New List Of Best Vape Brands of 2019

Over the years, since vaping took it’s innovation spirit up, it’s seen that the number of companies and it’s variety of dependable products have increased immensely. So to spot on the Top New Vape Brands of 2019 there are some characteristics considered to get a list for all enthusiastic as well as beginner vapers.

The characteristics like innovation, quality, customer feedback and style are taken as the basis for deciding on the

Best New Vape Brands.

The Skill of Innovation:

A brand is able to attract attention when it has the skill to innovate and deliver to it’s customers the vape technology which satisfies the basic needs of a vaper. In addition to this if the brand is successful in bringing out solutions for all the particular issues then surely the vaper’s experience is raised to the next level automatically.

Quality of the Vape:

As a customer always wants a quality product for the amount he spends. So all those brands who have provided excellence in quality of selecting raw materials and it’s construction, will be at an added advantage.

Customer Feedback:

Properly converting all the bad feedback from customers into improvement in the product, is a plus point for any brand. This way the companies are able to excel in the vaping market. The good feedback about a product is continually maintained by the brand in order to serve the customers better.

Style and Looks:

When the brand is able to offer an attractive and practical style with enchanting and sleek looks, what more could the vape customer ask for. Reputed brands are known for their products which look great as well as vape great. It’s like All-in-One.

Below are the most reliable vape brands that all kinds of vapers can consider for the above characteristics are present in them.



SMOK has always been at the front end to lead among the power source vape manufacturers. Their line of devices and accessories have been successful in meeting the needs of the entry level vapers. They have the skill in selecting the products for the masses as well as for the special class of consumers. At all times their inventory is full with new and creative products in plenty. Focussing on customization has helped them to be at the peak of the vaping industry. Here there is no dearth of options as well as you are sure of the quality too.

SMOK Stick X8 Kit, SMOK Mag Baby, SMOK GX350 TC are a few examples from the top devices of the brand which have been appreciated by the vapers.


Aspire is well recognized for it’s superb selection of advanced, deluxe mods, but the brand has announced budget conscious vape series too which are not frugal about their looks and performance.

You can invest in the supreme quality basics such as Aspire Breeze 2 cartridges, a wide array of premium coils, add something brand-new to your vaping supplies and relish the economical luxury of Aspire Cobble AIO Vape Pod Starter Kit and Aspire Nautilus All-In-One Vape Pod Starter Kit.



This brand has a collection of premium quality vapes for the novice and intermediate vapers. Convenience of usage is the uniqueness of this brand. Thus the vapers can actually spend more time relishing experience than messing up with the device controls and features. Advanced devices are also there with this brand to satisfy the needs of the vapers who have evolved to a higher extent in vaping experience.

Eleaf BASAL 30W Vape Starter Kit, Eleaf iStick NOWOS 80W TC, Eleaf Invoke are just a few examples from the best of Eleaf devices.



Sigelei is the brand which has earned a great reputation in variable voltage vaping, hence it’s appreciators have grown in manifolds. Pens, atomizers, highly developed mods etc wide collection is a plus point of the brand. Whatever a vaper could think of in vaping, this brand has offered to it’s customers at very lucrative prices.

Some of the best devices of the brand are SnowWolf X Feng 230W TC Vape MOD, known for it’s exclusive body design and shape, Sigelei Origin Ultra Portable Vape Pod, popular for it’s enchanting looks and superb performance.



This brand is a novelty as you will always find your favorites here. Their team has put in lots of effort, time and energy so that they can serve it’s customers the best creative vape products. This brand has imbibed in it’s devices all the best features prevailing in the other vape devices of the vaping industry. There are valid reasons for which the vapers across the globe has appreciated VaporFi so much. The brand assures the best of technology, style and design in it’s products. Budget oriented beginners and enthusiast vapers to vapers having a generous budget of the average priced options to the savvy vapers all get their favorites here.

VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Starter Kit is appreciated by vapers who adore the pen style with number of features and VaporFi VAIO MINI Starter Kit Bundle who fall for a great deal are some of the examples that the brand has offered.


Voopoo a brand from the USA has solidified itself the best contender among the innovative new releases of 2019. Their products are highly classy, stylish and advanced at the same time. A rare combination of features are found in the products of this brand. They skillfully craft their devices as if it’s an art piece and impeccably induce within it the highly advanced technology.

Very popular among the vape enthusiasts is the Drag series such as – VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W Vape Starter Kit and the VOOPOO Drag Mini 117W Vape Starter Kit. The newest product of this brand Drag 2 Starter Kit (177W TC Drag Mod & Uforce T2 Tank) has introduced the GENE.FIT Chip component for the first in the vaping industry. This enables the kit in delivering the most advanced features.



Dongguan Yihi Electronic Co., a leading chip manufacturer in the vaping industry, is the biggest and the most professional chip manufacturers in China. They have more than nine years of experience in the vapor industry. Mr. Chen, R & D director along with his software and hardware team invest their time, effort and great enthusiasm to create more useful, intelligent and affordable vaporizers.

YiHiEcigar is the trend leader of vapor world. They had come up with the trendy subversive technology – variable voltage and wattage three to six volts or three to 15 watts respectively, which became the main trend among intelligent e-cigs. Their devices “Vamo” and Zmax” had a new technology such that they can be used with either single or double batteries. The invention of gravity sensor is used in “Legend“. YiHi SX220 22W and SX200 20W chips are experimented successfully. YiHi SX350 50W, the second generation intelligent chip are revolution in vapor industry. This brand has come up with this exclusive series of SXMini. YiHi G Class SX550J 200W Box Mod is the most incredible piece of innovation. Unmatchable power and comprehensive technology with a dazzling chassis, superb joystick control and BlueTooth control is a high end product.




Innokin is a name well known in vaping industry mainly owing to the uncomplicated yet durable and dependable e-cigs and mods. For the vapers who have just begun their journey in vaping have been offered with the best quality devices by the company. For intermediates and advanced vapers the brand keeps offering options which are always a step ahead than it’s competitive brands in many aspects like: convenience of use, sturdy built, design, performance etc.

Innokin came up with their newest mod called as Proton. It has also been in the limelight for it’s pod Innokin EQs, Endura starter kit and iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro 60W Express Kit.



Kanger or also called as Kanger Tech is one of the leading brands in the vaping industry, which is based in China. Most of their products are designed by the founders Danny Zhu and Li De Lin. When it comes to innovation none can beat them. So is true for the performance of their products. Their reputation is growing over the years as they come up with new variants, create usable devices with advanced technology. Their products are easy to use and made for the mainstream vapers.

They upgraded their Box Mod with Top Box Model and inclusive of expansion in the sub-ohm devices is commendable. Their mods like Nebox, CUPTI and KBOX have the ability to control wattage/voltage. Yet another marvellous device was Dripbox. Aerotank Turbo is one of the latest devices by this brand.


Geek Vape

Geek vaoe

Geek Vape has been successful in rendering the best and out of the world engineering and innovation through it’s devices and accessories. They fulfill exactly the expectations of the vape customers. Selling a wide array of products from basic to complex is not a play it requires a lot of planning and proper implementation, at which Geek Vape is good at. Thus all kinds of vapers whether beginners, intermediate or advanced are the happy customers of Geek Vape.

If you are a vaper who wishes to vape on higher wattages like 200 watts then Aegis Legend LE 200W TC Box Mod is the perfect one for you.



This brand is very well known as leader of fashion vaping trend. Their devices have the fashion statement, the coolest design ever seen and the most important it renders a high tech feeling. In this way it’s a culmination of pleasure and smart looks.

TROUGH is a new progressive Tank from Wismec. The Wismec RX2 21700 is the latest mod in the Reuleaux series from Wismec which has a bigger battery door to accommodate 21700 batteries. Active 80W Vape MOD w/ Bluetooth Speaker is the talk of the town introduced by Wismec.

Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape has specialized in the vaping industry with commitment in manufacturing premium quality products having extraordinary design elements. It focuses on offering it’s customers ingenious starter kits, squonks, mods and RDAs. The founder of the brand company Stefan Z., who is the Chief Creative Designer has done great wonders.

This brand has given some of the exclusive rebuildable RDAs and RTAs together with BF Mods and Kits such as – Pulse 80W and Pulse X, collaborating with top designers – Tony B. of Vapor Trail Channel and Mike Vapes. Also worth mentioning is Jackaroo 100W TC Vape Mod which is one of the favorites of the travel vapers.


Although it is good at this point to understand that you cannot actually shortlist for the best new vape brands as it is purely personal preference and what a vaper is looking for in it’s vape. But as we know the upcoming number of brands and it’s highly developed products are emerging in the vape market is large. So the need by the vapers whether beginners or enthusiasts, to know the popular vape brands is quite obvious. Whatever be your preferences you certainly have them in the vape market.

With so many innovative attributes the above discussed products surely must be one of your top rated new vape brands of 2019.


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