Study Says – Flavoured Vape Products Leading To Higher Tobacco Quit Rates

Flavoured Vape Products

Non-tobacco flavoured vaping products like mint are more effective than tobacco flavours to aid adult smokers to quit cigarettes, according to research commissioned by vaping brand Juul. CBD and tobacco are totally different substances though many confuse between the two. They think that CBD is as harmful as smoking cigarettes containing nicotine. However, a recent … Read more

Usage Of E-Cigarettes And Vapes Should Be Regulated: Says The Federal Judge

Usage Of E-Cigarettes And Vapes Should Be Regulated

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been facing enormous pressurization against smoking cessation products such as vapes and e-cigarettes. On Wednesday, the federal judge miniaturized the FDA on carrying out the regulation of these vaping products and speed up their reviewing process of all the currently available in the marketplace for consumers. Various … Read more

Latest News – Organic Tobacco Market Report 2019

Organic Tobacco Market Report

Organic Tobacco Market Sales Market Report 2019 led by the Major Industry Players Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Hi Brasil Tobacco, Bigaratte & Co., Vape Organics, Mother Earth Tobacco, SUNEL… Published in February 2019 Press Release From HTF Market Intelligence Sales Market Analysis Report on “Global Organic Tobacco Market 2019 Industry Growth, Share, Opportunities, Size, … Read more