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The vaping industry is full of companies and more companies with a broad range of vape products – e-liquids, starter kits, accessories, rebuildables, atomizers, etc. But whatever be the device, e-liquids, waxes, oils and concentrates all have a percentage of nicotine. Those vapers who want to get rid of nicotine completely and more importantly get nutritional benefits out of vaping, Nutrovape company is a boon in disguise.
Nutrovape Supplements

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All about Nutrovape company:

The founder of the company, Josh Matzkin, an athlete all his life. For him, health and wellness have always been an intrinsic part of life. It didn’t take him too long to realize that people who wish to be fit opt for some of the other energy drink as they want to be energetic while they pursued their passion for fitness. He observed a major flaw in their healthy lifestyle. Their energy drinks were sometimes easy to use, clean but at times harsh on their body.

With all these observations and opinions, he joined hands with an organic chemist and the first ever produced Nutrovape prototype was ready – Nutrovape Energy. This delivers a tinge of caffeine. All this and more through vapor inhalation effectively and entirely replaced his need for healthy energetic drinks. These are more apt for a better lifestyle. Then came the ideas for other kinds of inhalable aids. These were created and Nutrovape company got it a line of products.

Nutrovape Products:

By the introduction of products by Nutrovape, the life for a vaper has become nicotine free and healthy with so many nutritional supplements being directed directly in the lungs. There are eleven devices from which you can choose your favorite flavor. These varieties of devices provide you the flexibility to choose from them the best device that fulfills your desires and facilitates you to feel exactly the way you want to feel in a situation.

The best advantage of these products of Nutrovape is that they are sugar-free, alcohol-free, gluten-free and has ZERO NICOTINE in them.

Other Prominent Features of Nutrovape Devices are –

  • They are all manufactured with USP (The United States Pharmacopeial) Grade Ingredients.
  • The oils used in these devices are all produced in the USA.
  • No Pills or Other Medication
  • They believe in consumer trust, which is directly linked to product safety. The use of Lithium Polymer Batteries with 130mAh capacity is preferred to the traditional Lithium Batteries as the former are safer.
  • All the Nutrovape liquids are American-manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory.
  • The certificate of Analysis is there not for just the final product but also for the individual ingredients that actually produces Nutrovape products. The detailed report and certification can be seen here.
  • Nutrovape is Gluten free and is cent percent Vegan-friendly.
  • A single Nutrovape lasts for approximately 200 inhalations if inhaled gently.

The Nutrovape supplements are directed directly to the lungs by Micro aerosolization. This may sound to you as a jargon of letters. But believe me the effect of this procedure is the finest. As we are able to transport nutritional supplements to the areas of the lungs from where they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Considering the convenience of the vape customers, Nutrovape devices are made to fit in your pocket and is easily disposable. Charging them or refilling them is not to be worried about. These are not pills which are hard to swallow. They are not liquids which you will have to drink. They are calorie free. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just lay back and enjoy the vape from different devices.

Once you start vaping on these inhalable nutritional supplements from Nutrovape, you will feel the difference between them and a common non-nutritional vape in the long run.

The Best Selling Nutrovape Products:

Nutrovape Sleep
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Nutrovape Immune
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Nutrovape Sleep – $9.99 USD

  • Manufactured under strict FDA standards and approved product from USP certification.
  • Has great taste but nicotine free and diacetyl free.
  • Doesn’t interfere with your digestive tract.
  • It gets absorbed directly in your bloodstream.
  • It has Vitamin B12 added in it.
  • Ignites instant action with very little side effects.
  • Heavy smokers may not appreciate these as they are very light in usage.
  • Nutrovape Sleep can be used as a sleeping pill alternative which re-energizes your body with instant energy and core nutrients.
  • As there is absolutely no nicotine involved thus doesn’t hamper your intestine and you don’t feel addictive towards it on long usage.
  • Nutrovapes are not e-cigarettes but a wide range of inhalable sleeping pills that are fully believed by the customers.
  • They are portable and you can carry them whenever and wherever you wish to.
  • Right from the first inhalation one feels relaxed and by the second inhalation customer reviews say that they quickly fell asleep and morning freshness was marvellous.
  • Ingredients are – Balanced blend of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Melatonin, Natural Chamomile Extract, Natural Passion Flower Extract, L-Theanine, Natural and Artificial Flavorings.

Nutrovape Energy – $9.99 USD

  • Once you start using Nutrovape, you will feel like trying out Nutrovape Energy too. You can try this out in the morning time for the replenishment of extra boost of energy in the morning.
  • The Energy Nutrovape is sufficiently used up to 200 inhalations per stick.
  • Once you purchase the Energy Nutrovape, you can inhale for two months easily without the need to take a break. So for 60 days, your energy pack is ready at your disposal.
  • The usual troubles associated with stronger nicotine can be avoided completely as there is no nicotine involved in the making of these Energy Nutrovape.
  • You are able to concentrate better and win over for your entire life the battle with tiredness and fatigue.
  • You can always plan to use them for a long time as there are no harmful substances used in the manufacturing of them.
  • From the first inhalation itself a drastic change in the level of concentration was felt at the morning hours of the day itself.
  • Ingredients are – Energy is a patented mix of caffeine, taurine and beneficial amino acids. Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, L-Theanine, Vitamin B-12, Natural and Artificial Flavorings.

Best Features of Energy and Sleep Nutrovape:

  • The Best thing about both these products is that they are natural and their active ingredients don’t need to be digested. The effects come just immediately. You are able to anticipate the kind of inhalation you should take to reach the dosage level to satisfy your body requirements.
  • The dispenser stick lights up green to notify that it is ready to be inhaled. And the blinker tells you have inhaled longer than the usual 3 seconds. This indication will prevent the stick from getting too hot and blasting the device.
  • Immediate energy rise is felt in your being.

Flavorsome Nutrovape Energy and Sleep:

  • Energy has cool refreshing tinge that can be related to menthol or mint
  • Sleep has a unique light floral taste.

Shipping Policy:

  • They organize both domestic and international shipping.

Domestic Shipping is Free on all orders.

  • International shipping may take more than 20 days as it has to be verified through the customs. The reality is that the company doesn’t have any knowledge of the shipment once it leaves the area of the United States.
  • Yes, of course, your orders can be tracked. Once the order is placed the customer automatically receives a notice stating that their order is fulfilled and is in the journey to your destination. The tracking number is sent with which you can track the updated shipment information and the approximate duration of delivery.
  • Just in case tracking number is not received feel free to contact – [email protected] and they will guide you through.

Return Policy:

  • The company is quite sure that it’s customers have always liked their products that is why they have repeat orders. Yet it is entirely the decision of a customer to return the products of Nutrovape for whatever reason.
  • Nutrovape is confirming that the returns can be accepted either way – refund or exchange.
  • Returns of only those products are acceptable which are in unused, unaltered and with the original packing.
  • With a span of 21 days returned orders are either refunded or exchanged as per the discretion of the company.
  • The return address is:
    • NV Nutrition LLC.
    • 4700 140th Ave. N., Ste. 112
    • Clearwater, FL 33762
  • All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customers.

The Takeaway:

There are many more products as well which are equally amazing in performance. Like – Diet, Focus, Recover, Relax, Performax, Immune, B-Complex, Peppermint Breeze, and Sweet Melon.

But Diet is in some controversy on inhaling diet ingredients as there are no claims to support them. Only those products can be recommended which actually has shown some improvement in weight loss.

The price structure of each Nutrovape seems to be reasonable. But some objected to it whose battery in the device lasted for only 2 days. Surely, other than this none complaint has been found online. Soon the whole pricing is perfect of the Nutrovape products.

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