Sugar Hill E-Liquid Review – Premium E-Liquid at non-Premium Pricing

Although several years have gone by since the vaping industry, prices of the various vaping products have evolved, still, there is a long gap between premium and budget priced vape products which have been grossly unjustified. Sugar Hill E-Liquids have taken that extra and firm step to bridge that gap.

About Sugar Hill:

Sugar Hill E-Liquid is a leading vape brand from New York, USA, created by vapers for vapers. Sugar Hill mainly focussed on premium e-liquids at a non-premium price. These e-liquids are particularly for those who adore high-quality flavors.

They were aiming at having a broad range of flavor options by creating their own recipes. Later when the brand started booming in the vaping market, their perfected recipes were selling like hot cakes. Their expectations are that these vape liquids will help the traditional cigarette smokers to quit smoking and start vaping to remain aloof from smoke and soot for the rest of their lives.

The manufacturing of the company is best known for it’s highest quality flavor extracts, VG/PG and nicotine.

The Best Selling Items Of Sugar Hill:

Sugar Hill E-Liquid Mangochurian
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Sugar Hill E-Liquid Bunny Bowl
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Sugar Hill E-Liquid Astor Place
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The range of products of Sugar Hill is bifurcated in the following parts – Sugar Hill Premium E-liquid, Sugar Hill Basics E-Liquid, Hardware, and Accessories.
Although each one of the items is exclusive in taste and quality, the following are the Best Sellers among them –

Sugar Hill Premium

These are in 60 ml capacity bottles in the line of e-liquids of the company. It is especially for those vapers who are enthusiasts about complexity with their e-liquids. Each of their batches goes through thorough testing before coming on the counter shelves for sale.

Sugar Hill – Sugar Hill E-Liquid $19.99

  • As soon as you just open the 60ml bottle the custard aroma fills you up completely that you are compelled to eat custard instantly. The quality of the custard is like that of caramel. By simply dabbing one’s finger with the e-liquid will taste like very sweet vanilla condensed milk.
  • On vaping at 50 watts it’s very custard-like with just about sweet taste. At this stage, the vanilla taste is not that much but surely you can identify the vanilla flavor.
  • Now at 60 watts, the custard is tasting a bit sweeter, with stronger vanilla flavor, which is nice and creamy.
  • At 67 watts, the custard flavor becomes stronger and there is overloading of creaminess and vanilla flavor.
  • It’s a bliss to have the warm vanilla custard flavor in this way. You will not like to keep the vape liquid away from you.
  • The liquid is very nicely packaged in the glass bottles with a weighty dripper top. Very truly acclaimed by the company as the SIGNATURE E-liquid.

Bunny Bowl $19.99

Who has been satisfied with the creamy and a mixture of fruits in this iconic cereal bowl, that one may think of putting the vape down. Those who are in love with this fruity cereal, they will also be an admirer of Bunny Bowl. VG/PG Ratio: 86VG/14PG

Uptown Girl $19.99

A whole cluster of fruits is blended into the core of gum, a juicy vape juice. Each inhales is of a fresh stick of fruity gum where your brain will actually understand that you are having chewing gum. This is how a candy vape should be. Relatively smooth throat hit. VG/PG Ratio: 82VG/18PG

Some others are – Morning Glory and Milky Fruit.

Sugar Hill Basics E-Liquid

It took 4 years to perfect these flavors. These are simple basic flavors devoid any complexities. Those who admire the elegance in classic flavors without shedding out extra money from their pockets.

Mangochurian – Sugar Hill Basics E-Liquid $13.99

It’s fabulous in taste and it feels that a mango lover has himself innovated this wonderful recipe. Overload of mangoes, one and only one of it’s kind among a whole lot of fruity flavors. No unwanted peels and bits come in between your teeth to irritate you. The purest form of mangoes is supplied through this vape e-liquid to the customers. Fabulous indeed!

Some others are – Straw Dandy and Limencello


It comprises of Rafale X RDA by Uwell and Zephyrus V2 Sub Ohm Tank by Youde.


It comprises of TVF12 Replacement Coils by SMOK, Crown V3 Replacement Coils by Uwell, etc.

Shipping and Return Policy:

  • 24 hours to 48 hours of time from the placement of the order is the shipment period. Owing to sale this shipment period time may get extended to an additional 24 hours so that the quality of the items purchased are maintained and checked well.
  • The company doesn’t accept any shipped orders as returns due to the nature of the items shipped to you.
  • If there are orders which are damaged then they will be replaced depending on their photographic proof of damage.
  • In case of the orders which are lost in transit then the company on your behalf will file a claim on the shipping company which was used. Later a new package of the same items will be shipped at the earliest by the company.
  • Along with the shipping label printing, a tracking number is also provided to the customer via email. USPS takes around 3 hours to update the tracking information. For further enquiries, you may contact the company – here

The Bottomline:

Brown Sugar is a very appealing vape that is one of the main flavors of Sugar Hill. Waffle and Maple syrup are the featured flavor notes. On inhale it’s prominently the maple syrup and brown sugar in taste.

On exhale, the tastes vary as there are buttery notes and waffle in the ambiance of tastes and excellent blend of maple syrup and trails of brown sugar. The creaminess left by buttery notes makes the taste even yummier. It would have been much better if the waffle and buttery notes were slightly better distinct.

This is an utterly delicious breakfast flavor.

The flavors are awesome and beyond any words. They are quite thick in consistency so vape very well in both the sub-ohm tanks and RDAs. Sugar Hill E-Liquid has a unique collection of flavors instead of a particular VG/PG ratio for the entire line of E-Liquids.

Bunny Bowl has that creaminess for which one can fall for. The creaminess is unforgettable and will attract you to come back to it for more and more. One thing is for sure that all the vapers who are fond of the tempting candy vapes will also get thrilled vaping on Uptown girl as it’s the classic bubble gum flavor of the yesteryears.

In totality, Sugar Hill E-Liquid presents some of the exuberant offers to which none can deny in terms of affordable prices for the most delectable e-liquids. If you wish to explore the newness among the new ejuice company, then Sugar Hill E-Liquid is preferable.

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