Best Vape Tanks

Best Vape Tanks

A quality and perfect Vape Tanks are essential for the perfect enjoyment in vaping. This can be achieved by choosing the right one for your desires and needs. The choice becomes all the more difficult with the advanced features being introduced frequently. With the changing times, the tanks have also got highly developed and their … Read more

Best Dry Herb Tanks

Best Dry Herb Tanks

A Dry Herb Vape Tank is essentially for weeds. Some of their characteristics are the same but they all function differently. Their power is adjustable. They are powered by regular vape mods through 510 connection. Each one of the dry herb vape tanks has a heating element (usually made of ceramic or stainless steel) which … Read more

10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

The vaporizer market is ever changing as the technology used in them keeps upgrading and developing at a high pace. The vaporizers are becoming smaller day-by-day and their power is increasing to manifolds. It is very exciting and satisfying to choose from such a huge lot of vaporizers. At the same time, it is also … Read more

Best Nicotine Free Vapes

Nicotine Free Vaping

If you have decided to vape on only nicotine free vapes, don’t worry about the choices are varied and numerous. There are companies which cater to not only the nicotine-based products but also the nicotine free range of devices have been stocked with them. However, there are companies which believe in the nic-free health benefits … Read more

10 Best Cheap Premium Vape Juice

Premium Vape Juices

Along with the name of a vape juice you might have noticed that ‘Premium’ is usually attached to it. What makes a vape juice Premium? First and foremost let’s have the basic understanding of a ‘Premium Vape Juice’. All juices are essentially manufactured from the Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, water-soluble flavorings, and optional nicotine. Both … Read more

Best E-Liquids for Vaping

E-Liquids for Vaping

It is no secret that your vaping experience is shaped by the e-juices you use among other things. A good e-juice should give you an amazing experience leaving you longing for more. Definition – What does CBD E-liquid mean? CBD e-liquid or e-juice is used in an e-cigarette or a vaping device. CBD e-liquid/e-juice is … Read more

Best Vape Pens of 2019 Up for Grabs

Best Vape Pens

CBD oil is vaped for medicinal and therapeutic reasons. CBD Oil is extracted from the hemp plant and the easiest way to ingest it is through small, discreet pens that are used to heat the oil to create vapor. Vape Pens have a little pre-filled cartridge and a battery. What are the types of Vape … Read more

Best Vape Mods for Clouds Online

Best Vape Mods

There are vapers who love to chase clouds. A good whip of vape juice flavor with some amazing cloud and vapors is what many vapers thrive for. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, it’s important to know that only highest quality vape mods and kits will produce large clouds. Special e-liquids are also … Read more

The Best Bongs You Can Buy Online in 2019

Best Bongs

Cannabis and tobacco smokers would be familiar with bongs. For the uninitiated, a bong is a filtration device used commonly for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or any other herbal substances. The gas flows from the lower port to the upper port and it is similar to a hookah, albeit portable. What are Bongs usually made of? … Read more

The Best E-Cigs of 2019 You Should Try

Best E-Cigs

With vaping becoming increasingly popular by the day, it’s important to choose the right devices. E-cigarettes are the most popular vaping devices. Mid-size mods and vape pens are great for vaping too. Starter kits can also be used for the purpose. All e-cigarettes use an atomizer to heat and vaporize e-juice. To the uninitiated, e-cigarettes … Read more