How To Clean Vape Tank Appropriately and Prevent it from been Dirty

When we bring new equipment or any gadget at home it’s our tendency to first run or use it, later on, only when we are stuck somewhere do we think about reading the manual. Initially, when we are using the devices we are very careful about its safety and maintenance. But as the days go by and the frequency of using the device increases to leaps and bound, we tend to become carefree about it and this leniency costs too much on the device and consequently on us as well.

Before jumping straight to the section of learning to clean the vape tank, it is essential to get accustomed to the Anatomy of a Vaping Device.

Anatomy Of A Vape Device:

Vaping Anatomy

Let’s start the simplest structure among the vaporizers, the structure of a vape pen. There are the following three parts in a Vape Pen –
The TankThe e-liquid is poured in the vape tank which attaches with the atomizer forming a single unit.
The Coil The coil is that heating element which transforms the e-liquid into vapors.
The BatteryThe unit’s source of power is the battery. They may or may not have voltage and temperature options. In case of Box Mods, it’s the battery is well contained in itself.

Why Keep Your Vape Tank Clean?

Keep Your Vape Tank Clean

  • Using a clean Vape Tank enhances it’s usage time.
  • If not washed in regular intervals it may lead to fading away of the appealing look that it had when it was just new and dazzling.
  • If you happen to buy more vape kits it’s all the more essential that you learn to clean the vape tanks in a professional and systematic way.
  • To prevent damages due to deposition of gunk and sustain its performance.
  • Regular cleaning of tanks accentuates the tastes of your favorite vape juices.
  • Gunk is the result of vaping on vape juices for a prolonged duration of time. Vegetable Glycerin being the main ingredient of the vape juices causes building up of Gunks, if the vape tank is left as it is. This gradually effects –
    • Dwindling Flavor.
    • Decrease in airflow.
    • Charred taste.
    • Performance of the atomizer is hampered.
  • Alien particles from the pockets or bags or where ever you happen to keep your vape kit on standby or even your own mouth or else mouth can get carried into your vape tank. Awful! Isn’t? Needless to explain further the consequences of such dirty and smelly alien particles.

The Right Time Of Cleaning Your Vape Tank:

Right Time Of Cleaning Your Vape Tank

Wash Vape Tank Between Two Flavors – In case you are using it every day you must wash it after use in the simplest method with water. Wash it only when it has cooled down. This will prevent your two different flavors from getting mixed.
Say you were vaping on a menthol flavor the previous night, but wish to vape on a cheesy cake flavor today then, the leftover menthol juice gives it’s tinge to the cheesy cake flavor and the resultant is something like a mixture of both. This is called Ghosting. Such a situation is avoidable by a simple wash with water. If you are switching between flavors too often then clean your vape tank regularly to prevent the Ghosting effects.
It appears that the tank is empty and clean but if you haven’t cleaned it with water, the Ghost effect will persist.

Weekly Cleaning – is good for preventing damage and unavoidable wear of the device. Regular cleaning will avoid the collecting of vape juice taste in your vape tank, that can deteriorate the flavor of vaping the fresh vape juice.
Another time of wash is required when you wish to clean each nook and corner of the device/tank. This is also called Deep Cleaning. Say for instance when your cheesecake flavor starts tasting like menthol, then you did better go for deep cleaning.

The Best Methods Proven to Clean Your Vape Tank Appropriately:

More than anything else it’s important to note here that cleaning of a vape tank is not a joke. It’s a serious action taken to prevent any kind of obstacles during your vaping session owing to the vape tanks. The cleaning if not done correctly may lead to damaging your coils, battery or tanks. These problems may incur a lot of expenses to be sorted out.

Prepare the Vape Tank for Cleaning before the onset of cleaning them –

  • Discard all the leftover vape juice – if any in the vape tank.
  • Disassemble the vape tank – Nowadays the vape tanks come in all removable parts. Refer your device user manual to disassemble the parts. They are pretty easy as they are just screwed up together. The parts separated are – drip tip, a glass tubing, o-rings and an atomizer (coils heads). Be careful with the parts as they are tiny, so susceptible to getting lost/fall/misplaced.
  • Tip on Reassembly – It’s nice to be a little observant while removing the parts to memorise the placement of each piece, as this will help you later while you have to assemble the parts after cleaning. You may draw a diagram in case this aids in reassembly. Remember that different devices will have a slightly different assembly.

As per the method of cleaning, you will need to collect – a faucet with warm running water, a bowl of warm water, clean paper napkins or small microfiber cloth or paper towel, a small toothbrush or cotton swabs, alcohol, vinegar, and baking soda.

A Quick Cleaning

Vape Cleaning

Faucet Stream – Take the vape tank under the faucet with warm running water for about 25 seconds. This will help in removing all the residual vape juice. The faucet must be with an average stream. In case you have the habit of cleaning the vape tank regularly, then this faucet stream will be sufficient for cleaning your tank sparkling bright.
Twist paper towel or napkin or small fiber cloth through the vape tank – Pass through a paper towel or napkin or small fiber cloth through the vape tank by twisting it inside the vape tank. Pull the cloth back and forth in through the tank to wipe out the residual water thus drying out the tank.
Cleaning Other Pieces of Vape Tank – Now is the turn to clean other pieces of the vape tank. Just dip them in a bowl of warm water. This way you will not loose on any of the small pieces. Let them soaked for about half an hour. This will facilitate in easy removal of gunk. Now gently brush the fine intricacies of them with a small toothbrush or small microfiber cloth
Dry in Air – Even after drying with a microfiber cloth, the parts are still damp, so it’s better to leave them for air drying for about half an hour. Later you may reassemble it and use the fresh vape tank for fresh and authentic flavors. Remember not to sun dry them.

A Deep Cleaning

Cleaning Vape Pen

Use Alcohol – making use of high-proof, unflavored alcohol such as Vodka is perhaps the most apt solvent to break down stubborn e-juice deposits. Slightly dampen the paper towel with the alcohol and gently rub the gunky areas till the deposits of vape juice are removed completely. Finally, you may rinse it with water.
You may also make use of isopropyl (alcohol 90%) for rubbing. Remember to rinse it well or else it may prove to be toxic in nature and hamper your vape tank.

  • You can use a spoon full of baking soda in a bowl of water instead of alcohol also.
  • Using soaps and detergents should be avoided to prevent any residual matter.

Use Jewelry Cleaning Machine – The Jewelry Cleaning Machine is ultrasonic in nature and apt for removing all the tiny little particles from the delicate items like jewelry. This is a foolproof cleaner for your vape tanks. There are devices in the market stores or online specifically made for cleaning your vaporizer parts. Some reputed and reliable vape stores also keep the facility of this cleaner machine. You just need to fill them with warm distilled water or rubbing alcohol. Follow the steps:

  • Do not put in parts made of plastic, rubber or vinyl material to be soaked in alcohol for too long.
  • One cycle is more than enough to clean vape tanks in such a machine.
  • After cleaning in the machine do not forget to rinse with clear water to avoid any alcohol percentage on your parts. Last but not least, dry in air for the final touch.

Never Ever Soak Your Vape Tank in Water or Alcohol for Overnight or Boil.

Regular Replacement:

You will find that in many devices the wicks and heating coils dwells inside the vape tanks producing vapors near or inside the vape tank itself. If this is true, then regularly check for their wear and tears while you perform regular cleaning.

If your tank has a o-rings, regular checking should be done for their wear and tear too. Change them if you are uncertain about their condition.

If you come across a bad charred taste it’s high time that you replaced the coils.

Other symptoms for a quick need for replacement are – less vapor production, complain of leakages and below satisfaction vapes.

How to Prevent your Vape Tank from being too much Dirty?

Vape Clean

Especially for the intermediate level vapers and connoisseurs, their all day long vaping sessions will attract a lot of us. Thus their vape tanks will become dirty faster. To some extent, this can be prevented.

  • Appoint a Safe and Dry Place for Your Vape Kits – For instance, do not forget them in your car outside a sunny afternoon as they are temperature sensitive. Vape juices thin out and leakage happens. You can keep your vape kit in a container away from dirt, heat and dust.
  • Know the optimal level of your Vape Kit This will prevent you from dry hitting and thus benefit the maintenance of your vape tank. Fundamentally if the tank is overfilled or dries out then you are causing further breakdowns of the device.
  • Keep Extra Tanks Handy to Use – If you have extra vape tanks then people who love to vape on different juices will be able to avoid the hassles of cleaning the tank immediately or wasting away the previous juice or continually filling them.


Now after superb cleaning is done your vape tank is reassembled and you are back to vaping the fresh flavors as it was when you vaped on the brand new device. The first time of cleaning may seem to you tedious, but then with practice, it will be a cake walk!

Surely appropriate and regularly cleaning saves your expenses on buying more and more tanks due to damages, is ought to make you happier than ever!

Three Cheers For Your Happy Vaping! Hip Hip Hurray!

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