Vaping as a Gateway to Smoking is just a Hype

Vaping as a Gateway to Smoking

Whenever a new concept is introduced it is often met with skepticism or some even scoff at the idea. Many people wary of trying out new stuff for fear that it will affect their health. This also holds true for the smoking vs. vaping debate! Despite several studies indicating that vaping help smokers quit tobacco … Read more

Are There Genuine Organic Nicotine Juice?

Organic Nicotine Juice

We all understand that Nicotine is an organic compound, which is mainly the alkaloid of tobacco. And nicotine is the vital additive ingredient in tobacco that is used in cigarettes, cigar, and snuff. This naturally occurring nicotine is available in all parts of the tobacco plant, but chiefly in their leaves. The tobacco plant is … Read more

Liquids That Are a Perfect Fit For Cloud Vaping!

Liquids That Are a Perfect Fit For Cloud Vaping

Vaping has nowadays become an instant hit amongst the youngsters not only in this country but all over the world. The reason behind this has been its reduced health risks which have to lead to the rapid growth of vape juices and E-liquids in the vaping marketplace. Vape Juices constitute a major part in the … Read more

Finest Vape Tanks For Cloud Chasing – 7 Top Vape Tanks Of 2019

Top Vape Tanks

Nowadays, the tight competition of manufacturers and vaping companies has resulted in various high-quality devices and tanks released in the vaping marketplace. With the passing time, the quality and advantages of these products are bound to increase and the prices, comparatively lower! In these years when the market is totally customer oriented, the premium satisfaction … Read more

Best Disposable Vaporizers

Best Disposable Vaporizers

The fastest growing vaporizers are DISPOSABLE VAPE PENS. Today they are the trendiest among all the vaporizers. They are safer, healthier alternatives to the traditional dab rigs. They have swept over the entire market owing to the preference by most people. They are loved by those who have the habit or it’s out of circumstances … Read more

What is a Nicotine Salt?

Nicotine Salts

As the name suggests, it has nothing to do with the normal table salt one sprinkles on their salads and other eatables. It also doesn’t mean that the nicotine salt will make the e-liquid salty. If we look at it according to chemistry, then – salts are the result of the reaction between acids and … Read more