What is a Nicotine Salt?

As the name suggests, it has nothing to do with the normal table salt one sprinkles on their salads and other eatables. It also doesn’t mean that the nicotine salt will make the e-liquid salty.

If we look at it according to chemistry, then – salts are the result of the reaction between acids and base. Or in layman’s language, we can say the pure nicotine base is made to react with some acids to form the resulting nicotine salts.

In the leaves of tobacco, it is present in two forms – Diprotonated and monoprotonated. Nicotine will bind with a few acids in the plant itself to form a much stabler molecule. On bonding, nicotine salt is formed. These nicotine salts are different depending on the type of acid involved.

Did I just say acids? Yes of course. But nicotine salts are present in tobacco naturally. So you must have tasted it if you have ever smoked cigarette. Then why go for reactions and stuff. This is because the conventional cigarettes, we are talking about are combustible releasing smoke and soot which is injurious to health. So comes the introduction of nicotine.

Nicotine is also called as freebase nicotine or nicotine liquid found on extraction tobacco. During this extraction process, all the impurities are being washed away to obtain a pure form of nicotine. In the market, you find this pure form of nicotine in all the e-liquids or e-juices or vape juices.

But this freebase nicotine is high on its alkalinity with 7 to 8 pH. Why are we studying the pH of nicotine here? Simply because pH is linked with Harshness during inhalation.

More the strength of Nicotine more it will be harsh in the throat while inhalation.

When the reaction is performed between some particular acids and freebase nicotine the nicotine salt obtained has a lower pH level. Thus the irritation is considerably reduced. Therefore, you can enjoy vaping on higher nicotine strengths without having the roughness in the throat.

Benefits of Salt Nicotine:

  • As nicotine is more in its natural state in Salt Nicotine as well as has less of a throat hit thus it’s simpler to vape at higher doses.
  • In comparison to the conventional vape juice, nicotine salts will enter the bloodstream at a higher pace as it has a higher absorption rate.
  • The nicotine salts are good for the smoke quitters. As it is imitating the sensations of that harmful stick you desire to leave, keeping you safe from its hazards.

Vaping Devices for Nicotine Salts:

The devices will differ according to the strength of nicotine salt you desire to vape.

  • In case you are the one who wishes to get rid of the traditional cigarettes, you would choose a higher nicotine salt strength anywhere between 25mg to 50mg. This will require a lower wattage Pod device.
  • The devices best suited are of a portable size, pod systems like – Suorin Drop, Aspire Breeze 2, SMOK Rolo Badge.
  • The LNW’s proprietary Nicotine Salt Formulations were created for the usage as Sub Ohm Salts.

Nicotine Salts are especially for:

  • A Mouth-to-Lung Vaper who is interested in vaping on a pod system.
  • Those who love to create clouds and are desirous of tasting the sumptuous flavors on their sub ohm devices, then they are advised to turn down the level and vape on lower nicotine salt of 6mg to 15mg.
  • Higher nicotine strengths used in high powered devices will provide you with a large quantity of nicotine. Thus it is suggested that you avoid vaping on nicotine salts at high strengths in a high powered sub ohm devices.

The nicotine salts are expensive as the attributes are considered to be of premium requirements.

Nicotine Salts and Safety:

The slightest difference between nicotine salt e-liquid and standard e-liquid is of the addition of benzoic acid. Thus nicotine salts are almost to the same extent in safety as that of freebase nicotine e-liquid.

On safety point of view, according to the World Health Organisation, (WHO) has instructed that not more than 5 mg/Kg of body weight per day is permissible For example – for a 150-pound person, 345 mg of nicotine salt is permissible. This much amount is perhaps the impossible quantity to vape on.

Are Nicotine Salts more Addictive?

  • Just because nicotine salts are easily and most comfortably vaped even at higher concentrations of nicotine salts, so by this attribute, Nicotine Salts are more addictive. Also, this gives rise to higher nicotine content in the bloodstream in a short span of time and is successful in triggering the neurochemical reactions speedily.
  • Jacques Le Houezec, a neuroscientist and pharmacologist, a nicotine expert is of the opinion that a vaper can consume more nicotine from the nicotine salts in a drag owing to its diminished harshness. As more nicotine is consumed so the vaper will have increased dependency but not because of a particular nicotine salt.

Some Magics of Nicotine Salts are Revealed!

    • Some vapers are of the opinion that nicotine salts deliver a sensation identical to traditional smoking even better than regular vape juices.

This Is Not Magic!

  • Many of the products consist to the extent of 60 mg/ml nicotine. So for smokers and ex-smokers, more nicotine per drag summates to a better satisfying experience.
  • In 2014 before JUUL made great strides in the vaping market with its pods, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos was studying the impact of delivery of nicotine in various kinds of vapor products. He concluded that to exactly imitate nicotine delivery as in smoking, nicotine levels in E-liquids must be almost 50 mg/ml.
    • But as standard nicotine was rough in the throat at that level, so it would be problematic to make the product relishable. But the nicotine salts swept the opportunity of making it work at this level.
    • The observation that high nicotine concentration will successfully decrease the number of liquid vapers consumed. This will help in reducing any undiscovered harms from vaping.

What Strength of Nicotine Salts will be best for a Vaper?

  • Usually, nicotine salts are available in 25mg to 50mg in the market.
  • Those who are using it for the first time 20 mg to 35 mg is good enough unless you are a transitioner from smoking.
  • Those who want great vapors but love to vape at low strength nicotine then, Mr. Salt-E has as low as 3 to 5 mg/ml also nice for sub ohm tanks. Good for flavor enthusiasts.
  • 25 mg to 35 mg is the medium level of concentration of nicotine meant to be a substantial dose.
  • 50+mg is for the transitioner smokers. This much level is best vaped on MTL low powered vapes only. Those who are vaping for the first time must be away from this concentration.

Some Examples of Nicotine Salts:

Nicotine Salicylate, Nicotine Benzoate, Nicotine Levulate, Nicotine Pyruvate, etc. are good examples of nicotine salts. Not all the nicotine salts are vapable. It is generally felt that not many nicotine salt options are available for vaping purposes.

The Bottomline:

This article is only a guideline. Experiment as per your preferences and then finalize the details of vaping on Nicotine Salts. Whether you go for salts or not it’s more important to understand the basics first.

A good enthusiastic and the knowledgeable vape shop owner was also once in the same boat, so he will guide you better in person.

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