Study Says – Flavoured Vape Products Leading To Higher Tobacco Quit Rates

Non-tobacco flavoured vaping products like mint are more effective than tobacco flavours to aid adult smokers to quit cigarettes, according to research commissioned by vaping brand Juul.

CBD and tobacco are totally different substances though many confuse between the two. They think that CBD is as harmful as smoking cigarettes containing nicotine. However, a recent study by Juul confirms that flavored vaping products helped smokers quit from active cigarette smoking.

In their study , they followed 37,000 adult smokers purchasing Juul products over a six-month period. They found that the use of Juul products in non-tobacco flavours like mint and fruit led to higher switching rates compared to those using Juul products in tobacco flavours, according to Dr Erik M Augustson, senior director of behavioural research and interventions at Juul Labs.

He added that they had an active discussion on the role of flavours to support and help adult smokers who wished to switch from combustible cigarettes and they were driven to further research to inform these discussions. It was observed that adult smokers who primarily used mint/menthol flavours were found to be 14% more likely to abstain themselves from combustible cigarettes for over a month compared to those primarily using tobacco flavours. It was also noted that adult smokers who used other non-tobacco flavours were 7% more likely to have abstained from combustible cigarettes. The flavour study also came at a time when further new clinical research showed the reduced health impact of vaping compared to smoking. It has also been noted that the levels of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide in passive smoke is 99% lower in vaping products compared to combustible cigarettes, the study from Juul labs confirmed.

Dr Josh Vose, vice president of medical and clinical affairs at Juul Labs added that the findings align with the current scientific understanding of how alternate nicotine delivery systems will play in the potential harm reduction for adult smokers and corresponding environmental impact for non-smokers for benefit of public health.”

So with more and more studies backing the importance of vaping in helping quit active tobacco smoking, this one adds to the fact that vaping is way better than smoking when it comes to impact on health.

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