Best Vape Atomizers

Atomizers are the heart of any vaporizer. The more reliable and stronger your atomizer, the better is your vaping experience both as per vapor productions and flavors to taste. But God forbid that something goes wrong with your atomizer, the whole experience is swept away in the winds without any strong winds blowing.

The vaping industry has so much offer to you from the vape kits to accessories. So that you are not confused amidst the chaotic grandiose of brands, the transformation from confusion to crystal clear is done in this article. Towards the end, you will be able to decide for yourself the best atomizer.

Lower the quality of atomizers less than stellar taste with being in your mouth and lungs. So it’s vital that your decision is judicious enough about an atomizer. The popular, reliable and trustworthy companies like – Vapefly, Joyetech, Vapor4Life, Aspire and Smok have strong goodwill since so many years.

Cuboid Mini Tank Atomizer

Joytech Atomizer

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The attractive oblong shape has been introduced for the first time and it’s come out really quite well in the Cuboid Mini by Joyetech company.

    • The design is innovative but the operation is very simple.
    • It renders the perfect taste to the vaper.
    • Has the 5ml capacity to hold the juice which is quite big in a small atomizer like this.
    • All the parts of the Cuboid Mini can be easily detached and washed as per requirements.
  • Plus Points:

    • The awesome leak proof cup design has relieved all its vapers from a mess.
    • An easy coil replacement and juice filling can be performed by detaching from the top section of the cup.
    • The tempered glass window is a good see-through inside the atomizer.
    • The airflow provided in the Cuboid Mini is invisible and easy for the air to pass through as it is situated at the top. This makes it elegant in looks and simple in operation.
    • The extraordinary TFTA Tank (Top Filling and Top Airflow Tank) is superb to use. Mark is given to avoid over filling.
    • It can work as both – Tank and e-juice storage.
    • Super compact in size.

Minus Points:

    • It is a recommendation that the new NotchCoilTM 0.25ohm DL. (Direct Lung) ahead which is lasting longer be used under high wattage conditions. This will enhance your vaping experience. But only with this attachment, the experiences are good. Otherwise, it’s mediocre.
    • Does not include the Cubis Coils in the package.
    • Multiple Atomizer heads can be attached at the base of the atomizer. Easy unscrewing and screwing do the job. Need to clean the head only with alcohol, not water.
    • Available colors are White, Black, Gold, Silver, and Gray.

Vapefly Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA

Brunhilde Atomizer

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    • This is an exquisite Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA).
    • This RTA is worthy of The Best Bulk Vape Tank as it’s capacity is 8 ml.
    • As rightly claimed by the company at each puff you relish the Royal Feast.
    • This exclusive design is done by the team of German 103.
    • It has an applaudable, sensational and superb appearance.
    • Its airflow system is surrounded by it.
    • Premium Stainless Steel from Germany has been used in the making of it.
  • Plus Points:

    • The quick and simple inlet for refilling on the sides.
    • Effortless Dual coil building.
    • The best feature is the best coil position. By which coils line up on the same level as the deck.
    • Huge capacity of 8ml. You don’t need to refill during your all day vaping. Fill it and forget it for the day. Just vape it.
    • Has a continuous automatic e-juice replenishment system owing to the Four Premium SS wires from Germany.
  • Minus Points:

    • Its internal parts are of good quality but delicate.
    • Available in Gunmetal, Black, Silver and Multi-A colors.

Vapor4Life 3.5 mL Dual Coil Tank – 808D Threading

VaporLife Atomizer

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    • This is exclusively sold at
    • It uses the 1.5-ohm resistance coil.
    • You must go for the purchase of a new atomizer when the tastes are not left much and there is a persistent burnt taste.
  • Plus Points:

    • The atomizer tank threaded fits in 808D style e-cigarette with a drip tip.
    • You can keep a watch on the e-liquid levels you have puffed so far in a day with the facility of the clear tank design. Those who are on the journey of quitting smoking can have watched on their intakes.
    • It’s also compatible with Tank Replacement Atomizers.
    • Following are the batteries which are proved to be compatible with this atomizer –
      • Vapor King Diamond e-Cig batteries
      • Vapor Titan e-Cig batteries
      • Vapor4Life EGO batteries
      • Works best with Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e-Cig batteries
  • Minus Points:

    • You have to use the 3.0 ohm Single Coil replacement Cartomizers to benefit in a better way with Vapor4Life Pass Throughs or Vapor King Ash Cap XL and Shorty batteries. This is a boundation.
    • Available in various color options – Lime Green, Lavender, Yellow, and Magenta.

Smok TVF4 Mini-Sub-Ohm Tank

Smok Atomizer

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    • The Best Sub-Ohm Atomizer.
    • Sub-Ohming is usually appreciated by all the vapers. When you vape below an ohm is termed as sub-ohming.
    • The vapors delivered by the tank is warmer than a non-sub-ohm vaping.
    • Awesome strong flavors are hit by the incredible atomizer on every puff.
    • For those who are first timers in sub-ohming, you will relish the experience.
  • Plus Points:

    • Produces immense whitish clouds.
    • You can vape at almost any wattage with an incredible experience.
    • The taste developed through this sub-ohming is splendid.
  • Minus Points:

    • Just 3.5ml capacity for the vape juice is a little too small for days of vaping. Need to refill again and again.
    • The recommendation to use only heavy e-juice is a little compelling to do so.
    • The experienced and enthusiasts should go for such an atomizer.

Aspire Triton 2 Tank

Aspire Atomizer

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    • Easy to disassemble it thus aids in sparkling bright cleaning.
    • It comes with a replacement tube.
    • The featured 510 Threading is present which has overtaken the 808 threaded atomizers.
    • It’s built with SS and glass. Although the quality is fair, being rough with it can damage the atomizer.
    • You can go for sub-ohming with this atomizer.
  • Plus Points:

    • This vape tank atomizer gives the vaper an opportunity to select their preferred airflow setting as the airflow control is in the hands of the vaper.
    • As there are plentiful kinds of coils you will definitely love the styles of vaping on it. Such as exploring the MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) or you may wish to go directly to the lungs the airflow system and the coil selection is going to facilitate you to a large extent.
    • Once you make a combo with the top-fill method, you will be ready for a truly Variable Tank System.
    • The presence of two fins so as to act as the heat sink and deplete the heat away from the drip tip.
    • The usage of Japanese organic cotton wicks guarantees a full-bodied flavor.
    • The usage of traditional Kanthal coils MTL has been efficiently possible.
    • The usage of 0.5 ohms Clapton coils increases the surface area, resulting in better vapor production thus accentuating the tastes.
    • The optional RTA system brought to you by Aspire Triton 2, is convenient and painless to use.
  • Minus Points:

    • Those who are experienced vapers can use this in a better way.
    • The threading back is to be done cautiously or else that will strip.

The Summary:

The best atomizers made up of the supreme quality materials maintain their innovative engineering through a dedicated team. As noticed in the article, small tiny details make a lot of difference in the experience of vaping.

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