fullest at one go.
  • The large 2100mAh built-in battery is highly power packed.


  • Innovative JVUA (Juice Vertical & U Airflow) system is implemented in this starter kit.
  • The design of the cartridge lock is innovative.
  • Efficient battery life and use of liquid.
  • It is light in weight and grips well in the palm.
  • Doesn’t leak at all.
  • On the third replacement of the pod, this did overcome it’s previous failures and became nicer to vape on.


  • Difficulty in refilling as the airlocks in.
  • Hard to see the battery level as you have to rely on counting the flashlights after vaping.
  • Hard to see the e-liquid level. Need to tilt or worse case is to remove the pod in 2ml version.


Make the purchase of the kit of the company that is trustworthy and reliable in all aspects, whether it is their guarantee or warranty policies or more important the quality of products they are selling. This way you are likely to not get into a messy product at all.

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