Best Organic Vape Juice

We all would love to vape our favorite flavors. But if it is at the cost of our health? What if certain potential health issues are possible owing to the regular diacetyl vape juices?

Surely it’s a BIG NO.

As we realize the need for organic food, organic clothes, even organic beer, and wine, then why not Organic Vape Juices? After all these juices become part of our body system when we inhale the flavors with a lot of enthusiasm.

When we are concerned about the quality of vape juices, GMO-free vape juices then why not Organic Vape juices?

Why Vapers Prefer Organic Vape Juices?

Organic ingredients are now becoming favorite among the vape consumers because:

  1. GMO products are refused by most of the customers and non-GMO is Organic in nature.
  2. It is astonishing to note that GMO ingredients are off and on fertilized with human wastes.
  3. GMO ingredients are many a time treated with pesticides.
  4. Organic farms are the smaller and local business of Fair Trade concerns.

Now that you desire for the good quality vape juices, following are some of them.

Best Organic Vape Juices prevalent in the market today:

Razzamatazz by Kai’s Virgin Vapor $13.50 for 15ml


Get ready for the explosion in your mouth of real to life raspberry sweet and juicy taste. A very potent and pure e-liquid as it should be, as it’s organic. There are flavoring essences but seems to be almost real as if freshly cut raspberry. This plant extract is absolutely strong, exciting and inviting.

Geisha Moon Song by Kind Juice $13.99 for 15ml

Geisha Moon Song by Kind Juice

A perfect mix of Japanese plum wine and jasmine blossoms. This flavor is the recipient of the Spinfuel Choice Award in 2014. Obviously when it’s taste is so captivating, pleasant and sensual the flavor is bound to be awarded. The plum wine aftertaste is somewhat fading away but it complements very well in the combination. The aroma of jasmine is nicely captured in the e-liquid. To be a floral vape liquid is not easy as it has to avoid being a typical flowery off-note. And I must say Geisha is a splendid Floral vape and fantastic for sub-ohm vaping.

French Vanilla by Velvet Vapors $7.50 for 10ml

French Vanilla by Velvet Vapors

All vapers who just cannot resist a sweet vanilla ice-cream must go for this very tempting flavor. As it’s purely organic in constituents the freshness of vanilla melts in the mouth just like that. Not only your mouth, but the whole room is also filled with the essence of vanilla. The customers have admired this particular vanilla flavor in comparison to vanilla plain, with beans, custard, etc. of other brands for the simple reason it being ORGANIC. Unlike others, it doesn’t have an awful aftertaste. This flavor can be considered for all day vape category.

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100 $13.99 for 60ml

Hawaiian POG by Naked 100

Hawaiin POG is a nice mix of insatiable passion fruit, ripe freshly plucked orange and exotic sweet guava. This just can’t be missed out if you are intensely searching for an organic vape juice to be vaped all throughout the day. They undergo a natural extraction process. This flavor is more than just great tasting e-juice. It’s a delightful flavor which you can celebrate in your clouds. On each puff, it creates a complete satisfaction. Indulge in a bottle of Hawaiin POG today and create the clouds of contentment.

Ring of Fire by Kind Juice $13.99 for 15ml

Ring of Fire by Kind Juice

The spicy Ring of Fire tastes of the premium and authentic Cinnamon from Ceylon. The unique layers of heat, sweetness and the potent bang of true cinnamon spice. The complexity of this flavor is the reason for it being delicious as well as energetic. You will surely agree with me that such purity of taste is possible only through organic ingredients. Ring of Fire has some parts of alcohol in it, so a 3 stage steeping process is conducted for it. This technique is excellent for mixing all ingredients well so that you get the most of the blend tastes. Not much suitable for the alcohol sensitive vapers. You can vape it all day long and not feel bored as newness is there in every single drop of this e-liquid.

Atomic Blueberry by Atomic Vapor $15.00 for 60ml

Atomic Blueberry by Atomic Vapor

This Blueberry flavor is 100% VG based hence you have the original organic refreshing taste on your tongue. On inhale you have the relishing experience of smooth and natural blueberry clouds in your mouth. It is made from the certified organic terpenes allowing denser clouds to float when you exhale. Unquestionably a smooth, natural and original organic Atomic Blueberry is a blessing among the organic vape juices.

Reds Watermelon Iced E-Juice by 7 Daze $24.99 for 60ml

Reds Watermelon Iced E-Juice by 7 Daze

Unlike the other competitors’ organic vape juice, Reds series of vape juices are exquisitely contrived flavors which are emphatically authentic, delicious and luscious. The creators of the vape juice painstakingly have invented this natural tasting flavor. So much so that it instantly became the first of it’s kind. The flavor when inhaled first starts with farm fresh Apples, then joins in the sweetness and juiciness of watermelon. In totality, a fruit bomb explosion happens on your tongue. This finishes off with the right amount of cool menthol when you exhale. With all of this, you will want to have more and more!

Apple Caramelo by Vape Organics $15.99 for 30ml

Apple Caramelo by Vape Organics

Having nicotine in it which is organically certified. Its other ingredients like organic extracts are of premium quality. It’s a beautiful blend of mouthwatering notes of crisp, juicy Granny Smith apples and the very sweet caramel. The caramel portion is velvety creamy on exhaling the clouds. This flavor is popular among the vapers who are transcending from synthetic to organic e-liquids. Apple Caramelo is much appreciated by the ardent vapers.

Fairie’s Sweetness by Dragon E-Liquid $18.99 for 30ml

Fairie’s Sweetness by Dragon E-Liquid

Just as the name says, it’s sweet and creamy made with cent percent VG. Dive in the extravagant cheesecake smoothness and gentleness of vanilla ice cream. The latter is properly infused with cheesecake for a fun flavor in totality. This is not the end of this flavor. The secret lies in the Bavarian Cream and fleshy strawberries which brings out the best of this flavor. With all this the scent of the clouds on exhale is very intoxicating and pleasant. This flavor is healthy in all aspects. It’s vegan-friendly, free of preservatives, gluten, artificial flavorings, and artificial sweeteners. A must flavor for the vapers who are in love with cheesecakes and ice creams with a twist.

Watermelon E-Liquid by Vape Green $13.79 for 20ml

Watermelon E-Liquid by Vape Green

Impeccable flavor consisting of watermelon’s sweet and juicy taste. You can relish the tropical watermelon extract while puffing in and out. It is free from artificial sweeteners, sugar, diacetyl, and PG. It includes all organic VG and all natural certified organic flavoring. It has been steeped for 1-2 weeks as per the size of the bottle. 100% vegan-friendly. It is offered with 0, 3 and 6 mg nicotine strength.

The Bottomline:

Many are very particular about eating the right food, wearing the right kind of clothing, etc. For them, organic vape juices is a blessing in disguise. Yes, sometimes ‘organic’ is a relative term to be understood as ‘almost cent percent organic’, but of course the above-mentioned companies have maintained a high-quality standard.

Ejuices as they are, are little known about the long term effects of the flavorings. Particularly the vape juices from China are less known for what ingredients have they used in the making of their vape juices. Now if organic vape juices are used extensively, then vapers will be confident about the constituents of the vape juices and their derivations. They are all USDA certified.

Finally, the choice of vaping on the Best Organic Vape Juices discussed above entirely depends upon the preferences of the vape customers.

Have a Safe and Delicious Organic Vaping Experience!

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