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Shop for affordable, beautiful, functional, and unique glasses from all famous brands at one place at Dankgeek.com. One complete shop for all your vaping needs. Also, enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders. Save on all brands with Dankgeek coupon code. For the toker lovers, how would you like to choose from the most beautiful and aesthetic hundreds of collection of Heady Glass, Geeky Glass, Dab Rigs and many more? DankGeek, a New Jersey company, has advertised itself as the ‘Go-To online headshop’. In the intention of consistently performing for the customers, they brim your baskets with a classy variety of accessories on lucrative prices having progressive reviews, decent functions, and tremendous popularity.

Dankgeek Coupons in 2019

15% Off Sitewide
Enjoy 15% Off With Latest Spring Sale on All Brands and Products.
Items Under $100
All item under $100, buy the best brands.
Up to 70% Off Sale
Check Sale For All Products and get up to 70% discount

There is always some or the other discount for everyone on DankGeek accessories (like – Apparel, Ashcatchers, Bowls, Dab Tools, Downstems, E-Nails, Storage and Cases, Grinders and Torches), custom-made hand pipes, water pipes such as – Bongs, Vaporisers, Dab Rigs, Silicone Devices. Whatever purchase you have made on DankGeek.com it is doubtless that you will receive a free goodie along with your order delivery. Following discounts are entirely in addition to it –

Broken Pipes Coupons:

Chill out and be at peace even if you have broken any pipe into pieces. DankGeek is the first online headshop to announce the Rest in Piece Program! Remember DankGeek’s following steps:

  • Snap a photo of the broken pipe and “Help Me DankGeek”, name and address on a note.
  • Post and tag them on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook pages or email at [email protected]
  • They will send a personalized coupon code so that you can puff in the new pipe once again!

Affiliate Program:

If you convert from DankGeek user to seller, you will be welcomed in the Affiliate sellers squad. You can fasten your income flow by just including the referral link on your social media accounts and email, that they will send once you register on their affiliate squad page. Receive 7% on every sale paid out by Paypal in $50 increments.

DankGeek Military and Veteran Discounts:

The military people and the senior experienced people who worked in the war for citizens, deserve salutation. DankGeek respects their selfless service hence requests them to send their military id photo at [email protected]. They send them their own personal discount code which can be redeemed easily. This is DankGeek way of thanking the military and the veterans.

DankGeek Senior Discounts:

Keep a track of the senior discounts offered by the company from time to time. Check their website or online services which list out the senior discounts offered by various brands or use any senior discounts finder tool to find when DankGeek comes up with the senior citizens’ discounts. Or keep yourself up-to-date with these discounts on the company’s own Email Club.

DankGeek Students Discounts:

Students must be aware of the discounts specially offered to them by the company, through entering their email ids in the Email Club of DankGeek. Or browse on online services which showcase the brands offering Students Discounts. Also, you may use the tool to find the students discounts for the college goers.

DankGeek Birthday Discounts:

On the similar grounds as the above, check birthday discounts on Email Club page, DankGeek Customers FAQ page, on online services which showcase the brands offering Birthday Discounts and Birthday Discounts Finder Tool.

DankGeek Spin to Win Discounts:

The website pops up ‘Feeling Lucky’ challenge. This is entirely your chance to spin and win for an attractive discount just like that. But as we know all discounts attach an expiry time, here only 20 minutes are at your disposal. So be ready with a list of your favorites.

DankGeek Black Friday Cannabis Discount:

Grab an additional 20% off every bong, dab rig, pipe, anything that throbs in your heart for this Black Friday.

Save 15% off on DankGeek all hand pipes:

On Grav hand pipes – Doughnut spoon, classic spoon pipe and large Sherlock a good 15% less can be the reason of purchase.

15% Off Sitewide:

Fetch your 15% off sitewide plus free shipping on products of DankGeek.

Sale On Page:

DankGeek website has a special page Sale On in the interest of the customers. This enlists all the products that the company has put up for sale. It is a user-friendly page easy on navigation. It clearly states the original and the on sale price. It is of great help if you crave for a particular bong or pipe and that happens to be on sale. Voila! you have made it a bid day.

Under $100:

Yet another customer-friendly page which sorts all the products of DankGeek that are priced below $100. This is specifically for the customers who have a certain budget in their mind.

Special DankGeek Coupon 2019:

Do not miss this golden opportunity to redeem the 20% off coupon on DankGeek bongs, pipes etc.

Email Club:

Enroll your email-id in DankGeek email club to be rest assured to receive all product updates, contests, giveaways, epic deals and loads of fun.

DankGeek Price Matching Policy:

Fist email the item link to DankGeek. Only on post shipping cost, they price match, some websites charge less. But they don’t render you free shipping and so your total cost may be more with the shipping cost added. Just in case, if another seller price is lesser than DankGeek’ best price, they promise to give you 5% discount and 10% less your next order.

Recommendations on Policies:

Official Coupons Support, Coupon Stacking Policy and Competitor’s Coupon Policy are some the policies recommended to DankGeek to start. This will give additional support to the customers.

Shipping Policy:

They ship in 3-5 working days for free for all the US orders. Definitely, no guarantee is given for the shipping time as it is dependent on the unforeseen weather, fully packed holidays, natural disasters and so.

  • Shipments are done through USPS or FedEx (for large electronic items).
  • Expedited priority shipping policy is offered, which is usually faster than the free shipping. 1-3 working days.
  • Point to be noticed is that at DankGeek shipping time is calculated from the date when your order ships and not the date of order placement.
  • For any incorrect address, the re-shipment cost is to be borne by the customers.
  • Flat rate for Canadian, UK and EU orders.

Return and Refund Policy:

As DankGeek believes that their customers be 100% satisfied so 100% money back is ensured. Returns of the unused items are accepted for US customers only within 30 days of receiving the order. This is not for the international shipments. You are not eligible for any refund if the items are used or damaged.

  • On accepting the request for return, the items need to be returned within 10 days working days.
  • You can make Exchanges with equal or lesser value items of DankGeek.
  • To avail return and refund you may contact the company at [email protected].


With so many beyond comparison discounts and coupons, Dankgeek is the best. In quality service and top-grade level of selection of product line for their customer kings and queens to inhale-exhale happiness.

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