Fuggin Vapor Review – Premium eLiquid and Mods

Fuggin Vapor is the Best Online Vape Store with a broad range of e-liquids, vaping devices and vaping accessories offered on lucrative prices and regular sale. It is the best shopping experience to select from the chosen quality products of the well-reputed brands.

Before you purchase any vape products it is highly recommended to go through its review so that you are convinced what you are buying and from whom you are buying.

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About the Company:

Fuggin vapor Company is a gourmet vape liquid brand that has shelved some of the brands which are selling premium vape liquids and are the best in the vaping industry.

These quality products are handcrafted in Miami Beach, Florida by Hershey Jakob, the founder of Fuggin Vapor. He had started this business in 2014 at a very small scale in an old minivan which did not belong to him. He had borrowed it from his mother.

Now it is a multi-million bottle operating with a widespread wholesale network. Their focus is to create supreme quality juices while the customers have huge savings on every purchase from the company.

The company personnel has actually worked very hard for becoming the top-most selling vape juices company in the big bottles and bundle bottles categories.

These people earn a lot of respect from the vaping community for their originality, innovation and genuineness. They have continued to release delicious and awesome tasting flavors for all the customers to enjoy. For those who are searching the besties for all day vaping, limitless variety, highest quality juices with the lowest prices and a patient listening customer support system.

Now, all your search ends here.

Customer Support Team:

The customer support team is very supportive and caring towards the customer’s issues both before and after the order is purchased.

Earlier the company was only selling vape products on a small scale but now they are in direct dealing with the manufacturer, so the relationship building has been the key to success since then.

Not only the newest and premium quality products have been released in the market at the most economical prices, but also the flawless relation with the customers have paved the path to success. The customer support team has an ongoing process to track and study the reviews. With this, they obtain valuable information about the general population’s desires and this is then used for references for the company’s site.

Although there are mixed reviews about customer services offered by the team. According to a few customers, negative posts indicate that one needs to be alert while purchasing anything from Fuggin Vapor. But most of the customer are happily sharing their positive experiences with them, They say that the customer support personnel go to the extent in assisting that they accommodate and quickly accede to the buyer’s special requests like special pickup timings.

Some Best Selling Products by Fuggin Vapor:

There are so many bestsellers in the whole variety of products that it’s quite difficult to name just a few. Some e-juices are a delight for almost all the vapers like – Strawberry Queen, Fuggin Donuts and Red Dragon.

One brand was recognized more for its name than it’s flavor Oh My Gush. It promoted fruit flavors in 120ml bottles like – Green Goblin, Blooze, and Tropical.

Shake dat Ass 120ml On Sale ₹ 872.28 INR Regular price ₹ 1,745.26 INR

  • On Sale $12.49 Regular price $24.99
  • The bestseller e-juice that you got to vape or else it’s a waste to be a vaper.
  • The ripened sweet strawberries are mixed well with a classic creamy and tasty milkshake.
  • Delectable in taste.
  • Available in nicotine strengths – 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.
  • Clouds/Fog and flavors chase with ease to keep your sessions going smooth and easy.
  • It’s an awesome sub-ohm vape for many vapers.
  • VG/PG: 80/20
  • This juice is ideal for all sorts of vapers to cherish.
  • Order Now!

Strawberry Cream Nog 120mL – On Sale ₹ 872.28 INR Regular price ₹ 1,745.26 INR

  • On Sale $12.49 Regular price $24.99
  • If you want to have the original nutmeg taste in its originality, then this e-juice is for you.
  • You may recall the fond vacation memories of your friends and family while vaping this flavor.
  • The deadliest combination of egg nog with strawberries is totally out of this world.
  • You can play with fog production. It’s fun doing it.
  • Proves to be a Sub-Ohm Vape.

Tarty Pants BULLET BOTTLE ONLY 120mL On Sale ₹ 627.85 INR Regular price ₹ 1,745.26 INR

  • On Sale $8.99 Regular price $24.99
  • All kinds of sweet and sour tart candies combo with sugary bubbly beverages that will give a blast to your taste buds.
  • Cherish the inhaling candy taste and exhale the slushie drink to cool you down instantly.
  • Chase the fog produced, it’s fun. Flavorsome taste.
  • It’s sort of difficult to stop or drop this vape juice.
  • Good with the sub-ohm vape devices.

Blue Waffle 120ML Flavor On Sale ₹ 872.28 INR Regular price ₹ 1,745.26 INR

  • On Sale $12.49 Regular price $24.99
  • It is a berrylicious sweet treat for your taste buds along with a balanced mix of buttery flavor.
  • This is one of the best waffles or pancakes ejuice found in the vaping market.

Fuggin Vapor Airbender Paladin Pods 4 Pack On Sale ₹ 822.00 INR Regular price ₹ 1,396.07 INR

  • On Sale $11.77 USD Regular price $19.99
  • Delectable fruit flavors.
  • An exciting sensation on inhalation and exhalation.
  • 4-pack is a vaping adventure packed with apple, raspberry, blueberry flavors and finally finishes off with a smooth dragon fruit flavor.

IndoorSmokers Original Vapesta OV On Sale ₹ 1,535.75 INR Regular price ₹ 1,745.26 INR

  • On Sale $21.99 Regular price $24.99
  • Especially for the Grape Lovers!
  • From the very first hit, you know that you are vaping a premium brand. The flavor tells you the premium quality of the juice.

UWell Caliburn Kit On Sale ₹ 2,583.33 INR Regular price ₹ 2,792.84 INR

  • On Sale $36.99 USD Regular price $39.99
  • Uwell’s first launched Pod System Device and a Winner!
  • Has an auto-draw function.

Best Selling Bundle:

Smok TFV12 Prince Replacement Coils – 3 Pack + 120mL Fuggin eLiquid

  • On Sale ₹ 1,178.18 INR Regular price ₹ 2,653.16 INR
  • On Sale $16.87 Regular price $37.99
  • V12 Prince-Q4 Quadruple Coil Design

0.4 ohm rated for 40-100W, recommended 60-80W

  • V12 Prince-T10 Decuple Coils Design
  • 0.12 rated for 60-120W, recommended 80-110W
  • V12 Prince-M4 Quadruple Coils Design

0.17 rated for 30-70W, recommended 45-55W

  • V12 Prince-X6 Sextuple Coils Design
  • 0.15 rated for 50-120W, recommended 80-100W

Customer can choose from these Fuggin E-Liquids –

  • Commando
  • GI Jane
  • Jarhead
  • Butta Booze
  • Texas Vapesaw Massacre
  • Urban Legends
  • Nightmare on Vape Street
  • I Know What You Dripped Last Summer
  • The Silence of the Clouds
  • Let’s Get it On
  • Fuggin Donuts
  • Taffed Out
  • Inside Peanut Butter Outside Jelly
  • CheeBerry
  • Raspy Lemonade
  • Shake Dat Ass
  • Strawberry Cream Nog
  • OJ Creamson
  • Berry Crunchy
  • Rainbow Road
  • Blue Waffle
  • Cereal Vapist
  • BlueGurt
  • BJ
  • Strawkiwi Swirl
  • Fuzzy Nava
  • Cinna-Winna
  • Green Goblin
  • Melon Taffy Tail
  • Money Maker
  • Shmuckey-Shmellows Cereal
  • In Da Loop
  • Jaws
  • Trouble Bubble
  • Lemon Drop
  • The Silence of the Clouds

Shipping Policy:

  • Free Domestic Shipping Always with purchase of any Fuggin e-juice (Excludes Bundle Deals)
  • Order processing and shipping orders take approximately 1 – 3 working days from Miami Beach, Florida.
  • Shipping doesn’t happen on US federal holidays and weekends.
  • Orders are shipped via USPS or FedEx 1 day priority.
  • Orders are shipped to APO/FPO/DPO addresses takes 45 working days to reach via USPS policy.
  • Free International Shipping with Fuggin Supreme Bundle Deal. *Use Code Supreme
  • Orders from Canada may take up to 30 business days.
  • Within 14 days of receiving Tracking Information for Domestic Shipping if you don’t receive the order contact the company.
  • Within 45 days of receiving Tracking Information for Domestic Shipping if you don’t receive the order contact the company.

Returns and Refunds Policy:

The company’s policy for returns is 14 days.

Only and only if the orders are in unused condition, will they be eligible for returns.

502 NE 190th Street. Miami, FL 33179 is the address to return the orders only after the approval is sent to you.

Refunds may take 5 working days to reflect on your account.


As seen above the benefits of being associated and purchasing from Fuggin Vapor is very beneficial and is hard to pass up.

It is really appreciable and applaudable that all the criticism from a few customers were one by one sorted off instead of just shooing them away. Hence they have successfully mended their ways. This proves the qualitative customer service.

Fuggin Vapor Co is also one of the few brands with a nicotine strength of up to 18mg. This gives their juices an edge over vapers who enjoy high nicotine strength and vape using the mouth-to-lung style.

If you haven’t yet tried on the products of Fuggin Vapor then you are missing something really Big!

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