How To Quit Smoking With The Use Of Vaping

Now that you are reading about how vaping can be of help to you to quit smoking, that means you might have already tried and got fed up of the other techniques. Such as –

  • patches which just do not work at all;
  • nicotine gums or the lozenges gums which are chewy at the start then within 5 minutes your hiccups turn into botheration;
  • the cold turkey;
  • hypnosis;
  • acupuncture;
  • those weird cigarettes that are a waste in giving any hits like the real cigarettes. So you stress out more and more.

Smoking Vaping
With vaping one change is for sure you will not stink like an ashtray in lieu of pleasant smell of vaping flavors will surround you.

Today with vaping techniques it’s easier to quit smoking even for those hardcore smokers who don’t wish to quit smoking at any cost.

The added advantage of quitting smoke with the help of vaping is that you can step by step reduce the nicotine strength even as small as 1mg and ultimately get rid of it totally. This facility is not possible with any of the techniques existing so far.

Remember you have to counterattack the urge of smoking as well as the physical side effects it has if you stop smoking. It’s only a matter of time and your persistence, that will get you through this habit too.

At present, it may not make a lot of sense, but in the coming 7 minutes, you will agree that this approach towards smoking cessation is practical and does make a lot of sense.

How to decide which Vaping Device will be good for Smoking Cessation?

Smoking Vaping DeviceFirst, analyze your smoking habit in the categories of – chain smoking or heavy smoking or light smoking or occasional smoking.

  • If you happen to be a heavy smoker, a rechargeable e-cigarette having a refillable tank will offer you nicotine faster than any disposable device. Thus you will have a better chance of actually quitting smoke. Devices like – Vape pens, Mods, Pods are a very good option.
  • If you happen to be a light smoker, a cigalike should work wonderfully well.

If you don’t intend to vape after you have stopped smoking for the long term, then your investment in an ‘ohm box’ or a ‘battery set’ will be a sheer wastage.

A vaper pen can suffice your needs on the starting days of smoke cessation.

How to decide which Vaping Liquid will be good for Smoking Cessation?

  • The vape liquids are of different strengths of nicotine so you need to identify your satisfactory level of nicotine strength. For this, the local vape shop owner is good at advising you. Ask help from them to figure out your type of nicotine strength.
  • At the very onset of vaping, smokers tend to use the vape liquid which is coffee or tobacco flavor. As a matter of fact, it’s better to choose any flavor such that you are not alluded to recall cigarettes.
  • And when you have to choose nicotine strength, for the first week choose the higher strength. Why? Am I saying this when you have actually come to vape to quit smoking CIGARETTES? This is because, you obtain 21 mg of nicotine, from each cigarette. So it is better you don’t keep high expectations from yourself at the very start. Habits changed gradually, change forever.
  • Then slowly every week you can cut down the nicotine level by 3mg or so.
  • Then may me at about 13 mg you can continue for a month then again start the cut down to 10 mg – 8 mg. Later when you finally reach to 3 mg, quitting nicotine completely will become effortless.
  • Finally, this 3 mg can also be dropped to 0 mg. This can be continued for a while to sort of imitating smoking action. Keep enjoying the vapes with delicious flavors to fool your smoking instincts inside you.
  • By coming to this stage many quit vaping along with smoking permanently.
  • Or some still continue vaping their relishing flavors at 0 mg nicotine strength.
  • Some on purpose leave their e-cigarettes at home so that they are able to reduce the habit of vaping and become lesser reliant on the vapes. This is particularly done by those who are on the verge of reducing their nicotine strengths from very high to lower levels. This can be done when you are dropping your kids to school or to make purchases from the grocery stores or traveling for a short distance.
  • Remember to cut down the levels of nicotine only when YOU are comfortable and not because of somebody else’s influence on you. This will avoid agitation in your mind.

Can you get E-Cigarettes from your General Practitioner (GP)?

At present e-cigarettes are not available from The National Health Service (NHS) on prescription, thus you can’t get it from your GP. NHS is the publicly funded national healthcare system for England. You can get them from the specialist vape shops, some pharmacies, and retailers or on the internet.

Those who manage in combining an e-cigarette with help from their local Stop Smoking Service, they have better chances of success.

The Nutshell:

Along with vaping, the best smoking cessation approach consists of:

  • Behavioral therapy i.e. individual counseling.
  • A few medications to subside the urge to smoke like – varenicline (Chantix) or bupropion (Zyban).

Usually, the universal blunders made by most of the quitters is that they haste through the whole process of smoking cessation. Either they are tempted frequently or they cut down the nicotine strength levels too fast.

A strong support system during such a crucial time is therefore vital in your vicinity. Some think that in weaker moments if they have smoked a cigarette then that’s the end of the whole process. It’s absolutely not. The reality is you need to be strong and be more in the company of like-minded people to keep your spirits high. Get Going Again!

Enjoy the non-smoker life (if you have become one) or imagine yourself being amidst your family and cherishing those moments or calculate the money saved on not smoking cigarettes and room fresheners you would have used otherwise if you were smoking.

Patience and being forgiving to oneself are the keys to success.

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