Best Organic Nicotine Vape Juice

You being a vaper, do you actually have an idea about what ingredients you are inhaling?

In recent times vapers have started being concerned about what they are inhaling. With the rise of organic products in the last few years, now it’s the turn of nicotine used in the vape juice to be purely organic.

Nicotine is an organic compound, which is mainly the alkaloid of tobacco. It is the vital additive ingredient in tobacco that is used in cigarettes, cigars, and snuff.

This naturally occurring nicotine is available in all parts of the tobacco plant, but chiefly in their leaves. The tobacco plant is said to be grown organically only when it’s grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. Not only this, the actual curing process matters a lot for nicotine to be confirmed as organically grown. If tobacco is then free of preservatives it will yield “Organic Nicotine

A certified Organic Nicotine means that:

  • Organic Nicotine is extracted in-house from USDA organic tobacco grown on the US soil.
  • The extraction process utilizes certified organic VG instead of petroleum-derived solvent.
  • There are no harmful residues in nicotine as it has gone through CO2 Extraction Process.

If in this way nicotine is crafted, then the vape juices are said to be the best-cleanest-tastiest e-juices. The R&D departments of some of the reputed brands work tirelessly to source only the finest quality organic ingredients and their mixologists expertly layer real, plant-based (vegan) extracts for a remarkably true taste.

Following are the best-chosen juices of such reputed companies who have used the USP-certified kosher grade nicotine in all of their e-juices. All of their nicotine is stored under strict refrigerated conditions before mixing, ensuring that you get the freshest nicotine possible.

The Best Organic Nicotine Vape Juices are as follows:

Liberty Bell by Kind Juice $25.99 for 30ml

Liberty Bell by Kind Juice

  • Its main constituents are Robust American Air-Cured Tobacco, Cocoa, Dark Coffee, and Black Cherry.
  • On inhale, the flavor of air-cured burley tobacco will fill your mouth which is neither dark nor light. Then slowly the other flavors will unfold one by one – Cocoa, Dark Coffee and at the end on exhale it will leave the delicious black cherry unique flavor. Finally, you will ask for more and more of this.
  • All this may seem to you very complex. But believe me, it’s worth a try!
  • You will experience this flavor the best in a sub-ohm tank.
  • The Naturally Extracted Tobacco in this flavor gets well absorbed in your tastebuds.

Mango Mystique by Vape Organics $22.40 for 30ml

Mango Mystique by Vape Organics

  • Indulge in the juicy and sweet mangoes, which are irresistible.
  • These come straight from the islands.
  • The A-one quality organic flavor extract is just so tempting.
  • This vape juice has mastered well the richness of the mango and tart flavor in a harmonious manner.
  • The freshness of the flavor is such that you may feel the fruit is just freshly cut.
  • This has been appreciated by the fruity vape lovers.
  • Instead of using the added artificial flavors, there is 100% VG in it.
  • You enjoy this flavor as you are almost drinking the sweet juicy mangoes.
  • Your coils of the device remain clean and dry in comparison to the other chemical mango flavors.
  • Your throat and lips don’t feel dry and sticky as it’s natural, soft and aromatic.

Best Damn Tobacco by Kai’s Virgin Vapor $13.50 for 15ml

Best Damn Tobacco by Kai’s Virgin Vapor

  • Wow! This is an amazing delight to your senses.
  • This flavor in tobacco is a full-bodied rich flavor extracted from the certified organic tobacco or handcrafted tobacco, free from chemicals (like hexane) and pesticides.
  • You are going to save on the vape juice as this flavor is so potent and concentrated that a small quantity does the job of providing nice flavor and vapor.
  • It’s a divine extraction from organically grown flowers, fruits, and nuts.
  • When you open the bottle the room will get filled with a fresh pack of cigarettes flavor with a tinge of sweetness.
  • Offers a medium to low throat hit. Has no roughness.
  • You just load this in your tank or pour it over your RDA to savor in the classic taste of freshly extracted tobacco. Relax and Enjoy!

Key West Sunset by Kind Juice $10.19 for 15ml

Key West Sunset by Kind Juice

  • A mnemonic of candy peach rings along with the sweetness of the fully developed peaches from the down south of the USA.
  • For the vapers who are fond of sweet and sour taste together and are in look out for some exotic fruit flavors, they must go for this vape juice.
  • Basically, the name Key West comes from the American island which is in the south of Florida. This place has some fabulous sunsets. Isn’t that incredible? Just like the name the flavor is also out-of-the-world.
  • For having full flavor and vapor production vape this juice in sub-ohm tanks and kits.

Blackberry Mint by Vape Organics $15.99 for 30ml

Blackberry Mint by Vape Organics

  • You inhale creamy, smooth and invigorating blend of mint and piquant blackberry.
  • You exhale creamy, just enough sweet blackberry mojito.
  • It’s an all day vape stimulating, crisp and best experienced in an atomizer by dripping it.
  • There is nothing domineering about Blackberry Mint. All constituents are well balanced in the right proportion.
  • It is Vape Organics signature juice blend.
  • You can vape on this flavor while you have a sore throat. It will soothe you instantly.
  • The deadly combination of blackberry and mint is awesome, so much so that it’s become the favorite flavor of many vapers.
  • The blackberries taste real, not fake. Sweetness is just about perfect. Neither less nor on a higher side.
  • Fully Energizes your whole system!

Dripping Dragon Blood E-Juice by Eco Vape $15.07 for 50ml

Dripping Dragon Blood E-Juice by Eco Vape

  • Create a creamy and fruity sensation for yourself with Dragon Blood E-Juice.
  • Organic EP and USP Grade Organic Nicotine extract is a vital ingredient in this flavor!
  • With the addition of similar natural flavorings, it is ensured that vapers get only the best and most authentic organic nicotine vape juice.
  • Great tasting dragon fruit and the velvety cream makes the most of your day.
  • The vape juice is very thick thus recommended to be vaped in the sub-ohm tank or RBA or RDA.

American Patriots Tobacco by Naked 100 $11.99 for 60ml

American Patriots Tobacco by Naked

  • This tobacco flavor is very bold and of the rugged American Patriots of history which was famous in the past.
  • Marvelous clouds can be sent in the air above you while you deliciously vape on it. The clouds will float as if 21 gun salute is done by vapors. Superb experience of playing with the dense vapors in air.
  • Pure organic tobacco leaves got transformed in true-to-form concoction!
  • This is a masterpiece among the tobacco flavors as your hearty tobacco is full of potency in every inhale and exhale.
  • Also one can express this flavor as a homage to the most legendary of all tobacco flavors.

Bed of Roses by Kai’s Virgin Vapor $13.50 for 15ml

Bed of Roses by Kai’s Virgin Vapor

  • Get ready for the graceful aroma and fat thick flowery fruit clouds with the Bed of Roses floral vape juice.
  • As soon as you open this vape juice bottle the room will get filled with the scent of love all over.
  • Many vapers must have tried mint, tobacco (for sure), fruit, dessert, caramel, chocolate and cocoa flavors in their whole vaping experience but not the floral ones. Perhaps they feel that it might be artificially flavored. But be rest assured that you are going to vape on the finest organic nicotine vape juice which stands above all its competitors.
  • A wholesome vape is a must-have floral vape in your stock. It’s healthy as well as a heavenly choice.
  • It’s not just perfume like. It’s much more than you can imagine! Just Grab One For Yourself!


None then the above mentioned organic nicotine vape juices are the best and considered by the vaping enthusiasts as a popular choice. Now it’s entirely up to the customers to analyze for themselves.

Happy Vaping On Organic Nicotine Juices!

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