5 Smoking Subscription Boxes to Suffice Your Smoking Essentials

To keep your fondness for smoking cannabis inciting all the while, what do you need? You will need time for enjoyment, effort in replenishing the supplies required and a lot for money to purchase them each month. Right?

To facilitate you in this SMOKING SUBSCRIPTION BOXES are the most appropriate thing for you. These boxes carry a variety of supplies such as – glass pieces, high-quality grinders, rolling papers, small pipes, smoking tool, lighters. So whatever be your level of involvement in cannabis – just switched from smoking traditional cigarettes to smoking e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or are a mid-level vaper or have been into this for a long while.

You will receive all the vaping supplies you need regularly at your doorstep. The supplies have a little bit of everything. Some companies go to the extent of sending eye drops, snacks. Some go a step further to add cannabis lip balm, weed leaf socks, and candles.

Why need a monthly smoking box when you can buy everything online? No matter however digital we may become, there is special happiness and excitement to receive the monthly box full of goodies and smiles. Now we can’t expect much from our parents or grandparents to gift us smoking accessories.

These boxes are VERY CONVENIENT. They come to be a mood changer every month. In case our supplies are about to get exhausted, we may have to run to the market. As digitally online purchase and shipping take time. But when we have the monthly subscription, we don’t have to worry about replenishment. It’s automatically replenished due to the monthly boxes.

These supplies are of the best quality but at such a minimum monthly cost in the form of the subscription amount. Actually, the companies purchase in bulk, hence it costs to them at the minimal in comparison to us when we would purchase the same stuff on our own. Thus the companies are able to courier it’s customers the finely crafted box of goodies for less to so many customers. In fact, some of the items are exclusively for the subscribers and you may not find them online or even at your brick and cement store.

For legal reasons, these boxes don’t include weed in them. But in California, this is legalized. So over there you will find the subscription boxes to include some new samples of cannabis, artisan strains or marijuana-infused lotions also.


Hemper Box

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To be able to experience the best, Hemper’s smoking subscription box has three options as per the extent to which one is involved in vaping. The options are – Bare Essentials, Hemper Pack, and the Essentials Box. The last one consists of the premium handcrafted pipe. Irrespective of the options they will surely send you a glass pipe, smoking accessories, smell-proof technology products to protect your inventory and leading products to aid in cleaning your accessories. In a total of approximately 10 splendid items are sent by them.

Hemper is the BIGGEST PROVIDER of monthly smoking necessities. Each month they send items which are theme based. For instance: Halloween Edition. They can surprise you with surprise items in each box.


$1, $15 and $30 per month


Very Flexible subscription to the users with pre-paid, per month, 3, 6 and 12 months subscription plans.

Hemper smoking subscription box helps you in discovering exclusive brand collaborate products and famous celebrity brand glass pieces.

They ship on the 13th and 14th of every month.


The Hemper subscription boxes are so famous that the boxes which are for sale are often sold out and the customer is left with regrets that had he jumped in to buy the subscription box a little earlier.


Hippie Butler

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The unique customization of a smoking subscription box as per your preference is made possible only by Hippie Butler. Innovative choices are there for concentrate lovers, joint rollers, glass collectors, and the all-round aficionado who are on the look for new brands.

If you are gifting the box – They may question your friend’s favorite smoking style and accordingly some customized items are actualized by a butler in the box.


  • The Party Favor $1.00 per month
  • Rollers Club $15.99 per month
  • Butler Box $32.99 per month
  • Masters Club $139.99 per month
  • Mod Sun Opulent Box $799 One Time (HIPPIE BUTLER, Mod Sun and Roor in collaboration)


  • Butler Box at $32.99/month is the best value for money.
  • Fan Favorite Brands like – Cookies, Doob Tubes, Juicy J, Raw Papers, etc.
  • Customized as per tastes.


  • The best option is above $100.
  • The Master box has some of the coolest and flashy items.
  • Items are sometimes repetitive.


Daily High Club

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DHC earlier called as Dollar High Club. A very apt name as it saves on Dollars. The company promises: “all-natural rolling papers” and “glassware smoother than your Grandpa’s saxophone solo.”

They offer 3 types of boxes as per the stoner types. In totality, there are 420 necessities included in the boxes. Such as – high-quality glass pieces, bong cleaner kits, pre-rolled cones, and rolling papers.

For just one dollar you get so much – 1.25 size papers, filter tips, 3.3′ Organic Bee Wick and a Matchbook. All that you could think of for your daily session. You can add one time extras to it from – grinder, pipes, and smoking accessories. Connoisseur box may include – pipe cleaners, pre-roll containers, and eye drops. The rarity and quality of glass pieces are unmatchable! After all, everyone would like to vape on the high-quality skull, rocket, and train bong! To purchase from the locals just the little accessories and parts it would be more than $30


  • Cheapest box – $1 per month
  • Connoisseur box – $12 per month
  • El Primo box – $30 per month


  • The Best Feature is if you happen to miss all-favorite box in a month, you are welcome by the DHC team to go back and order.
  • Great value for money.
  • The Connoisseur box is discreetly and fast shipped for free. You can think of the DHC subscription box items as the last minute gifts for your loved ones.
  • The El Primo box includes items worth over $80 i.e. you receive every month products worth double the amount of your subscription.
  • There are so many inclusive that you will not run to the headshop.


  • It seems their Advertising expenses are much on a higher side for which the buyers would be paying at the end of the day.


Stir Crazy

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420 Goody smoking subscription box is very popular among the smoking customers. It has three price options. The Loot Pack includes 4-8 items. Apt for the smokers and rollers who wish to collect inventory for a great price. Glass pieces excluded. The Goody box includes 5-9 items. A glass piece or a vape included. MOST SOUGHT-AFTER as it includes $45 to $85 worth of smoking goodies. The Top Shelf, includes 7-13 items of worth $150 – $250 and the TOP-SHELF piece in each box.

There is a variety in the items included every month in the boxes – bubblers, grinders, snacks, and stickers. It’s great to collect the glass pieces with them and you could switch over to vaping. You may expect surprises in the form of munchies. As you would receive each month a vape in the subscription of a Goody Box or Top Self Box.

As per calculations and considerations, the price-to-value ratio in these boxes is the best smoking subscription box on the list. So 420 Goody Box is considered as the best and lightest Bong on your pockets.


  • The Loot Pack – $9.95 per month
  • The Goody box – $21.98 per month
  • The Top Shelf – $79.98 per month

1, 3 or 6 months subscriptions are offered.


  • Great price against the number of products.
  • Three levels of subscription offers.
  • Fun-making competitions for customers.
  • Glass and Vape pen in every box.
  • The shipping from the company is on the 20th of every month.
  • There is 100% Money Back Guarantee on the 420 Goody Boxes if the subscriber is unsatisfied.


  • As the number of items specified is on higher side so there can be repetitive items in the box.



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This is by Spiced UP. It is mostly specified FOR HIM and FOR HER. This monthly vaper’s lifestyle SensiLight box is handcrafted and curated usually consisting of items from the previous months, “Original”. SensiBox includes customized items as well as the newest and the most extraordinary accessories.

SensiBox Original is with 7+ items each month and SensiLight is with 5 items. Each one will have glass and monthly essentials. Quality of all the items is excellent.


  • SensiLight for $20 – $200 per month (for recurring)
  • SensiBox Original for $35 – $325 per month (for recurring)
  • Prepaid, 3, 6 or 12 months subscriptions


  • The April SensiBox will feature the first in the edition of the”Art of the Smoke” designed pipes.
  • The recurring subscription can be canceled anytime.
  • Ships on the 10th or the 12th of the month. You can plan for the last minute gift for your smoker friend.


  • The gimmicky munchies, socks, and jewelry are fine, but nothing more than it.

Nowadays Subscription boxes are an in-thing, whether it is for vegans, do-it-yourself activities, artists, different hobbies, you name it and it is there. So, it’s for cannabis lovers too. The El Primo Box from DHC tops the list in terms of quality to price.

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