10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

The vaporizer market is ever changing as the technology used in them keeps upgrading and developing at a high pace. The vaporizers are becoming smaller day-by-day and their power is increasing to manifolds. It is very exciting and satisfying to choose from such a huge lot of vaporizers.

At the same time, it is also very confusing when your needs for vaping is not crystal clear. It’s like entering a huge dark library with a small lit candle to search a book whose title is not very clear to you. Here both are required the full illuminated light in the library and clarity on the title of the book. Similarly, you ought to understand your vaping needs and also the kind of vaporizers which will facilitate you on your enjoyment.

To avoid over or under-estimation of the Dry Herb Vaporizers, it is justifiable to grade the vaporizers as per the various categories – portability, compactness, battery life, availability, upgradability, durability, aesthetically, fan favorite, ease of use, vapor quality, different pricing and last but not the least Best Overall Vaporizer.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer in Portability: PAX 3 Vaporizer – $249.00


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  • This is based on the vaporizer’s size, concealment, and weight.
  • Dimensions: 3.87 inches tall x 1.21 inches wide x 0.85 inches deep.
  • The weight of it is only 3 grams more than it’s older version Pax 2. It’s 93 grams.
  • Complete Kit is for $249.99 and Device Only is for $199.99
  • You can have it in your style dry herb or with concentrates. You can match your preference for its performance, whatever be your desire.
  • It’s superb in communicating with you through it’s LED lights – shows heat conditions, battery and temperature settings. You may save your preferred temperature settings or design another one to your liking. This way you will replicate again and again your enjoyment, without having to memorize the settings. For those who love precisions in life may make the use of mobile apps.
  • The Half-Pack Lid is best for the single user session.
  • A single charged battery you may be able to use it for 100 minutes.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer in Compactness: DaVinci IQ – $274.95


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  • The basis for this category is the easiness in which the vaporizer fits in the pockets and hides.
  • Dimensions: 3.54 inches tall x 1.65 inches wide x 0.94 inches deep.
  • Weighs 145 grams which may seem to be a little for some with respect to its size. Has a feel-good factor when in your palm.
  • It’s like nature has handcrafted itself. It’s a sleek and stealthy vaporizer excellent for both the beginners and the enthusiasts.
  • Its looks are deceptive. You may feel that as it is super sleek and compact, durability is questionable. However, it’s not true. The weight has added to its durability.
  • Super easy to hold and use.
  • Has a double built, splendid performance, made of ceramic zirconia inside and integrated with the intelligent app. The app escalates it’s value in leaps and bound. Certainly, it is influenced by its predecessors Davinci Ascent and Classic.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer in Chargeability: Mighty- $349


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  • The basis of this category is on a full charge, the Best average battery life performance.
  • The Mighty vaporizer is worth appreciating for its battery life.
  • The vaporizer delivers a smooth 6-8 hours of performance on a full charge.
  • It takes around 90 minutes for full re-charging.
  • With so much of battery life performance, it may seem to you that the vaporizer may be letting off some hazardous fumes when it’s materials get heated up. But it is not true. Storz and Bickel must be applauded for the selection of materials in their products. The Mighty vaporizer is made of medical-grade material and has many certifications too.
  • Dual 2668 mAh Lithium-Ion Batteries is used in the vaporizer.
  • It has the unique feature of pass-through charging i.e. you can vape on the vaporizer while the charging continues.
  • It may seem that it’s the price is a little on the higher side but it is an investment that will pay you off in the long run.
  • Hence it justifies it’s named ‘MIGHTY’.

Best Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer: Volcano Vaporizer Digital – $599.00

Volcano Vaporizer

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  • This category is based on the size, built quality, weight and vapor production.
  • Since the birth of the vaporizer, it is manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany place from where half of the world’s surgical equipment come. Needless to say, Storz and Bickel are synonymous to high standards of craftsmanship, durability, sturdiness, and strength as seen in Volcano.
  • The large benefit of the Volcano’s convection heating system is that there is a minimal risk factor of combustion. This ensures no harmful emissions come from the dry herbs.
  • The artistry in the digital edition of the Volcano is it’s setting vaporizing temperature feature. As per your desires, you can precisely set the temperature so that the density of vapors are to your likings.
  • Among the Desktop vaporizers, the quality of vapors from the Volcano is ranked the Best.
  • Although you need to wait for 3-5 minutes for the heating element to be ready for the A-1 quality and quantity of vapor production from the Volcano. But the vapor resultant is worth waiting for!

Best Dry Herb Mid-Range Vaporizer: PAX 2 Vaporizer – $149.00


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  • This category is based on size, price, and overall quality and performance.
  • On the release of Pax 3, the price of Pax 2 went drastically down from $199 to $149.
  • Since then it is termed as the ‘budget-friendly’ vaporizer in the dry herbs category of under $150. The customers who are in awe with the Pax 3 but for price issue are unable to own it, Pax 2 is a very apt option for them. It’s a worthless struggle to hunt for something like Pax 2 at a lesser price than this.
  • Its incredible conduction heating system is still on-the-go with high-quality engineering.
  • It is a quality built piece, simple to drop in the pocket or bag.
  • Its superb vapor production starts in less than a minute.
  • The powerful chamber having 4 temperature settings is simple to use, heats evenly and preserves on your dry herbs for a number of sessions.
  • On the whole Pax 2 is better vaping on lesser prices.

Best Dry Herb Overall Portable Vaporizer: Crafty Vaporizer – $279.00


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  • The basis of this category is User experience, size, weight, and vapor quality.
  • The dexterous Crafty, younger brother of Mighty, is the overall BEST PORTABLE VAPORIZER.
  • The battery life lasts for 45 minutes or 4 sessions. The later editions of Crafty have a little longer battery life up to an hour of smooth performance.
  • Has the pass-through charging feature which means you are able to vape while the vaporizer is still charging.
  • Its weight is just 135 grams thus fits in your pocket well and looks discreet.
  • It may seem to you at first glance that it is delicate, but on the contrary, it is tough and can absorb all the rattling happening while on travel.
  • It’s temperature settings are controlled through the smartphone app.
  • For such a small size and weight, it is remarkable that there is a hybrid convection heating system.
  • It is the best portable vaporizer so far in this price range and features.

Best Dry Herb Value Vaporizer: G Pro Vaporizer – $79.95

G Pro Vaporizer

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  • The basis of this category is size, weight, vapor quantity and unit quality Vs price.
  • If you want to own an excellent quality vapor producing vaporizer but have little to spend on then, go for G Pro Vaporizer by Grenco Science.
  • Easy to use and a standard build. The vaporizer at its simplicity is the best in advanced technology.
  • Has three temperature settings: low (320oF), medium (380oF) and high (420oF).
  • Pretty nice vapor as the price goes.
  • If you the herb in a tight condition in the chamber you will get exceptional vapor quality.
  • Pretty nice battery life. An hour of usage is possible with a fully charged battery.
  • A good vaporizer for enthusiasts with simple needs.

Best Dry Herb Vapor Quality: Firefly 2 – $329.95


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  • This category is based on User Experience and Build Design.
  • The complaints sensed from the original Firefly vaporizer like – over-size, lack of control on temperature and smaller battery life., were worked upon and the birth of Firefly 2 took place.
  • Firefly 2 is 30% smaller and 50% lighter.
  • Pick the temperature setting you like from 170o to 225o Celsius, thus to have your desired vapor production. All these temperatures are controlled via a Smartphone app.
  • Usage of the convection heating system has enabled Firefly to have vapors of the utmost quality and flavorsome tastes.
  • Doesn’t keep you waiting to get heated up.
  • The battery life has been improved from its original version up to 50 minutes or 6 sessions.

Best Dry Herb Upgraded Vaporizer: Arizer Air II – $179.99

Arizer Vape

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  • This category is based on Improvements Vs Previous Model.
  • Once if you have vaped on the original Arizer Air, which in itself was an incredible vaporizer. Then the anticipation that it’s new version Air II has got to be on those lines.
  • It is an awesome choice for the beginners and also a laudable choice as an upgraded version for the fanatics.
  • Requires only 80 seconds to get ready or warm up.
  • Precise temperature variations are possible from 50 oC to 120 oC. The increments are available in 1 oC or 10 of and are really quick in action.
  • Vapor tastes are one of the priorities of this version.
  • In borosilicate glass parts, high-quality convection heat, temperature control, interchangeable and 50% more battery capacity etc. you are sure you will have a memorable vaping session.

Best Dry Herb Cheap Vaporizer: Black Mamba – $46.00

Black Mamba

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  • The category is based on User Experience, Price and Vapor Quality.
  • It used to be a dilemma that all the dry herb vaporizers are expensive and not in the reach of many customers.
  • It was unbelievable until the birth of Mamba happened. A dry herb vaporizer under $50.
  • The Black mamba is out of the world, as a blessing to many of the budget-friendly people.
  • Its looks are similar to a tear-drop, very classy and elegant.
  • The vapor path visibility is quite sensual owing to it being made of all-glass. This what one calls a featured ceramic chamber.
  • Vaping with it at any temperature is possible. (365 oF, 374 oF, 392 oF, 410 oF and 428 oF).
  • For the price charged it provides excellent vapor taste or flavor.
  • Nice and decent vapor production.

A brief about other categories as per their pricing structures and the best vaporizers are:

  • Best Vaporizer Under $200 Grasshopper $199.95
  • Best Vape Pen Under $100 KandyPens Gravity $99.95
  • Best Vaporizer Under $60 Black Widow $59.95
  • Best Dry Product Vaporizer Below $40 Yocan Evolve $39.99

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