HoneyStick Review – High Times Cannabis Cups Award Winner

This review is especially for those who are tired and bored of vaping from the crude vaporizers. Buckle up for the fashionable and attractive vaping experience from the vaping lifestyle brand, Honey Stick Vaporizers.

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About Honey Stick:

The company from Florida founded in 2013, known for its forefront technological lineaments, magnificent performance, infallibility, and affordability. And the driving force for the customers to keep coming to Honey Stick Vaporizers is the stealthiness and concealment of the vaporizers, vape tanks, custom vape kits, and oil vape pens.

Each and every product has been conceived to bring out the best-unrivaled empiricism to all the vaping of oils, waxes and other concentrates. To bring out maximum vigor in every drag and thoroughly highlight flavors, their in-house creative team utilizes the supreme quality of intrinsic parts and variety of ingredients.

The High Times Cannabis Cups award winner has focussed to heighten the vaping experience of the patients and recreational users. By formulating for the enthusiasts, the brand has emerged into a lifestyle as none other company has been able to do.

Every single unit is performance oriented, endorsed by the powerful warranty, satisfying guarantee and supported by their remarkable customer service. Convenience while vaping is of utmost importance. Keeping this in mind, the company is capable of delivering the latest and the most ingenious technology to its customers. Thus, is always in high competitive spirits.

From being a pioneer in inventing the Sub Ohm Vaporizer to the current Ripper, the company’s team is continuously working with a colossal network of growers, extractors and business figures. Just to bring the needs of the patients, athletics and other recreational users to life.

The Variety in Honey Stick Products:

The long line of products of Honey Stick categorizes in the following –

  • Vaporizers
  • Vape Tanks
  • Vape Kits
  • Accessories

These are available in varying prices from $5 to $400 and above.

The vape types include –

  • Concentrates
  • Dry Herbs
  • Essential Oils
  • Multipurpose

You can choose from different experience levels like – entry, intermediate and expert levels. With different kinds of batteries – Disposable, 300 MAH, 650 MAH, 100 MAH, 1300 MAH, 2600 MAH. 2 x 18650 High Drain Batteries with Ultra Fast Micro USB charging.

  • Variable Voltage Range – 0.0V – 8.0V.
  • Wattages are from 10 to 220 watts depending upon the need of the device.
  • Coil resistance ranges from – 0.4 Ohm to 1 Ohm.

Following are the best-sellers of Honey Stick:

The Elf Auto-Draw Conceal Oil Vaporizer – $38 now as low as $32.30

Too good to resist for the beginners. Beauty in Simplicity. Perfect portability hence, favorite for the veterans. The 510 threading allows the usage of a variety of oil cartridges. Elegant as well as tough. Doesn’t break the tank on a fall. Vape with this on secrecy due to its palm size.

The magnetic connector does wonders to this piece of innovation. Drop in the cartridge in the compartment and you are ready to go. Vapor quality is good but not the best. Great flavor emerges from whatever oil be used. No huge clouds are the good thing so that you can vape secretly. Withdraw resistance being low and quick on-demand heat, sneaky hit is possible.

BeeKeeper 2.0 – Oil Vaporizer MOD – $39.95 now as low as $33.96

The USP of this MOD is – You don’t need to screw the atomizer, you drop it in, it works with magnets.

Some refer to this as sleek as it’s small in size perfect to fit in your pocket. You will surely get infatuated to this all-black small piece of designer MOD. But to travel a long distance with it in the pocket may not be comfortable. Due to the disposable cartridge and the plastic mouthpiece. But, yes the magnetic adapter keeps all parts intact and no spilling of liquid concentrate.

The draw is superb and effortless with loads of clouds. The efficient heating element inside the MOD enables slow and nice roasting of all the flavors. The tank is refillable and coils need replacement almost once in a month.

HRB Dry Herb Vaporizer – $129

The mouthpiece made up of glass features in changing your experience. Small thing easy to hold it. Even heating, leaving no hot spots. But the body heats up on extended use. Chamber is narrow so loading and emptying are difficult than other dry herb vaporizers. You can taste the tree herb well with this and take a break from the usual bongs.

Phantom Signature – 2-in-1 Vaporizer for Wax and Oils – $144

Phantom in your hand is like a supreme power at your disposal. Easy and comfortable to travel with. The black paint that chips off very soon can be replaced with silver one. There are four settings for its heater, very useful for a variety of experience.

The precision of the tools used in this piece is awesome and delivers maximum output. Gives you the flexibility of using either wax or oils in one vaping device. A great buy!

Phantom 2-in-1 Squeeze Box Vaporizer – $129

The squeeze feature interests most of the customers as it’s new in the market.

Ripper Essential Oil and Wax Vaporizer – $139

Conforms it’s dual use – both in wax and oil. The first impression of the vaporizer is a reflection of the high-end cigarette lighter. For solid grip, the rubber texture is magnificent to use. For those who relish highly intensified vaping, this is the one. Hits really hard and strong.

A little disturbing effect of the 5 clicks to be made for power on and off. Surely it competes well with Best Wax Vaporizers and Best Oil Vaporizers.

Bee-Master Oil Vape Kit – $27.95

Has a great wallet case for traveling with the vape kit safely.

Sport Sub-Ohm Vape Kit – $169

The next level in oil vaping is experienced with Sport Sub-Ohm Vape Kit.

Following are some of the latest and greatest selling products of Honey Stick:

  • Sub Ohm Super Pack Vape Kit – $495
  • Sub Ohm Carbon Fiber Oil Vaporizer – $199
  • Plasma GQ Wax Vaporizer – $179
  • Performance 510 Oil Cartridge – $10
  • Bee Master Twin Double Cartridge Vaporizer – $69
  • Aero Bee Digital Vaporizer for 510 Thread Cartridges – $129
  • V-Stick 2-in-1 Vape Kit for OIl and E-Juice Vaping – $99
  • Mamba 2-in-1 Vape Kit for E-Juice and Wax Vaping – $99
  • Mamba 3-in-1 Vape Kit for E-Juice, Wax and Dry Herbs – $129
  • Vpod – POD Vaporizer Kit – $70 now as low as $59.50
  • Top Shelf Vape Kit – $495
  • Ultimate 3-in-1 Red Wine Vape Kit – Limited Edition-$249
  • BeeBox Auto-Draw Oil Vaporizer for 510 Thread Cartridges – $38 now as low as $32.30
  • BeeKeeper 2.0 Magnets 12mm / 2-Pack – $5
  • Silencer 510 Wax Tank – $15
  • MiniMax PRO Vaporizer – $40 now as low as $34
  • Aficionado Vape Kit – $99.95

Honey Stick is the company consistently coming up with distinct creative and useful designs based on a particular aesthetic. You can buy Honey Stick products online on it’s a website and through the other channels of distributors, e-retailers, dispensaries, and vape shops.

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