What Temperature do Electronic Cigarettes Vaporize at?

Why do we at all need to know the temperature at which electronic cigarettes vaporize – This evaluation of temperature is compulsory for the safety in relation to the utilization of the electronic cigarettes. If any improvement is made in this field, it will certainly minimize the small residual danger linked with the e-cigarette usage.

In a layman’s language, it is easily understood that electronic cigarettes are vaporized on a variety of substances like e-liquids, dry herbs, concentrates, THC oils and waxes. So to define a particular temperature at which electronic cigarettes vaporize will have to be a generalized one.

A lot of variation is seen in the temperature at which electronic cigarettes are vaporized depending on the following:

  • Battery voltage (3 – 6 Volts)
  • Heating Resistance levels (1.5 ohms – 6 ohms). Or it can be said that not all the coils fire up at the same temperature.
  • E-Liquids:
      • Propylene Glycol (PG) one of the components of E-Liquids boils at 370.4ºF to transform in gaseous form. PG gets oxidized to other molecules only at sustained temperatures. This means that it requires high temperatures for long durations of time.
      • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) one of the components of E-Liquids boils at 554ºF.
      • But the boiling points will decrease with the water content in the mixture. The boiling point of water is 212 off at sea level.
      • Important to note here is that some from the US believe that boiling point is not the right basis to be taken here. Flashpoints are the better base to be used.

The Flash Point of PG

≈109 °C (228.2 °F)[SUP]1[/SUP]

    • The Flash Point of VG
    • ≈193°C ( 379.40°F)[SUP]2[/SUP]
    • Some liquids will have higher boiling points but lesser flashpoints.
    • The coils never get so hot that you need to be concerned about while vaping.
    • The small flame seen during dry burning is the residual byproduct burning and of course not the e-liquid.

Coil Wetness Conditions: (If it is Dry, It’s very Hot)

    • The heating resistance when it is completely dry, red hot goes up to 400ºC
    • When there is too much liquid on the wire, the temperature will not go up to 60ºC

as the liquid refreshes it and avoids it from heating. You will have almost no vapors in your mouth and there is a possibility that some liquid will tend to come in your mouth as well.

    • Now when the resistance is sort of dry enough to vaporize the liquid, then the temperature is from 60ºC to 400ºC (depending on the wetness condition). The range is vast.
    • Later on, taking a drawing, the coil is refreshing and with the airflow induced by you.
  • The influence of voltage settings, e-liquid fill level, degree of coil wetness, e-liquid composition, coil resistance and the technique applied for measurement on coil temperature has been illustrated with examination:
      • Different e-liquid fill levels: PG was used in this case. Care was taken to keep the wick evenly in the liquid length-wise on both the sides by confirming the electronic cigarette in a vertical position.
      • Effect of e-liquid composition:
      • Effect of coil wetness condition:
        • Dry Condition: Coil temperature was measured in the absence of any e-liquid at voltage settings of 3, 4, 5, and 6 V. This condition represents when the e-liquid is fully exhausted and the vaper is puffing dry hits harsh to the throat. The temperatures went at a peak from 322 to 1008°C. To note that there is a strong connection between the power applied and peak heating temperatures in comparison to the wet coil conditions.
        • Wet through Wick Condition: It was filled upto 1.6 ml not directly dripping liquid on the heating coils. Only after half an hour, the temperature was measured. This is exactly what happens during the course of real vaping. The peak temperatures (145 to 334°C) were higher than the full wet conditions.
        • Full-wet Condition: It was filled to more than 2.3 ml. Now the entire coil was fully immersed in the e-liquid. This time the peak coil temperatures ranged from 110°C to 185°C. The former being at the lowest power input of 2.4 W and the later at the highest power input of 13.3 W. Noteworthy observation is – Increase of applied power slightly increases the heating coil temperatures.
      • Effect of e-liquid composition: The experiments prove that the e-liquid composition can surely impact on the coil temperature. All the temperatures were importantly lower than that of the dry coils, denoting that the wick delivery effectiveness is of prime importance as a design feature to determine the range of electronic-cigarette temperature.
      • Effect of coil wetness condition: As one expects, the peak coil temperatures during the first button activation cycle were almost the same as under the various wet coil conditions.
      • But in case of direct dripping, it resulted in quickest temperature increase towards a dry coil condition in successive cycles. Here the voltage and power had the maximum effect.
      • Peak temperature in a dry coil reached after 5 puffs at 6 V (or 9.7 W), while at 3 V it reached only ~ 90% of dry coil temperature after 12 puffs.
      • It measured the coil temperature of an e-cigarette with a direct drip atomizer (4.6 W battery output) and raised a concern about potentially higher temperatures due to “direct-dripping”.
      • During the first two puffs peak coil temperature was below 130°C, then immediately increased to above 250°C during the 3rd puff and went to 340°C during a 4th puff.
  • The Size of the Venting Hole: Larger the Venting Hole, more puffs will cool it down quickly.
  • Dry Herbs:
    • To properly vaporize cannabis herbs or flowers the temperature required is 240 Fahrenheit. In about 40 minutes ½ ounce of dry cannabis will vaporize. Perhaps 180 – 210 Fahrenheit may not work. To have a HIGH in the head. Surely more the temperature more will be the body high and relaxation of muscles.
    • Other experts are of the opinion that 310 Fahrenheit is the best temperature to extract the whole in vaporization from your flowers.
  • Cannabis Concentrates: Like Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles, and Oils
    • Studies show that for vaporizing cannabis the sweet spot is 338°F, but cannabinoids vaporize at 285°F. At this much temperature, the cannabinoids in cannabis are transformed into vapors which can now be inhaled easily.
    • There is a higher percentage of cannabinoids when they are compared to smokes.

Electronic Cigarettes Vaporizes

In Conclusion:

Generally, it is seen that the vaping temperatures are between the range – 200oC to 250oC / 392 oF to 480°F in the increments of 5°C or 10°F. In today’s devices, you have the temperature control settings on your coil. Thus dialing in your sweet spot on your favorite vape juice is relatively easier and faster.

In the present scenario, the inventive technology permits you to adjust the temperature of your vaporizers. These are called temperature control mods. Nickel or Titanium wire is used in them. In both Fahrenheit or Celsius the temperature adjustments can be performed.

The temperature in which the white clouds chuck and hurl up along with the cartridges vaporize the vape juice is from 350 to 390 degrees.

Thus overall in this article, we understand that applied voltage or power is just one of the factors affecting coil operating temperature in the electronic cigarettes for vaporizing. The others such as – Wick Design and it’s an ability to effectively deliver e-liquid to the heating coils plays a pivotal role.

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