Review Report:  Hippie Butler: An abode for Tobacco Users

With this growing tobacco users, the “Demand” has already surpassed the “supply”. It’s not just with the Tobacco but also with the essentials required to have it. It is very common that your stock finishes before you even realise it and it’s actually a lot of hard work to shop for each item individually. So as the matter of fact a lot of companies are coming up with essential supplies for the users one such Name that we will be talking about is Hippie Butler, a brand known to supply customised essential required to have a great experience. 

Hippie Butler entered the market in 2016 and ever since its growing and capturing the vape market. They came up with a unique idea of providing solutions based on user’s choice and that worked for them in a way that now they are the masters of the industry. Hippie Butler allows its customers to choose the items they want to keep in their subscription box. 

Products, Offers and Choices:

Hippie Butler has a wide range of products like Pipes, Papers, Wraps, Cones, Grinders, Lighters, Vaporizers, Concentrate Gear, Accessories. You name it and you will find it. You can shop for products in different ways like:

  • By Size
  • By Brand
  • By Type

Other than that it also offers Customized Subscription Boxes for its users. The buyers need to answer a few questions and their personally designed box is ready. Even if you are new and you have no clue what is good for you Hippie Butler has a way to sort things out for you. The user needs to answer a few questions and based on the answers their subscription box is prepared.

Subscription Boxes: The Best Products

Hippie Butler offers you 5 options to choose from:

The Party Favor: One of the basic boxes offered by Hippie Butler. All you need to know about The Party Favor box is:

The Party Favor

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  1. It costs you $1.00 only, for the entire month.      
  2. Contains-Rolling Papers, Rolling Tips, and Matches 

Rollers Club: They say rolling is an art and Hippie Butler believes it very religiously and so they offer their users Rollers Club Box, which makes you ready to Roll and Rock. All you need to know about this box is:

Rolling club

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  1. This fully equipped box with your monthly essentials comes at $15.99 per month (FREE SHIPPING).
  2. Items inside- Rolling Papers, Hemp Wraps, Pre-Rolled Cones, Lighters, and other small fun and useful Accessories

Butler Box: The best sellers among the subscription boxes. If you are a regular smoker and prefer glass and paper then this box caters to your need. This box has:

Butler Box

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  1. It comes at $39.99 per month (FREE SHIPPING)                
  2. Contains- Glass Piece, Rolling Tray, Grinder, Pre Rolled Cones, Cotton Mouth Candy Cure for dry mouth, Hemp Wraps, Rolling Papers, Lighters, Hemp Wick, and a few more items.

Master Club: This box is especially for the choosy users who are specific to their taste. This box has:

Master Club

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  1. This box costs $139.99 per month (FREE SHIPPING) 
  2.  It contains- Dry blends, concentrate and mixed variations and accessories required.                 

Mod Sun Opulent Box: This is a special box also called ONE TIME BOX (Limited Edition). All you need to know about this box is:

Mod Sun Opulent Box

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  1. This box will cost you $799.00 only                           
  2.  Items- Mod Sun Large Rolling Hard Case, Mod Sun Rolling Tray, Mod Sun Large Grinder, Mod Sun Clipper Lighter, Mod Sun Cotton Mouth Candies, Mod Sun Glass Spoon Pipe, RooR X Mod Sun 12″ Water Pipe, RooR Torch, RooR Glass Circle Ashtray, RooR Small Glass Tray, RooR Glass Banger, Blazy Susan King Size Papers, Zig Zag Hemp King Size Papers, Hippie Butler Mini Quik Wick, Hippie Butler Bowtie Dabber, Hippie Butler Glass Jar, Hippie Butler Bowtie Stickers 
  3. These are special boxes and can take 4 weeks to be delivered.

After making the choice the user will be directed to a page asking for his/her preference from:

  • Dry Blend
  • Concentrates
  • Mix

Make your choice and proceed towards the last step, Checkout. Make the payment and wait for your box to get delivered. The packaging of the boxes is very clean and hygienic.                                        

Some Must-Know Pointers:

  • Please note that items in the boxes change every month and may not be what is shown in the picture on the website.
  • The subscription is automatically renewed for the upcoming month. The user can cancel it or change it at any point in time.
  • Customers from Arizona have to pay sales tax.

Pros and cons of Hippie Butler:


  • The boxes and other products are from the top BRANDS
  • The packaging is really great
  • The items keep changing based on the trending products from the collaborated brands so you get to experience a variety of products.
  • The delivery is quick and accurate.
  • Personalised boxes specifically made for an individual


  • The products keep on changing so you won’t have the same box with the same products.

A note from the writer:

If you are a new tobacco user or you are looking for some change then Hippie Butler subscription boxes are must-try things to experience. If you have shopped for any product from Hippie Butler or are planning for one, do let us know your experience in the comments.

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