What Parents Need To Know About Vaping?

It’s quite sad to note that – smokers were searching alternatives to smoking when they hit on Vaping which is also yet another kind of addiction/infatuation but of lesser intensity. Some smokers finally did quit smoking but at the cost of vaping for life. And the saddest part is Epidemic Vape which is engulfing the youth and having an Astronomical Sales profiting the vaping companies. Those who were not smokers they too got caught into vaping.

Child Vaping

The point of sadness doesn’t end here, there are many people especially the youngsters who were not smokers but due to false guidance by the renowned doctors, alluring videos by the vaping brands, etc got trapped in the vicious circle of vaping.

Most of them think that there is no nicotine in the vaping juices and/or in the flavored juices. Little do they know that the chemicals responsible for the flavors are also hazardous. The only thing is that the harmful effects of such flavored chemicals are lesser known as of now. Especially the youth of the world, particularly kids and teenagers were opinionated that vaping is absolutely non-hazardous.

Other than the recorded side effects of vaping, the Vape devices are compatible with marijuana, cocaine, THC liquids, and varying drugs.

How Vaping Affects Your Health?

Either the parents are not aware of the harmful effects of vaping or they themselves are into vaping and are unable to come out of it. But mind you the intensity of adverse effects in the children is in manifolds than in an adult.

  • This is a terrible addiction.
  • Slows down the brain development in kids and teens, thus affecting the memory, focus, learning, self-control, thinking ability and state of mind.
  • Prone to other types of addictions as well. Like smoking, drugs etc.
  • Irritates and deterioration of lungs.
  • Diminishes Impulse control.
  • Poor decision making.
  • Anxiety and Depression.
  • Difficulty in Sleeping.
  • Behavioral Problems.

Symptoms that the kids and teenagers show which confirms they are Vaping

This section is primarily for those parents who don’t know if their child vapes or not. Their child may be vaping secretly not to their knowledge. The below-given symptoms will help them to know the truth and accordingly, they can counsel their children

Almost normal look alike Vaping Devices: Its devices are like Pen, USB Drives (called as the iPhones of the e-cigs) with holes on each ends, traditional tobacco cigarettes, cigars, and pipes Thus, making vaping a DANGEROUS STEALTHY addiction.

Saying NO to Caffeine: Some vaping kids suddenly become sensitive to caffeine. Earlier if your ward was a diehard fan of Cafe Coffee Day or Starbucks till recently and suddenly has become averse to their favorite caffeine, then this could be a Danger Sign.

Unknown Source of Sweet Scent: Vapors delivered by the e-cigs are both odorless and scented. But generally, teenagers choose the scented ones which then is felt with them at home as well. The alluring flavors like – Watermelon Wave, Vimmana E-Juice Bar, Tangy Mango, Candy Crush, Berry Lush etcare favorites among the teenagers. If you smell something quite sweet but the source is unknown then you can conclude that your teen child has started vaping on vape-juices.

Bleeding Nose: The vapor being produced and exhaled through the nose makes the inner lining of the nose sensitive and dry, leading to nose bleeds. The integral part of the vape juice, Propylene Glycol results in dehydrating inside of the nose. If none other reason seems to be evident for the bleed it confirms that the teenager is vaping.

Unusual Items are seen with the Teenager: Unusual items like – metallic wires, organic cotton balls, glass tubes etc. if seen in the teenager’s room or with his belongings there is a full possibility that the child is vaping.

Bizarre Chargers and Batteries: A little known fact that the vape pens have batteries that need to be charged after about 2 hours of usage. Thus the vape pen battery may be found charging which may seem to you as a parent a little strange thing. If you happen to come across such a bizarre thing plugged on the charging unit connect this with your ‘teenager is vaping’.

Asking For More Money Than Usual: If you observe that your teen is asking for more money than usual and this is repeated often then there is a major issue you need to investigate on.

Smoker’s Cough and Sores in the Mouth: The human cells are disrupted in a very bad way leading to a lot of irritation in the throat causing Smoker’s Cough. Similar is the reason for a continuous bloody soreness in the mouth. Be on high alert when you come to know about this.

Atomizers which are Deserted: Atomizer is an important part of the device which converts e-liquids into vapors. Surely they have a limited period of life. When you find any atomizer which has been deserted then it’s high time to speak to your teenager all about vaping, it’s harmful effects and ways to come out of this addiction.

Juuls which are Deserted: Just like the Atomizers Juuls have a limited period of work life in a Pod system. When they stop functioning well they too are deserted. If you happen to see one in your teenager’s room or with his/her belongings, it’s time you talk to them.

What to talk to the Kids and Teenagers about Vaping?

  • Facts that parents and children ought to know:

As per a very reliable survey, Surgeon General of the United States, Jerome Adams shared that Vaping and Marijuana are now more common among teens than cigarette smoking, with nearly 1 in 3 12th graders reporting using some kind of vaping device in the year 2018.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (NCASA) states that vaping is the, “act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, often referred to as vapor, which is produced by an e-cigarette or similar device.”

Vaping is advertised to the children as a minimized danger zone, having a lot of fun and sumptuous tastes. Many children are having the misconept that Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. Also, e-cigs have no nicotine at all.

Children are considered to be soft targets when it comes to vaping as they get attracted to cool and stylish things faster. They are in search of something in which they can hide away their various kinds of adolescent fears, pressures and problems.

The vape juices can contain much more harmful chemicals in the concentrated forms.

The transformation from vaping to smoking can be multiple times more if you are a prolonged vaper in teenage.

Parents need to tell their Children:

    • You have to polite as well as the firm to convey to the children that their vaping passion/habit is not at all approved by you as a parent.
    • You need to speak to them from the core of your love and care for them instead of any sort of frustration and anger.
    • Tell them the adverse effects of these nicotine substances. Brain activity is hampered, health issues increase day by day.
    • You need to convey to them that they are not alone in tackling this challenge. It’s a family challenge accepted by all.
    • The child needs the needed space and assurance so that every little detail of his life can be confided in you.

Parents need to know from their children:

    • Know from your child what attracted him to join vaping.
    • Did they join as it was fun or easy to hide or had peer pressure or didn’t want to be outcasted from their friend’s group or flavors are too tasty or fun involved in playing with the vapors etc.?
    • Know the health issues he is facing at this moment due to vaping so that you can reach out to help from the doctors as soon as possible.

Your Kid and Teen can Quit Vape

  • To be The Best Healthiest is one incentive that your child may be encouraged to quit vaping.
  • To be The Best Sports Man is another encouragement that can bring him out of the addiction.
  • If they inculcate the habit of saving they may not feel like spending such a huge amount on vaping devices etc.
  • To have the fear of the unknown effects of vaping on nic free vape juices could be the reason for remaining aloof from vaping.
  • Rid away all the vaping devices, parts, accessories etc from your nearby vicinity at home.
  • To combat the vape cravings, apps or tools for encouragement can be used.
  • Handling of withdrawal symptoms as per medical advice.
  • Suggest the child for local programs and/or online sites that aid in quitting vaping.
  • Full support of the family to the child while he is in the quitting process.
  • Most importantly, if you as a parent are a vaper, Quit It Soon! So will your child!

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