Best Nicotine Free Vapes

If you have decided to vape on only nicotine free vapes, don’t worry about the choices are varied and numerous. There are companies which cater to not only the nicotine-based products but also the nicotine free range of devices have been stocked with them. However, there are companies which believe in the nic-free health benefits so stock only vitamin infused vaporizers.

Below are some Products from both the Types of Companies:

Best Vitamin Vaporizer B12 Vape Pen from Vitamin Vape Company for $39.00

Vitamin Vape

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  • Nowadays many people have a deficiency of B vitamins. It will interest most of you that to some extent vaping can facilitate the increase of B vitamin level in our body. The advantage is that unlike vitamin beverages, it doesn’t include a lot of sugar. If you are not attached to nicotine and just the creation of large thick and whitish hanging clouds excites you this vitamin B vaping can be evolved as your new oral fixation.
  • You may go for the purchase of B12 Vape Pen, the world’s first disposable vitamin B12 vaporizer. This vape is free from the hazardous nicotine, PG and diacetyl, and their harmful effects. The vitamin vape is self-sufficient to uplift your inner energy and strength. It has a nice flavor as a mouth re-freshener to keep you fresh and energetic all day long.
  • Although people have switched to the lesser harmful vaping from smoking, still while on vaporizers one is already intaking a minimal amount of nicotine. As he was so much addicted to the nicotine flavor that he tends to overlook the choices given when he purchases vape juice. Instead of opting the 0 mg nicotine strength, he desires to purchase the minimal nicotine strength vape juice.
  • The claims of the vaporizer and vape juice leading companies stand for e-cigarettes as the better alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Which is opposed by the medical researchers specifically against the vaporized nicotine. They say that the minimal strength of nicotine in the vape juices is enough to irritate the air pathway membranes and lead to bronchitis.
  • Whereas, nicotine free and vitamin inculcated vaporizer medicinally facilitates in curing anemia. You feel energetic and your vitamin deficiency is improved upon. These come in citrus flavor too. They are non-addictive. Of course, this vape cannot be a substitute for the usual fruit juices and balanced fibrous diet but still is far better than the cannabis or nicotine e-cigs.
  • Although till date no adequate studies have been conducted about vaping on vitamins, whatever be the conclusions it is definitely not as harmful as smoking on traditional cigarettes. The benefits may be minimal as compared to orally taking vitamin pills.

Best Vitamin Vaporizer Boisterous Berry from VITACIG company for $12

Boisterous Berry

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  • Clean aroma flavor with the BestSeller Boisterous Berry you can feel the difference. You can use this anywhere and none will object such as – restaurant or clubs. You can easily puff on it 300 times. You can discontinue the thrill and catch on with it sometime later. No problem.
  • Made of high-grade steel. Comes in other naturally extracted flavors like – Marvelous Mint, Cool Citrus, Vintage Vanilla, Charming Cherry and Succulent Strawberry.
  • It usually complains that nutrients and vitamins at high temperatures are lost. Vitacig has come up with its flavors in which all are obtained at just 140o temperature. At this heat, some nourishment from the vitamins surely reaches the body system via the mucous membrane of the oral tract.
  • The intense flavor of fresh blueberries, black currant and huckleberries provide a nice Aromatherapeutic effect on the body system. Blueberries, one of the superfoods and black currant are known to give many health benefits. You will feel energized after a long working day or a party with your friends and chilling out with the family dear ones.

Best Nicotine Free E-Cigarettes:

  • If you give a lot of importance to the after taste and long for the nice throat hit on vaping and wish to not intake nicotine then you are at the right place.
  • Magnum Snaps E-cigs from Epuffer for $59.95 – Almost close to smoking experience devoid of nicotine. They produce water vapor which is inhaled in the same way as a traditional cigarette.


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  • These are sleek in design, quite thin and the replica of the traditional cigs in looks. Very light in weight. Releases a nice vapor and a small light are lit when you inhale imitating effects as a traditional cig.
  • Their battery life is for 5 hours and heating up time required is 1.5 seconds. Two batteries are included with the pack.
  • The best thing is – the juices don’t contain PG or diacetyl. At least until now, no research result has shown this.
  • It is a little challenging to refill the cartridges with e-liquid provided with the pack.

Best Vape Pen Without Nic With Refillable Tanks:

  • Usually, people may think that without nicotine having strong throat hits is not possible. But this is not the case with Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen Kit. It renders you nice throat hits and is powerful. It is from Mig Vapor and it’s the price is $69.95.

Mig Vapor

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  • Designed for ease of use, without any botherations. Just fill in the tank by unscrewing the top cap of it, fill it with your favorite vape-liquid free from nic. Heat it for 1-2 minutes and you are ready to go vaping.
  • Excellent choice for the advanced users too. It draws just like E-cigs but the taste is far better. Produces a lot thicker and warm vapor so feels like you are vaping on some nice substance. Beginners will appreciate this warmth ness a lot. It has optimized flexibility for some serious vaping. Beginners may find this vape to be a little too delicate for them. Gives a massive throat hit.
  • Except for the aluminum rings, all the other parts are durable – batteries, clearomizers, charger, carry case.
  • Except if you wish to chase the clouds or compete for the designer clouds, you shall never regret to own this vape pen.

Best Stealthy Non-Nicotine Vape for Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-to-Lung

Mig Vapor Bug Mini Kit

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  • The kit includes a single 0.08-ohm coil for MTL and DTL vaping. It is gold-plated on its 510 connection and the coil heads also. This plating permits for a better connectivity and sends a consistent rate of power. Kanthal wire and organic cotton wicks are the best feature of the coils.
  • Perfect for the ex-smokers and non-nicotine vapes.
  • It is gracefully thin and well built. Easy to be portable and stealthy. Light in weight. The stealthy magnetic anti-leak cap confirms that it does not leak and can be carried around anywhere.
  • The Tank made of glass + stainless steel has 2 non-adjustable airflow vents on the base of the tanks.
  • The pass-through charging is possible in this vape device so one doesn’t have to wait unnecessarily and postpone the enjoyment of vaping. Charge while you vape.
  • It also works with CBD oils so you have options to flip over.
  • Gives nice smooth hits due to the sub ohm technology. You may not be able to compete in the clouds, but the flavor is superb to compensate on it. Worth the purchase!

Best Vape Pen With 1500mAh battery: Joyetech eGo AIO for $20.08-$23.90 as per your region

Joy Tech

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  • For a nice Mouth-to-Lung vaping, the battery life is of 18 hours. The heat-up time is only 3 seconds. The battery is 1500mAh operated by just one button.
  • Has a strong childproof lock.
  • You can go for a mess-free vaping with this vape pen owing to the spiral drip tip.
  • Almost 2ml vape juice can be filled at a time. Has a super easy top filled design. As it is simple to operate so it is the beginner’s favorite.
  • It is capable to surprise you with nice pillowy clouds.
  • It aids you for a good Mouth-to-Lung vape hence the ex-smokers are happy vaping on it, especially those who wish to vape on non-nicotine vape pen.

Best Box Mods or Personal Vaporizers for Non-Nicotine Vapes from Veppo


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  • If you choose only to vape on vape-liquids Box Mods and Personal vaporizers are the best options for you.
  • All the vape juices of Veppo come in the nicotine-free option as well.
  • If you can’t stay away from chasing the clouds and competing in the clouds, vape on the Veppo vape juices in the Box Mods and Personal Vaporizers so as to have larger clouds.

Where there is a Will there’s a Way. Certainly, vaping for the ex-smokers may just be a stand-by option, not the last one. Thus thinking on these lines of vaping nicotine free devices and vape juices, is OUTSTANDING. As such, those people who are in vaping just for clouds and flavors, they don’t need to stick to nicotine. It’s time that they free themselves from this and walk through a healthier path.

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