DankGeek Review – A Geek Review of DankGeek For Enthusiasts

You may have the best of e-liquids, but without the perfect device, the optimization and terrific effect of the e-liquid will not be possible. It’s icing on the cake when you get to vape in the devices and use the accessories which are out of this world. Your experience in vaping will increase in manifolds with the most beautiful, functional and one of its kind glass devices.

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Gone are the times when “Geek” word was associated with only computers and internet stuff. For instance – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Late Steve Jobs, are computer and programming geeks. Presently, there are Gaming Geeks, Food geeks etc. DankGeek, the most popular company with sophisticated accessories and glass bongs being its supreme power. As per the product range of DankGeek, it seems that it is Glass Geek. With great emphasis given on the ‘WOW’ experience, the company delivers their best efforts through the unique products, at the most economical prices with impressive customer service.

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Their team is a lot of zealots promoting the local artists so that the customers puff happiness in and out!

The Best Selling Products:

The line of DankGeek products is so vast that for a customer to puff on each and every device and accessory, it may take days together. To have a detailed list of their products you may visit their site.

The online headshop showcases chartbusters by DankGeek, Grav Labs, Diamond Glass, Sesh Supply, UPC, Chameleon Glass, HVY Glass, KandyPens, The China Glass, Thick Ass Glass, Kraken grinders, Hemper, Dr. Dabber and many more to go. Some of the premium selling bongs, dab rigs, grinder, bowl, and more accessories include –

  • Mongrel Glass – Skull Totem – $800. The three heady skulls great glass piece for art and impressive intricate Mongrel. In fact, the convoluted design is managing the functionality of the bong also. It is high on price, but also high on quality lab grade borosilicate glass and importantly it’s a rare piece.
  • Grav – Beaker with Geometric Ice Pinch – The geometric ice pinch has dual functions – handle comfortable to grip on and permits you to stack ice for cooler and fatter hits. In just $99.99 you get this borosilicate 32mm thick glass piece in decal colors. In case the non-removable downstem is not cleaned correctly, it may leave some horrible tasting hits.
  • Diamond Glass – The Heizman 16” – The behemoth measures 16” combining 2 fat matrix percs along with ice pinchers. Thus, delivers the best of experiences you had in vaping. This might increase jealousy in your friends.
  • AMG Glass – Zombies Straight Tube 18” – Take this only if you are not fearful of the horrifying zombies (the walking dead). This piece of fright heights up to 18” on a wide base 5.5”. In it is a 14mm diffused downstem and matching male flower bowl.
  • Dank Geek – Beaker with Tree Percolator 15” – Go for this for a smooth hit after hit. The broad conical beaker base, circular 8” arm tree percolator, and removable diffused downstem render maximum diffusion. Just stack ice on it to have the high on experience.
  • Nucleus Silicone Beaker Bong 13” – In just $55, fluorescent colored, dishwasher safe and can go up to 1200 degrees melting point, this bong serves to be the right choice.
  • DanKGeek – Lightning Grinder Four Piece – This is beyond any comparison among other grinders, which are either of very low quality that it becomes unworkable on short use or it’s highly expensive. DankGeek grinder is transparent, so you know exactly how much grinding is done at all times. Its fine comb enables to build less resin on it thus cleaning is easy. Magnet top closes it tightly without much effort. The anodized protective coating makes it almost scratch proof. All these features for only $25 now.
  • Grav – Large Sherlock – $22.95 Perhaps it is the favorite pipe for all those who have used this even once. This looks stunning and delicate but is stronger than your imaginations. Superb variety of colors. Permits you to have fat ass hits. As the ash catcher is not up to the mark, it needs a pipe screen.
  • Grav – Hammer Sherlock – $23.99 now on sale. The USP of this pipe is that it can stand on its own. So with this pipe, you can be free from worrying about a toppling pipe. Looks cool in a hammer design. Comes in awesome fluorescent transparent ten colors to choose from as per your taste.
  • Diamond Glass 12” Beaker Bong – $75 for a novice in vaping with bongs. Very dependable glass brand.
  • The China Glass Zhou Dynasty Bong – $129.99 Keep this away from the prying grandmas. As it will be the favorite for your grandma for its elegance and delicacy. You cannot keep your eyes away from it.
  • UPC Glass Gandalf Pipe – Available in two sizes 10” / 13”. Indulge in your Gandalf Geek. They come in fun-loving colors and surely does the perfect job.
  • Glassheads UV “Mister Twister” Illuminati Twist Spoon – $32 It was blown out of Savannah Georgia. Anyone can fall in love with it easily for its a vibrant green glow on exposed blacklight. It’s made for dry herbs.
  • Grav – SPG Umbrella Perc Dab Rig – $99.99 On sale is a six cut fused and fixed umbrella percolator designed by the famous Grav Labs and SPG. Reliability and efficiency are brewed together in this Dab Rig. Ideal for daily use as well as does not cause heavy drag. With all these features it becomes irresistible to own it.

They have nailed in the vaping devices industry as the record-breaker by virtue of lucrative prices, affirmative reviews, decent functions, and prodigious popularity. Such lucrative pricing is made possible by cutting down on intermediators’ commission to the total cost.

Nothing can beat the supreme quality of glass at such affordable prices that DankGeek offers to its customers. The company has made this possible through a stringent quality check at both the ends – on-site manufacturer’s specialists and DankGeek quality control team. All the accessories for bong have brought a major change in the vaping practice.

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