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About the Company:

Smokea, the US company as the name suggests is in the industry of alternative smoking products of ingenious quality and technology. With high aspirations to be the leader in the world’s best online headshops, delivers premium customer service, swift and free of charge shipping, rewards on shopping with them and above all, guaranteed lowest prices.

Since 1998 Smokea is in the business of Vaporizers, Dry Pipes, Water Pipes, Bongs, Rigs, Dugouts, Grinders, Pipe Parts and Accessories, Storage Products, Smoking Gear, Lifestyle Products, Roll Your Own – Rolling Papers, Blunt Wraps and Pre-Rolled Cones, Rolling Accessories – Filters, Tips, Rolling Trays, Rolling Machines and Hemp Wick.

The Hottest and the Newest Smokea Products:

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On the whole, Smokea presents above 100 items and brands. The line of products is ever expanding. Here you can expect all range of Smokea products which are the best selling in the market like a hot cake. There are also items which are just launched.

Mininail Quartz Hybrid Deepdish E-Nail Kit – $339.99 or $84.99 four automatic payments

  • Also called as Electric nail or Electric Concentrate Vaporizer.
  • Serves dual purpose – use with clean wax and oil concentrates.
  • Especially for daily dabbers and concentrate lovers.
  • Has a solid controller aluminum casing box. But be gentle with heater cord and coil. The titanium parts included in this kit are with certification. Hence, good quality approved parts in the kit.
  • As we know that concentrates on high temperature lose their flavor quickly as in torch. But in this nail kit, the benefit of dabbing at low temperature is the USP of the product. Thus you will not miss out on the flavors of your favorite concentrate even for a second. Isn’t that great?

Smokea Silicone / Glass 2-in-1 Pipe and Chillum – $19.99

  • Silicone pipes are in vogue but, there are people who just can’t get it enough smooth smoking effect furnished by glass pipes. Both the hybrid glass and the silicone pipes are best in their own way.
  • This piece serves dual purposes – Pipe and Chillum. Just by removing the mouthpiece from a bowl and it is ready to be used as a silicone and glass chillum.
  • Easy to clean as all parts get disassembled.

#THISTHINGRIPS Roil Series Gen 3 Replacement Atomizers (2-Pack) – $24.99

  • This piece has the most popular coil-less technology.
  • Even at a low temperature, you can enjoy cool and smooth hits through the ceramic floating atomizer. By this it enables you to get the full flavor spectrum of your extract.
  • The double ceramic rods enhance huge, dab like hits. Vapor production doubles up due to the two high-grade ceramic heating rods wrapped in titanium.
  • The extraction of your favorite flavors is to the max owing to the ceramic cups which adds to extra conduction.
  • As the name suggests, it actually is rip-tastic atomizer.

Smokea 14mm Female 45 Degree Silicone / Glass Reclaimer – $19.99

  • You will never waste your precious wax as it is collected well in the convenient silicone jar. Thus you can use it later.
  • It is surely cumbersome to scrape the reclaim from the bottom of the glass jar. But with the feature of collecting all your dropped wax in the silicone jar reclaimers, for future use, cleaning not required.

Elevate Colfax Dugout Kit – $89

  • A very thoughtful beautiful compact design and superb quality craftsmanship. It certainly justifies the saying “Neighbour’s Envy, Owners Pride”.
  • Dugouts are usually having a pipe or joint to make puffing easy.
  • The strong magnets prevent any spillage in your pockets on traveling.
  • Great for classy smokers who look out for high-end Dugouts.
  • Great for people who want to avoid that weed smell. This made possible as the Colfax Dugout holds all the smell in itself.

Roll Your Own

For those who prefer to roll their own natural materials. Go for Chlorine free – to get rid of the after taste. This enhances your experience with the usage of natural / raw rolling papers such as –

  • Raw Classic Papers
  • Raw natural Paper Rolls
  • Raw Organic Hemp Papers
  • Raw Organic Hemp Rolls
  • Raw Classic and Pre-rolled Cones

In Smokea other than the Rolling Papers, other accessories are also in the collection like –

  • Blunt Wraps
  • Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Filters and Tips
  • Rolling Trays
  • Rolling Machines
  • Hemp Wicks and many more..

Some Best Seller Products from Roll Your Own Collection are –

Total Flame Dragster Telescopic Papirosa Tubes (20-Pack) – $9.99

  • These tubes are organic, telescopic having two ways of filling – by hand or use an in-built filter to inhale through the mouthpiece. Packing tool not required.
  • Chemical free. Glue free. Has a good handhold.
  • Dragster Tubes are as a gesture to the appreciators of true tobacco, so created as an alternative to smoking cigs.
  • To sum it up it is a culmination of age old traditions with modern technology, hence get into the merriment of puffing with dragster tubes.

Smoking Deluxe Medium 1 ¼ Ultra Thin Rolling Papers – $2 for a Box

  • Each Box contains 25 Packs. Each Pack of 50 Leaves.
  • Made up of 100% Natural Vegetable Gum. No additives or colorings. Ensuring you obtain an optimum stick with just one lick.
  • Slow burning papers giving maximum output.
  • Each paper is ultra-fine and ultra-thin transparent of size 77x44mm, 13 gr/m2 paper.
  • Has Smoking watermark on it.
  • FSCA certified.

Storage Products of Smokea

In the interest of the customers, Smokea came up with a range of storage methods for your dry goods and not so dry goods, your devices, and accessories. These storage containers keep your material ideal i.e. fresh and nice for usage. This prolongs the potency of all your favorite flavors. Some of the finest crafted storage are selling hottest like –

Low Price Guarantee

  • Wonderfully said by Smokea “We don’t match prices, We beat prices”. With such a daring attitude, it has placed its products at Low Price Guarantee.
  • You simply need to inform the company about the competitor’s pricing of a particular product. Then Smokea will wave it’s a magical wand of creating a coupon code specially for you to avail the better price.
  • The Guarantee continues even during the return/exchange period. With a drop in the price, the difference amount shall be credited on request.
  • In this way, Smokea works in the interest of the customers to provide them with all range of product supplies in one place at the best price.

Shop by Brands

Smokea helps you to choose and shop as per your favorite brand. The list of 125 (approx) brands is given on the site link.

Vital Outcome

To summarise, we can say that Smokea doesn’t compromise on the quality of the products, includes non-branded items and imports on very economical rates. Hence, is capable of procuring the best options for any smoking pipe or accessory you may be searching for a long time.

This has been possible as Smokea is a good negotiator with the overseas vendors. Purchases are made on a large scale for the best price deal to be accomplished. With this, the broad collection and alternatives of supreme quality vaporizers, bongs, pipes, rigs etc go hand-in-hand.

If you are not fussy about a specific type of glass brand but are willing to buy something of unique functions and first-rate quality, then Smokea is the impeccable class for you.

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