The Hottest Vaping Trends of 2019 You Shouldn’t Miss

Though vaping has been around for a few years, it’s only over the last few years that the trend has really taken off. It is a hobby, meant for recreation, besides being a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Whether you are new to vaping or a pro, here are the latest trends you should keep yourself update about.

Advanced E-Cigs

With the increasing popularity of vaping devices, people want better -quality, longer lasting vaping products. All manufacturers are working towards meeting this demand with high-end e-cigs that are durable and long lasting. Most companies like MigVapor are working on creating more customizable and portable vaporizers this year.

Product Diversification

Many companies which are only into vaping devices are now diversifying into industries like CBD and hemp. As vaping companies continue to grow and increase their brand loyalty, we can wait for some exciting new product offerings from vapes, cannabis, and CBD in all areas where they are legal.

Vape Mods

Although 2018 vape mods were more customizable, their durability, compatibility, and ohms were much more limited. This year, companies are working to fix these challenges. Mods are becoming more compatible with a range of components. Manufacturers are also creating more durable designs, tanks with larger capacities and more effective atomizers.

Ultra-Portable Devices

The vaping community is being exposed to new stuff all the time. Vapers have seen trends shifting from high wattage and high power devices to convenience, portable and compact devices. There is an upcoming wave of devices in 2019 which specifically caters to a customer base which looks for compact devices. This has led to a new wave of devices being produced which caters specifically to that consumer base. Devices which uses pod systems the size of a pen such as JUUL, Smo, and Phix are being much sought after.

E-Liquids with Lower Nicotine Content

Another popular trend in vapes is varying nicotine contents. While it is easy to get e-juices with some nicotine content in them, finding flavorful products with no nicotine. Nowadays, you can find more e-juices which are now nicotine-free, thus making it easier for those who have quit smoking or who have never smoked traditional cigarettes to partake in vaping.

More Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in Vape Juices

This latest trend in e-juices is enjoyable to all. With the advent of 2019, this year’s products include more vegetable glycerin. The VG juices will have a thicker consistency and also taste a lot sweeter. Besides producing more vapor, it will also be comfortable on the throat. An increasing number of liquids with about 70 percent VG content are being produced.

The vape industry will continue to grow in leaps and bounds this coming year. 2019 will also see a shift with more and more vapers coming in to quit smoking. This will be a continued trend across the globe since more evidence is being available of the advantages of vaping over smoking. Finally, you can expect to see cross over products with interchangeable systems that’ll be adaptable to multiply systems.

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