Five Best Gas Station Vape Pens for Your Travel

You are on travel heading towards the highways, you are bored away in the long travel time. Just in case you had your vape pen, the journey would have been even more thrilling. But you don’t have vape store nearby. All you can see sometimes are the gas stations which as per general assumption, sell the traditional cigarettes, chips, other snack items, etc. You had a difficult time getting rid of the smoky cigarettes, so this is not the right option.

Did you know that gas stations also shelf some nice vape pens, especially good on traveling. They are disposable, has a powerful battery,

Gas Station Vape Pens

Gas Station e-cigs or convenience store e-cigarettes are the options for purchasing disposable e-cigs. These are not the usual vaping points. But you may find a nice company brand like Blu at a nearby or highway gas station/online vape store. To our dismay, one cannot find a variety of good/standard options for vape pens and e-cigs in the gas stations. If you find a few options they would be of low quality for the customers who have yet to come across the high-quality devices.

Similar products with a fine line of difference. You ought to know the difference before opting one in your vaping passion.

  • E-cigarettes or in short e-cigs are cigarette look-alikes. They are made in the same style as a traditional (smoking) cigarette, especially for the smoking quitters. This gives them a feeling that it is the same old cig. The set up is too simple with minimum parts involved like – rechargeable or disposable battery, element in cartomizer and disposable e-liquid cartridges. They are devoid of tanks. Only charging of the battery is required in the name of maintenance.
  • Vape Pens are a rechargeable module with interchangeable e-liquid. Larger in size than the e-cigs. A rechargeable battery heats the element which vaporizes the e-liquid in the device. Most of them have a tank to hold the vaping liquid or they have cartridges. Some also use the pre-filled capsules instead of a tank to avoid mess and hassles of refilling tanks.

The following are the best gas station vape pens dug out from the vaping market which are very likely to be found in nearby and highway gas stations.

Logic Pro Vaporizer + Two 2-Capsule Bundles

Logic Vapes

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Just for $32.99

  • Especially for the novices and other customers who like to vape on convenient and simpler versions of vape pens.
  • The Logic Pro has a 650 mAh powerful battery which can be considered a good one for moderate vaping.
  • And it is the icing on the cake that the combo of Two 2-Capsule Bundles with the Logic Pro Capsule Closed Tank system is offered to the customers.
  • The Logic Pro claims to deliver smooth and strong 1200 puffs which is roughly 5 times what you actually get from the cigarette look-alike e-cig cartridges. To specify puff counts are not the point of comparison as there are different draws one pulls in. From beginning to end of a vape session it’s all about the vapor and flavor satisfaction one has from it.
  • You may choose any of the two flavors from the given four, in the present deal by the company – Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry and Berry Mint.
  • Vape Smarter with Logic Pro. This buy is worth the money!


  • The most important of this vape pen is the concept of vape tank capsules.
  • Here it is a replaceable and a disposable vape tank.


  • Some still recommend to the novices, the simpler e-cig concept as it produces vapor at a level where the Logic Pro cannot beat. Thus you will observe the competitors like Green Smoke doing much better in sales than Logic Pro.

Blu PRO Kit

Blu Pro

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  • This is perfect ON-GO-VAPE-PEN with 1100mAh battery, clearomizer and a 10ml bottle of Tobacco vape-juice.
  • A Blu Pro is chosen because:
      • It delivers Pro-Level Vapor – which is consistent and smooth via an ergonomic mouthpiece which shifts at the slight touch of the finger.
      • It has the power of blu Pro – i.e. long lasting charge and largest clearomizer. You need to spend less time on recharging and refilling. Spend more time relaxing and rejoicing with the pen kit.
      • Be aware of your blu Pro: monitor tells it all about charge level with the help of the LED indicators.
  • It is only compatible with blu PRO Clearomiser and blu PRO Rechargeable Device.
  • You can vape longer and charge quicker than ever before.
  • Optimized coil resistance makes the taste purer and smoother.


  • Solid and stylish design along with a single button and intuitive operations at a very lucrative price Blu Pro is surely an enticing product.
  • For the novices, nothing can beat the features and none can compete on the price structure of Blu Pro.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Refillable and Reusable vape pen.


    • Has only one option in colors – Black with a few highlights in blue.
    • Cannot do any adjustment in power.
    • Relatively has a long length.

C-II Paragon Kit by Vaptio

Vaptio C-II Paragon Kit

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Shop Now at the US $44.79 Regular Price $52.99

    • This is especially for those who have appreciated the Capt’n Paragon Kit and are now searching for a cool vape pen with robust battery + tank for sub-ohm vaping.
    • This kit may look quite delicate and slender to you but the reality says that there is a lot of power packed in the slender cylindrical body.
    • The ergonomic vape pen has a small diameter of 25mm but a high powered built-in 3000mAh battery and an output wattage of 30 – 100 watts.


      • Enjoy the variety of vaping experiences because of innovative PARAGON Mesh & Strip coils.
      • Feel the thrills of vaping with screw-to-open top refilling and adjustable bottom airflow design.
      • Has two options for e-juice capacity 2ml and 8ml.
      • Due to the mod and tank used in this kit, it is capable of pumping out loads of clouds and unrivaled flavor production and limitless flavor possibilities.
      • Has come up in nice, glossy, dark and bright fluorescent shades of colors – Purple, Red, Black, and Green.
      • Intelligent battery optimization.
      • The power and size of the battery are such that it’s a Devil’s Advocate i.e. will last longer almost a day.
      • The leak-proof function also avoids accidental pocket vaping.


    • The rubbery grip given only in the black color kit is limiting. This grip was required in the other colored kits as well.
    • Due to the high gloss, the grip may not be as proper it should be to avoid falls.

V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

V2 Pro Series

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  • It works very well with dry herbs and concentrates – E-Liquids and Wax.
  • This vape pen is one of it’s kind. The pioneer in portable vape pens that can actually vape on dry herbs without combustion.
  • It is the creation of the company V2 and Series 3 is launched for the first time.


      • With medium sturdiness, elegance and leak-proof design V2 has once again proved to be a versatile company.
      • The magnetic snaps are assembled at very right places and with quality to increase convenience.
  • Customizable airflow, temperature, and voltage.
      • Choices of colors – Crimson, Charcoal, and Gunmetal. The metal mouthpieces are also colored in variety.
      • Stands out above all the competitors in being WORTH VALUE FOR MONEY!


    • Refilling is a cumbersome activity for this vape pen as the cartridge for the loose leaf is small.
    • The cartridge usage is limited to only Series 3 and not compatible with the newer V2 models.
    • Additional cartridges have to be bought as only one is included in the kit for e-liquids.

You can get cigarette-like “vape pens” for less than $20 at gas stations of fair quality. Such as –

Joyetech eGo AIOJoyetech eGo AIO

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    • The all-in-one device from reliable company Joyetech.
    • This has the traditional vape pen look and a little bigger in size than a traditional cigarette.
    • Has 2ml capacity in its tank.
    • For operation usage of a single button.
    • Superb performer for the beginner vapers.


    • It has a 1,500 mAh internal battery sufficient for all day long vaping.
    • Rotational mouthpiece to change between mouth-to-lung or direct lung vaping.
    • The two 0.6 ohm atomizer heads deliver sub ohm vaping and terrific clouds.


    • The rotating cap can be upsetting and complicated for some in the beginning.
    • The capacity is quite small just 2ml.

The Gist:

Vape pens are like the intermediary in the food-chain. You want it to be portable like an e-cig, yet should also have the vaping power of box mods and mech mods. The vape pens are on the lists of the vapers vaping on a daily basis on the medium power settings.

  • If your vape pen has an appealing appearance, is from a reputable manufacturing company, has great compatibility with either or all the liquids, waxes and dry herbs, convection style performance, long lasting batteries, ceramic heating chambers and warranty from the manufacturers, Go Grab It!

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