Vape Pens – 9 Things You Need To Know Before Buying One

Nowadays, Vape pens have gained vast popularity amongst the young generation and are rapidly expanding further for abundant reasons. Many say that the use of vape pens is lesser or almost zero percent harmful and causes comparatively lesser health risks. It is also said that Vape pens do not possess nicotine which makes it safer to use.

To clarify and understand every fact about vape pens, we need to understand firstly what a vape pen is. Therefore, in this article, we would list down nine most frequently asked questions and answer every query so that before deciding on buying a vape pen, you get adequate knowledge about them.

1. What is a Vape Pen?

Vape PenA Vape pen is basically a pen-shaped instrument that is used as an alternative to smoking. Generally, the vaporizer pen is made up of three elements:

  1. E-liquids filled with nicotine for the production of vapor.
  2. Heating devices (Atomizer)
  3. Rechargeable batteries

So, that somehow gives us a vague picture of what a vape pen is. I’m damn sure that all your readers are thinking curiously about how does this thing actually work. Well, we will let you know!

2. How do Vape Pens work?

How do Vape Pens workWe already know about three major elements that the vape pen is comprised of. Now, lets put together our information to understand how vape pens work.

When a person sucks from the vape pen, the air vacuum created inside instigates the atomizer or the heating device to heat up the E-liquid present inside. The E-liquid consists of two compounds namely propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These compounds help to lower the temperature of the vapor so that it can be easily inhaled.

Due to the heating received, the E-liquid starts converting into vapor state i.e aerosol. This vapor is what the person inhales inside and when the inhaled vapor is blown out, it comes in the form of smoke.

Talking further about vape pens, it is very important to know what all you can use in your vape pen to enhance your vaping experience without any health risks.

3. What can we put in our Vape Pens?

What can we put in our Vape PensWell, since you have already read what vape pens are and what they are comprised of, this answer seems pretty easy to guess- “E liquids”.

Yes, e- liquids are what we need to put inside our vape pens. In fact, when the e-liquid starts concluding, we can refill our vape pens by inserting e-liquids into them for further use. These E-liquids are available on approved vaping stores offline as well as online on e-commerce websites.

4. How do I know if my Vape Pen is fully charged?

How do I know if my Vape Pen is fully charged

Well, we all know that vape pens use rechargeable batteries for their regular use and therefore we can charge them accordingly. Now since our readers wish to know about how can it be confirmed that a vape pen is fully charged, we have the answer right here for you!

Most of the vape pens are available with full accessories which include its charger as well. And similarly, these pens are provided with an LED Light which glows in a certain color while it’s charging. Whenever the charging is complete the color of the LED bulb changes. That is how we know if a vape pen is fully charged or not.

Most commonly, Red LED light indicates that the vape pen is not completely charged and is in progress and when the light turns green, it indicates that your vape pen is ready to use!

Although colors may change accordingly to the brand and manufacturer, the process remains the same.

I already know that my readers are convinced and are thinking about buying one! Well, there are a lot of other things to know about before you lock the decision. Firstly and most importantly its cost.

5. How much does a good Vape Pen cost?

Saving VapesThere is a multitude of vaping brands that sell vape pens in certified retail stores as well as on e-commerce websites. The price of the vape pen generally varies from, brand to brand and also depends upon the power of the rechargeable batteries. If the batteries are of a higher power, increased is the cost price of the vape pen and vice-versa.

Generally, a decent vape pen can cost you around $10-$15 if buying through a retail store. If you choose to order it online you may score it on a bit cheaper price approximately $7-$8 at most.

6. Is it Possible to smoke weed from a Vape Pen?

Is it Possible to smoke weed from a Vape Pen

Certainly yes! It is possible to smoke weed through the use of a vape pen but that depends upon various factors.

Firstly, it is important to know that there are different types of vape pens designed for smoking different kinds of stuff. For example, when you visit a vaping retail store or even a website, there are different kinds of vape pens that are available for buying:

  1. Oil Vape Pens
  2. Dry herb Vape Pens
  3. Wax vape pens
  4. Flower vape pens

If you need to smoke weed, you need to buy a dry herb vape pen. Because vape pens are designed accordingly since the combustion of each of these substances( wax, oil, plant) occur at different temperatures and requires a different setting.

Talking about a normal vape pen consisting e-liquids, you will not be able to smoke weed out of it.

7. What is the best Vape Pen to use for meth?

What is the best Vape Pen to use for meth

Since meth is a dry herb and comes under the category of plant material, it can be vaped using a dry herb vape pen. Although, it is not recommended to use vape pens for smoking dry herbs as dry vaporizers reach a high-temperature real quick and rather than combustion they result into burning out the vapor which would not give you the required experience.

8. Can a Mobile Charger be used to Charge a Vape Pen?

Mobile Charger be used to Charge a Vape Pen

Well, yes! You can use a mobile charger to charge your vape pens. Although most of the vape pens come along with a charger when bought or ordered online but in any case, it is possible that you can charge it using your cellphone charger.

The batteries of a good quality vape pen are designed to specifications that it does not overheat when plugged into a charger.

9. How to carry a Marijuana Vape Pen on an International Flight?

Marijuana Vape Pen on an international flight

Firstly, there is no need to. But in case it is essential for you to carry your vape pen along with you it is suggested that you separate the parts of the vape pens and remember to keep the batteries in the carry on luggage and not in the check-in luggage.

According to the rules in most of the countries, it is illegal to carry such stuff and it is not allowed on the airports. However, carrying drugs and weed into any flight aboard is strictly illegal and should be avoided.

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