VaporFi Review – VaporFi and its Range of Products

VaporFi is the major branch of International Vapor Group, Inc. It is on the pinnacle of e-vaping. VaporFi has an immense contribution in swapping the traditional smoking with e-smoking and then developing into e-vaping. It has been an angel for the cigarette smoke loving people to shift to e-vaping, a healthier way of getting immersed in the aromatic effect of the vapors produced. The dedicated team has intelligently fixed up the low-quality problem of e-cig companies existing in the market. They have set up an example with their high standards, improvised products, and 24/7 experienced customer support team.

VaporFi pampers the neophytes and the fanatics of vaping with the plethora of high-end e-cigarettes, accessories and enticing flavors of e-liquids. They have put in so much time, money and efforts in researching for the technologically advanced Box Mods, Advanced Mods, Personalised vaporizers, eGo cigarettes, and Tank systems. Some of the purposes for these advancements were maximum throat hit and thick vapor.

Some of the Best Selling Products of VaporFi:

Vape Beginners Kit

Vaporfi Beginners Kit

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For the times when you know that smaller is better, to fit in your pockets or purses. VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer and VaporFi Express E Cigarette Starter Kit Bundle are the best Vape Beginners Kit. Standing out is the VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit in varying colors to match your dress and moods.

Vape Advanced Kits

VaporFi 75 TC Starter Kit

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The best selling advanced vape kits are VaporFi VEX 75 TC Starter Kit Bundle and VaporFi VOX 80 TC Starter Kit Bundle. With leakproof, easy to handle kit and most efficient battery life makes it the best purchase. The temperature control option is good to navigate you through your personalized experience.

Best Vape Mods

Best Vape Mods

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VaporFi VOX 80 TC is the best selling vape mod, for its powerful replaceable batteries, strong in-built quality, advanced functionality, and reliability.

Best E-liquids and Vape Juice

Vape Juice

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You have to get back to VaporFi for tasting all of their exclusive range of E-liquids and Vape Juice. Among which the best-sellers are VaporFi Juicy E-Liquid (100ml) and VaporFi Deep Fried Apple Pie E-Liquid (100ml). The former one with Bubble Gum, Strawberries, Kiwi and Watermelon flavors will freshen you all through the day. Your taste buds will thank you for putting these vape juices in your tank. This is definitely juicylicious. The Deep Fried Apple Pie E-liquid is absolutely loved by consumers as well. Even those who were not very fond of deserts are now a fan of this. The company claims to deliver cinnamon dipped green apple flavors on each inhale of this is actually experienced. One must go for it.

Vape Tanks and Clearomizers

Vape Tanks

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VaporFi Pro 3 Tank, VaporFi vSix Tank, and VaporFi Viper Tank are the bestsellers in the range of Vape Tanks and Clearomizers. These are unique in increased airflow and superior liquid capacity. Their skillfully adaptive feature provides the best performance with nearly all the devices. Its remarkable aesthetics dominate all the other companies’ tanks.

Pricing Information:

With so many best seller products you may want to know the pricing of such exclusive products. Isn’t? The lucrative prices are always in favor of the customers. You vape more but spend less. Vape juice at $15 for 30 ml to $29 for 100 ml. Starter Kits ranging from $15 to $77 depending on their inclusions, specifications, and features. Whichever product you may purchase you can rest assured on its quality.

VaporFi offers you a starter kit or an advanced mod for the same price most of the other brands would charge you for a disposable kit or pen-like e-cig. They will have discounts only if you order for a minimum of 5 or 10 sets. Here in VaporFi, you can avail all discounts irrespective of the number of sets you have ordered.


You may opt to visit the VaporFi Stores in person to surprise yourself with the perfect orderly setup of their products. Ease inaccessibility to their wide range of products. The store personnel is all willing to help you to choose your stuff with their professional knowledge and hospitality.
The user-friendly website of VaporFi is awesome and efficient to navigate you to your favorite vaping items. Thus, it is the most famous online vape shop. With their offers its value for money. You will certainly recommend VaporFi to your near and dear ones

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