Verdict Vapors Review – Full Range of Verdict Vapors E-Juices

Verdict Vapors is an indispensable part of the everlastingly growing vape hamlet. They have mastered in some of the finest E-juice blends. With the utmost high-quality products, Verdict Vapors have set up an example of its own.

About Verdict Vapors:

Verdict Vapors is an American retail company based in Irvine, California. It is owned by Danny Prosser. Orange County’s leading wine sommeliers conceived the company. With the evolving vape industry, Verdict Vapors has also made unparalleled innovations in their E-juices.

They have spent a good number of years in perfecting taste blends by acclimatizing to the revolution in vape industry. Surely the company has come up with safe and better alternatives to tobacco with time.

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Use of Nicotine Salts in E-Juices of Verdict Vapors:

Nicotine Salts are not like the powdered common salt, it is just the liquid compound altered from its free base form to its salt form, called as the acidic form.

The basic purpose of using Nicotine Salts is to enhance the vaping experience even with higher nicotine strength. This is not easily done with the usual Nicotine Solution. Nicotine Salts usage is without harshness unlike the Nicotine Solution on Higher Nicotine Strength. Surely it is safe to vape with USP grade.

Also, Nicotine Salts comprises of anti-oxidative properties that are advantageous in extended shelf life.

Full Range of Verdict Vapors and their Reviews:

With many best selling products of Verdict Vapors, it has not been surprising that the innovative flavors of vape juices have never ceased to amaze its consumers. Such as Verdict and Mega Range. Also in the hardware section Verdict Vapors boasts of its two devices. Following are the detailed reviews –


VRDCT DevicesBuy Now
VRDCT DeviceBuy Now
  • ZQ Vi Pod System Starter kit – It has the unique self-draw or push button mode. At an economical price of $29.99. Comes in varying colors – black, red, dark sea green and grey.
  • ZQ Vi POD – Replacement Cartridge – Has an innovative CSA airflow and easy to fill at the price of $3.99.

Verdict Range of Vape Juices:

VRDCT PinkBuy Now
Lemon Tart Verdict VaporsBuy Now

From $3.99 for 10ml to $19.99 for 100ml depending on Nicotine strength 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 30, 50 MG. With VG/PG ratio 70/30.

  • Lemon Tart Not like a floor cleaner at all. It is exactly how a lemon should taste. Tangy perfect. The flavor is such that you would like to vape with all day. On inhale it’s slight lemony and on exhaling the sweet lemon cake surprises you.
  • Strawberry Cream aka Convict. So many flavors together. Fresh juiciness of Hawaiian strawberry, smoothness of cream, the sweetness of vanilla, complemented with marshmallow and slight Graham cracker. Best to go with high voltage sub ohm applications for large clouds and clear flavor. Great juice for a great price. It is 70% VG e-liquid. Also available in 40 ml multipack i.e. 4 x 10ml gorilla bottles.
  • Rainbow Cookies aka Snitch. Great baked cookie, creaminess, sweetness and tartness of sherbet flavor. Award winner as the best cereal in VAPE EXPO, UK.
  • Strawberry Limeade aka Ransom. Highly recommended for the everlasting taste of Hawaiian strawberries, tangy lime flavor and the frosty touch of some kind for a perfect throat hit.
  • Pink It is exactly the same as described by the company. Pink and only pink everywhere. Perfectly sweetened with watermelon and candy flavor. It doesn’t mess up your coils quickly. You may be encouraged to purchase it in large bottles as you finish them too fast for their lovely taste.

Mega Range of Vape Juices:

BlueberryBuy Now
Mega RushBuy Now
  • From $3.99 for 10ml to $19.99 for 100ml depending on Nicotine strength 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 30, 50 MG. With VG/PG ratio 70/30.
  • New Candy Rush Smells like lime. Sweet and sour blend with a tantalizing rush on your taste buds.
  • Watermelon Rush Perfect combination of juicy syrupy watermelon and sugary strawberries. Purity in the juice prevails.
  • Watermelon Rush Ice Menthol does wonders to the original Watermelon Rush. In spite of the menthol essence, flavors of watermelon and strawberry are intact. In fact, it compliments them.
  • Mango Rush Superb amalgamation of fresh mangoes and white peach. Exceeds all expectations.
  • Mango Rush Ice The cool icy exhale is like an icing on the top of original Mango Rush. Menthol doesn’t overpower mango and peach flavors at all. It doesn’t stain on coils. The best-crafted vape juice in the industry. For those who hesitate menthol, can give it a try. They will love it.
  • Apple Crumb Won the Best Dessert Flavor at EXPOVAPE, Spain in 2016. This flavor has crumbed down all the other competitor’s apple pie flavor till today. In every vape you inhale and exhale, it feels like cinnamon apple pie savored in brown sugar. Great rating. Pumping out loads of dense milky cloud out of every single drop of state-of-the-art 10ml, 60ml, and 100ml Gorilla bottles.
  • Blueberry Crumb, It’s the brown sugar blueberry pie for the oven baked apple. Its aroma is fantastic. Best blueberry desserts like pudding on your palate. On inhale you can get brown sugar filling and on exhale it’s the blueberry pie filling which explodes in the mouth. Both intertwine to combine beautifully in your mouth.
  • Coffee Donuts aka Patrol. For those who dislike coffee, should try this as it is mild and doesn’t taste bitter on your tongue. For the coffee lovers, go for the maximum strength i.e. 24mg. Renders a decent throat hit at 3mg. You will be loving it for the smoothness, chocolatey donuts, perfect creamy coffee, and slight sugar. It’s like having snacks in a puff.

Information on Compliance:

The Company is having approval and certification by –

  • GCC (General Certificate of Conformity)
  • CA Tobacco Products Retailer’s License

Lab Testing:

All the flavors of Verdict Vapors are tested at Global Laboratories Inc. They have certified that all products of the company are having diacetyl and acetyl propionyl below quantitative limits.

Verdict Vapors Website:

It is easy to navigate throughout on Verdict vapors website. The sections such as Affiliate Programs, Rewards Program, Sponsorship Inquiry, Privacy Policy, and Newsletter encourages customers to build repo with them. You may see for yourself here.

Bottom line:

For all the above vape juices a common review is vape it to taste it and vape it to feel it. No matter innumerable words are put across the reviews, only on puffing it will you actually experience the same. This is made easier by Verdict Vapors in the program – “Try Before You Buy” On sending our name, email, and a name of your favorite vape shop, the company will send a coupon code to get 5 of their 10ml bottles at your doorstep. This is the most interesting way of tasting their 5 different vape juices. For sure you will relish each one of them as they are not only great in taste but are also coil friendly.

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