Can you Use Salt Nicotine in a Regular Vape?

Before you boggle your mind on this question it is good to initially get to know exactly what a regular vape and salt nicotine is. This will give you a better insight into the given question and you will be free from all sorts of ambiguities.

Regular Vape:

Regular Vape

A regular vape is essentially made of metal, some electronic parts and glass. Now, it’s common sense that none will inhale any of these materials. The inhaling material is the liquid which turns into vapor when the device is fired up.

The names of the ingredients in the liquids may seem to you very typical scientific names. But believe me, their use is pretty simple and easy. Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Glycerine (which is in Nitroglycerin). It is safe and used as a sweetener in foods and skin care products. Vegetable glycerin is a natural substance.

This is extremely thick and requires a thinner so PG is added. PG is also safe and used as a food additive. You may find this in toothpaste, medicines and skin care items.

Then comes the most talked about and controversial ingredient – Nicotine. The proportion in which nicotine is used in the liquids is absolutely safe to the user. The toxicity of nicotine is only when it is used in very high doses.

Another so-called disputed substance for flavoring is Diacetyl. This is dangerous only in vapor form not in the eatable form. Then there are other vape safe flavors too. The flavorings are important otherwise PG and VG just have a slightly sweet taste and nicotine is peppery in taste.

Salt Nicotine

Salt Nicotine: The name may be misleading to some. Some assume Salt Nicotine to be in the solid form like our common table salt. In lieu of solid forms, the nicotine salt is in the liquid form of the compound. It has been converted from the freebase form to its salt form i.e. acidic form by adding some ingredients. The standard nicotine solution is not part of any compound. The best stable form of Nicotine is Salt Nicotine.

The main aim of the salt nicotine is to have the best of vaping experience in increased strengths of nicotine but at the same time have little or absolutely no harshness in the throat at all.

In the case of the traditional nicotine solutions, the vape experience deteriorates as and when the nicotine strength is increased. The normal nicotine solutions are just fine. But when it comes to the Salt Nicotine there is a lot of difference in the vaping experience. It is very SMOOTH! At even 3mg or 6mg low concentrations, you don’t mind the nicotine presence to be small as the smoothness is AWESOME! (Even at high nicotine levels.)

The reality is that same quantity of nicotine is present in the Salt Nicotine as it is in the standard nicotine solutions. As referred to earlier about the acidic nature of the Salt Nicotine, the color changes slightly.

To Get The Best of the Best of the Salt Nicotine:

  • A Mod which is low powered and Nicotine Level is high in the E-Liquid.
  • Higher the temperature, higher is the tendency of the Salt Nicotine to get vaporized. Still, they are very famous due to the introduction of JUUL devices.
  • Generally on vaping on traditional freebase nicotine mostly users would not go beyond 18mg due to the harshness in the hits. But with salt nicotine, even those users who are vaping on 3mg freebase nic are comfortably enjoying vapes on 25mg to 50mg. Also, the added benefit is the sensations like in traditional cigarettes. This amazing attribute credits to the ingredient Benzoic acid which makes the salt nicotine very smooth as well as palatable in higher strengths too.
  • So with the ingredient Benzoic acid, you can vaporize the Salt Nicotine at much lower temperatures.
  • This also permits the pH level remains lesser so that the hits are not too harsh and you can relish the smooth vapes.
  • The benzoic acid in the Salt Nicotine permits it to be absorbed as freely and nicely as the Freebase Nicotine. If Salt Nicotine was devoid of Benzoic acid all it’s attributes wouldn’t have been possible and you couldn’t have enjoyed higher nicotine strengths.
  • If you are vaping on a device just double the dosage of salt nicotine. For example – If you vape on freebase nicotine of 2mg then you can go for 4 mg salts.

List of Benefits of Salt Nicotine are:

  • Low Wattage required – 1mg to 50mg
  • It is devoid of throat harshness. Ver smooth in nature. So those who require a good quantity of nicotine or are in the habit of using lower wattage devices with high concentration can vape luxuriously.
  • It permeates in the blood-brain barrier quickly.
  • Use in Sub Ohm – 1 mg to 25 mg.
  • Can be shelved for longer duration easily in the refrigerator or freezer. This is possible as there is no extra bond freely available for oxidation in this form of nicotine. As oxidation cannot take place so the taste is having the virgin or cleaner effect.
  • It is absorbed faster so renders that ‘spike’ which is an attraction to the vapers.
  • A few cases have been found where the users are allergic to normal nicotine but possibly non-allergic to the Salt Nicotine.

List of Benefits of Normal Nicotine (being basic or alkaline in nature):

  • This is easily available from various sources and used in the Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Generally, Vape Juices are made from them.
  • For those who wish to quit smoking, transform to this nicotine initially as it is capable of rendering that ‘hit’ or ’thump’ at the back-end of the throat.
  • The users find it simple to work out the concentration that best works for them. Thus they don’t overdo its quantity.

List of Limitations of Salt Nicotine:

  • Not easily available in the market. You need to search for your flavored salt nicotine.
  • As it is not placed for sale by many manufacturers, it carries the premium tag with it hence, highly priced. In reality, the cost of manufacturing both the salt nicotine and the normal nicotine is not much a difference. Therefore the high price is an unjustifiable and false hike.
  • It is said to be devoid of a throat hit in lower concentrations which means for those who want the throat hit have to compulsorily increase the concentrations.
  • It is lower in bioavailability. To counterbalance use more of nicotine.
  • Many think that salt nicotine is stronger. But the reality is that their dosage is high and so are not absorbed as efficiently in the lungs. But if you look at it another way round then it is beneficial for the vaper that the lungs are protected.

List 0f Limitations of Normal Nicotine (being Basic or Alkaline in Nature):

  • Very quick in reacting with air, so it’s shelf life is limited in the room temperature. Consequently, it’s color and flavor are altered. To avoid all this you have to handle this with great care and prevent it from oxidizing.
  • When the user wishes to go for higher concentrated levels, then it provides harshness and thus becomes unpleasant to use it.
  • Unfortunately, it cannot be a substitute for the traditional cigarette as it is slow in absorption in comparison to the nicotine from the combustible tobacco.
  • There are some exceptions when the user is allergic to nicotine, in these cases, this form of nicotine is a BIG NO.

The Best Devices for the Best Use of Salt Nicotine:

  • Never ever use Salt Nicotine in the High Powered (more than 12W or more) and Sub Ohm Devices. This can harm the body system as it has a high concentration of nicotine.
  • “Use of Salt Nicotine only” is to be highly stressed on in the small, lower wattage devices like – Suorin Drop. Aspire, Breeze, Suorin Air, and Ghostick.
  • Salt Nicotine is capable of satiating your cravings for smaller and higher concentrated doses. Good for the switchers or quitters from Traditional cigarettes.
  • But not the best for those who are cloud chasers.
  • Devices of 1 Ohm or more, most of the Mod Pods of 1.2 Ohms or 1.8 Ohms are good for vaping on Salt Nicotine. These Mod-Pods are good for higher nicotine levels.
  • The Mod-Pods are good at Mouth to Lung hit. The dual-electrode which is gold plated provides a non-metallic taste in comparison to the atomizer of the sub ohms.
  • The sub ohm tanks are good at delivering nice flavors at 3–6mg nicotine.
  • Avoid the use of Sub ohm devices lesser than 1 ohm. Their coils will burn out and give a harsh feeling in the throat. The reason being that in sub ohm devices generation of high temperatures take place which is actually meant for very high viscosity regular e-liquids. Also the use of which will surely cause acute headaches to the user.
  • An interesting fact to note in the Micro Pens – This requires high concentrations/strength of nicotine which further takes care of the tiny batteries and coils used in the Micro Pens.
  • The use of 20mg of Salt Nicotine is the maximum in a regular vape tank.
  • The ideal is lower than the 8W.
  • The tight draw RDA (Rebuildable Atomizer) like Berserker is a good one to start with salt nicotine.
  • The salt nicotine is quite thick so any type of regular vaping device is not recommended. The specific ones for this purpose must be chosen like – Smok Novo and Vaporesso Nexus. Or the thickness must be balanced out with other ingredients like Benzoic Acid which will make it amicable for regular vaping devices.


In the opinion of some experts, The salt nicotine is just like the other nicotine forms. And that they can be replaced easily with the nicotine which is otherwise found in regular e-liquids.

There are many users who mix the special ingredient, Benzoic acid (we talked about in the previous section) either to the nicotine base or the e-liquid. To understand this in detail we look at their molecular weights.

  • A molecular weight of nicotine is 162.23 g/mol. In molecular ratio of 1:1 it’s mixed with benzoic acid of 122.12 g/mol and superbly forms benzoic nicotine salts of molecular weight 284 g/mol.
  • Thus when you refer to 50 mg/ml concentration of nicotine salts in JUUL liquids, it is actually not that much high. It is in fact almost equal to 28.5 mg/ml of regular nicotine. In a lower wattage device, it will not produce that much vapors.
  • If you are using a low concentration of nicotine, you can calculate the benzoic nicotine salts equivalent concentration.
  • You need to bear in mind that different salt nicotine will have different molecular weights, so accordingly the accurate concentrations will have to be calculated.
  • Another peculiar challenge is it’s absorbed too quickly, so the assumption is it can be consumed too much too fast.

Some Examples of Salt Nicotine:

The choice of Salt Nicotine depends on the type of vaping device you are using. Say for instance the use of vaping device Voopoo VFL starter kit enables you to use both Salt Nicotine and freebase nicotine. Although the vaping experience is awesome in case of salt nicotine.

All of the following Salt Nicotine are rendering different Vaping experiences:

  1. Nicotine Benzoate
  2. Nicotine Levulinate
  3. Nicotine Pyruvate
  4. Nicotine Salicylate
  5. Nicotine Tartrate
  6. Nicotine Glucuronide
  7. Nicotine Citrate

In Nutshell:

The choices of salt nicotine, it’s concentrations, the type of wattages used, etc depends more on the preferences and doesn’t have to do with the technical reasons alone. If your preference is for a nice throat hit, you may go for a lower wattage and high concentrations. But if you have gone for higher wattages and lower concentrations, the lesser throat hits could be your preferences.

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